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Supreme Court Revives Americans

Updated on January 30, 2017

What is Justice?


As this revolutionary and controversial week comes to an end, Americans are left with many unanswered questions on how the nation will be impacted by the provocative verdicts handed down by the Supreme Court. With a sweeping victory for the Obama administration, the upholding of the Affordable Care Act solidifies President Obama’s legacy for years to come, though the end result of his “Obamacare” program will remain unknown for many decades. Hopes that such a program will be like the ever important Social Security and Medicare may be dashed if the Affordable Care Act goes underfunded and consistently under attack from the right. Though America continues to fall behind nearly every other first world country when discussing health care coverage, the political views and conservative mindset of America seem to trump common decency of protecting every citizen, even those whose lives cost thousands due to unpredictable medical expenses.

Who Doesn’t Love Taxes!

When discussing what taxes should be used for I often find myself debating the importance of taxes as a whole. No one likes losing money, especially ones hard earned income, but the fact of the matter is, we love our nation and our lives due to those taxes we put in. The nation’s most prosperous era was when the country was at its highest tax percentage. How could this be? How could one be happier with less fortune? Well for one thing, those tax dollars where not being pumped into wars that devastated other nations and millions of families back in America who were oceans away from their loved ones, praying for their safe return. Instead, tax dollars were going to social programs to fund job growth, community enlightenment, and national security. Even during a period of constant terror, (the Cold War) Americans were still able to look past possible extinction and enjoy the little things in life. Retirement was still a new ideology that allowed millions to enjoy the latter half of their lives. Medicare then came solving the growing problem of rising medical costs for the elderly and disabled. America established a period of life that was unlike any other, a time to enjoy life and to finally take escape the nine to five work week.

Shall I say Carpe Diem?

By now you are probably thinking I am a delusional Frenchman who wishes to never work another day in his life and though this does sound tremendous, I am very much so a realist. America was founded by hard working citizens who strived further and beyond, working overtime to pay for vacations and sacrificing their own sanity to provide an education for their offspring. This nation will continue to grow and prosper with such a mindset. My only hope is our nation can alleviate some of the burden by continuing Obama’s health care strategy, so life altering medical events no longer cripple a middle and lower class family for generations. President Obama’s motives are pure as healthcare costs continue to be the number one reason why Americans file for bankruptcy.[1]

The Supreme Court protected the Affordable Care Act for now, but who knows what will happen in five or ten years. Several media outlets still do not commend the legislation and argue its expensive existence, but don’t be fooled. Healthcare cost are stalling and actually beginning to drop due to paid bills that once went unpaid. Last year alone, 5.7 billion dollars was projected to be saved by the growing enrollment in Obamacare.[2] No longer will doctors and hospitals worry about how patients will pay their outstanding balances as millions become covered by health insurance. Tax payer dollars were also responsible for such bills, but that burden will continue to be reduced with the continuation of the Affordable Care Act. As for your own hospital bills and medication, it seems prices will continue to fall as long as more people are insured.[3] The best example I can give to explain the lowering costs of medical bills is to compare it to shoplifting. If a store faces an increase in shoplifting, they raise prices to balance such loses. The only real loser is the consumer, who not only is paying for their own merchandise, but the klepto’s stolen goods as well. The same goes for unpaid medical bills, though it seems much more justified if a middle class family can’t pay their million dollar medical debt. This is how the world works and insurance is one way we have America has balanced necessary medical procedures.

Now, I do realize I hinted at the second controversial Supreme Court verdict of the week, one that will forever change the way Americans think about same-sex marriage. In due time I am sure I will cover this subject, but there is only so much a man can write in one sitting. Our current Supreme Court has proven this week that America is ready to take the next step in society and is setting an example for future generations, though many would say such verdicts are well overdue.





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    • David Lucian profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lucian 

      3 years ago from Connecticut

      @tirelesstraveler: I do not have an AFHC policy

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      3 years ago from California

      Do you have a AFHC policy? What did it take to get it?

    • David Lucian profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lucian 

      3 years ago from Connecticut

      Lawrence it is pretty sad to think the U.S. is still fighting such a move too. Watching families struggle to pay health bills or passing on necessary procedures because of costs should be unthinkable, but many in the U.S. feel this issue is something their taxes should not pay for. I do strongly feel that in ten or twenty years from now the affordable care act and the Obama administration will be commended, but until then, the legislation will be more like a stain on Obama's presidency. Thanks for the feedback!

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      I have to be honest, the rest of the world is amazed there was even a debate!

      I'm English and we introduced it in 1947. Its not perfect and stumbles on but since then if we really needed it and couldn't afford to "go private" we could still get one of the highest standards of care on the planet!

      For the last seventeen years I've lived in NZ where they've had it even longer and the standards are actually higher!

      Both Britain and NZ spend about 15% of GDP on healthcare and only 2% of defence but the results are a healthier workforce that is more productive!

      Great hub highlighting this important legislation


    • David Lucian profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lucian 

      3 years ago from Connecticut

      Could not agree more, we have been behind the rest of the world for quite some time and hopefully now we can catch up fully and lead the way to fight injustice

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      3 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Very well stated, David. The Affordable Healthcare Act has been very successful and is stopping the sharp rise in costs. Besides, it was and is terribly inhumane to allow people to go uninsured. Healthcare should not be tied to employment. The U.S. is finally getting closer in its humanity to the rest of the world.


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