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The Suppression of Ideas

Updated on April 20, 2014

The concept of ideas being suppressed if they had been or would be in place would drastically change the world in which we live. Throughout history there have been ideas by individuals that have shaped our world into what it is today. While there may be some suppression in some countries if individuals have ideas they will find a way to make them known. The quote by President Harry Truman says it all:

"We need not fear the expression of ideas—we do need to fear their suppression."

What would our country be and for that matter the world if the ideas of individuals were suppressed. The advances in technology to say the least would not have occurred if it were not for the innovative ideas of individuals. The ideas of individuals regardless of where they are can never really be suppressed. It is a part of human nature to develop ideas to change or impact their lives for the better.

We as individuals through our minds are constantly thinking whether it is about family or our work our mind is not stagnant. In looking at the past history of the world what would communication be like if the telephone we did not have the telephone. Communication between ourselves and family and friends would be greatly impacted. Granted we would have communication through the mail system but when our country began it would take months to receive letters from across the world.

Another example of how our world would be different involves the development of electricity. Electricity and its innovation have had great impact on the world. It is something all countries or at least many of them have today. Electricity today is involved with the creation of products which consumers want and need and if it did not exists some products of today would not be available. Products which take minutes through the use of electricity would possible take weeks if they could even be created by human hands.

We can also understand the impact upon the world that the automobile has had. Today there are many manufacturers of automobiles throughout the world and the method of travel we have today would be greatly impacted. Ideas of individuals to create a better environment are engrained within us today as they were in the past. In addition to the automobile the development of our train system not only in this country but around the world also would be significantly affected. Trains were slow in the beginning but today they travel at speeds not even envisioned by the individuals who created the concept of travel by train.

The concept of individuals flying through the air would have been received as a crazy concept when our country began. Ideas of individuals are sometimes ahead of their time but when an idea is put forth eventually there will be other individuals who will take up the cause to have it come to fruition. The size of airplanes and their speed allow us to get from one place to another which in the past may have taken weeks or even months to achieve. The expedition of William and Clark to explore our new country to the west of what was civilized took many months to achieve. The communication of today had it been in place then would have been far quicker.

Other innovative ideas had they been suppressed would have also impacted our economy and the world. Think of the industrial revolution which changed us and impacts our lives today. It propelled America into a new age of innovation. Another aspect of innovation is the Internet. It is hard if not impossible to ignore the Internet with all the information that is available. In fact it has become a springboard of ideas and innovation. Ideas for business and communicating with customers both before and after the sale were transformed by the Internet.

Two other areas to mention are business and government. Employees often have to help the businesses move forward. Where would businesses be today if they suppressed ideas from their employees?. Employees often come up with ideas for new products and improvements to the processes their organizations utilized. They often lead to a more efficient operation resulting in an increase in the bottom line.

Government is rampant with suppression of ideas. This is something we do not normally think of existing in our government. The current culture in the federal government and possibly in some state governments is not open to ideas from the opposite political party. The House of Representatives and even the Senate put forth ideas to address critical issues but neither party in some cases are not open to the ideas of the other party only their own. Both houses of Congress and both legislative bodies in states must be open to ideas regardless of party affiliation. To do otherwise amounts to a suppression of ideas which may resolve issues hurting citizens of states and the country as a whole?

Suppression of ideas is not conducive to a productive environment. It does not matter whether it is at the state government, federal government or in a business environment. No one individual or political party have all the answers and the ideas of others need to be evaluated based on the content and approach not arbitrarily rejected simply because of the source. Our country has seem great changes and developments because someone had an idea which impacted their environment and the world.


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