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The Struggle Against Religion Is A Struggle For Socialism: Faith, Reason and Scientific Planning

Updated on January 12, 2013

In the Soviet Union, the League of the Militant Atheist proclaimed “The struggle against religion is a struggle for socialism.”

This rallying cry remains just as valid today. “The meek inherit the earth” says the Christian. “seize the earth and we shall build paradise upon it” says the socialist.

Real socialists are revolutionaries. They follow the line and tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Hoxha and Guevara. They are scientific minds, pursuing scientific goals.

They are not reformists of the Bourgeois order: The British Labour Party, the German Social Democratic Party, Barack Obama and more, some of whom guise as socialists. These reformers wield state power to reconcile classes. Socialists know that the state exists where classes cannot be reconciled, and therefore is an instrument of class rule. Petty-Bourgeois reformers are idealistic thinkers, detached from the scientific method, reason and logic.

Like the “great” religions, faith is at the core of their thought. Faith being belief without reason. A scientific socialist understands such principles as cause and effect, and applies them to the world in a planned way. Therefore, real socialists rationally apply planning to the economy.

Social democrats and the petty bourgeoisie are like the mindless believer. Rather than input scientific data and formulise output, they prefer to suck it and see. Yes, they run the economy with all the blind faith of a Vatican council, and are about just as representative. Apparently the self-interested random action in the economy produces the best results. This is akin to a scientist going into the lab with no research, hypothesis or PLANNING, and hoping that will produce the best results.

The economy operates on these principles, faith guides while bourgeois leaders offer up reforms like useless prayers. A slight improvement in the overall economy will be jump upon by the bourgeois leaders as a sign that their reforms are responsible, with all the logic of the believer who attributes slight improvement in their circumstances to the answering of their prayers.

Whether 1913 or 2013, the principle of faith underpins capitalism, underpins exploitation, is a barrier to science, to reason, to progress and socialism. That is why today the rallying call of the League of the Militant Atheist must remain the rallying call of the working class. The struggle against religion is a struggle for socialism.


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    • Comrade Joe profile image

      Comrade Joe 5 years ago from Glasgow, United Kingdom

      Thank you for the comradely words, and for bringing the light of the Internationale into my Saturday morning.

      Have a good day.

    • f_hruz profile image

      f_hruz 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Power to you! There is more work to be done ...