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The Stress-Pushers

Updated on November 9, 2010

The Stress-Pushers

       What if there was this group that went around bothering other people so they'd freak out.  When you refused to feel fear on command, they would refer to you as: "Cold", "Dead", "unresponsive", "deaf" etc.  What would they be trying to say?  That cowardice is somehow a desirable quality in a human being?  How stupid! 

       This is actually an attempt to add insult to injury so that they can at least push your "anger button" as a last resort.  This emotion also is used to push people towards an environmentally-sponsored mental breakdown.  When this happens, they bombard the mind with binaural subliminal signals which provide the temporarily broken mind with something to hold onto.  Problem is: this is a "reality-stream" of crap designed to manipulate you into giving up everything that makes you yourself. 

]       Breaking free from such a hold would be a lot harder than escaping a possessive cult.  Now people everywhere can be continuously showered with sonic commands that IMITATE emotions and thoughts.  This enhances the stress from specific statements, actions and noises.......making the smallest things a living Hell for those being "stalked" by this bunch.  It's also a great way to destroy individuals so that they behave more like constituents of a collective body. 

      Chiefly, you learn to bomb your eardrums with noises to disrupt these signals.  Your favorite music is often the best way to escape from "E-Jail".  This gives you something to listen to INSTEAD OF the fake feelings, thoughts and interpretations of reality being stuffed into you via your ears.  I have spent the last two months sleeping to very loud music to DESENSITIZE my hearing from this "invisible programming" as well as block it at night where most of the programming actually takes place.   Gradually, the veneer of "false reality" falls away to reveal a normal world.   

     I slept one night without music and woke up feeling weak, agitated and overly-sensitive to minor pains........even changes in temperature!  They can torture you with custom-made nightmares to weaken your willpower.  That way, you start the day weak and get pounded by "electronically-enhanced stress" all day long.  Listening to loud music while sleeping KILLS these sorts of dreams EVERY TIME! 

       I can remember waking up like this for an entire year.  Weekends were actually WORSE than workdays.  With this BLOCKING/DESENSITIZATION (and the proper use of Zoloft/clonopin: for social anxiety, Trazodone for sleep and Abilify as a "reality straightener") life is no longer an experience of continuous misery and pain. 

      When you've woken up from an extended period of eardrum-blasting - you'll find that with a small combination-dose of the above medications that you can be around other people without being utterly miserable for given lengths of time.  As your ears recover and your neurochemistry returns to it's normal parameters, you'll need to either take more medication or go someplace and "jam out" to very loud music  The other night, I actually stayed up watching T.V. with my brother and his girlfreind.   This usually was very I could see it from my OWN viewpoint, not someone else's constantly being foisted upon me simultaneously!

     This means that men were straight, women were to be desired (instead of being made to feel AS THOUGH you were the woman).  All that was needed was a lengthy period of "DE-Education" to erase this synthetic, ass-backwards, cowardly, mamby-pamby "Re-education" or "social-programming". Take a vacation and erase this nonesense they have taught you to believe.  Keep these measures up when not at work and these "games" won't reduce your mind to a quivering pile of mush. 

      And then remember that FREEDOM IS FREE, cowardice is to be despised, men should act like men, not the panty-waist wimps you see wandering about mindlessly.  Having a viewpoint FORCED upon you is inherently evil and wrong.  It's called BRAINWASHING, not "medicine", "school" or any other ridiculous term designed to make you idealize mental-slavery.  It's all a bunch of don't get confused, REFUSE this idiotic perception of reality! 


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