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The Syrian Revolution:The victory of the thug regime in al Qusayr is not a game-changer.

Updated on June 16, 2013

The victory of the Assad Regime thugs in the Qusayr region, in central-west Syria, surely brings encouragement but not enough to be seen as a game changer.Those tempted to say it was a sign that the dictator Al Assad can subdue the freedom fighters must do some maths first: Qusayr before the fall,half of its 30,000 population fled to Lebanon as refugees .It took the regime months of siege and a three-week offensive to recapture it from the freedom fighters hands,using the trailblazer of the Lebanese fighters Hezbollah which is indeed the outstretched arm of Iran.
Smartly,Hezbollah acted so quickly so as not to be alone and isolated in its south Lebanon territory in case if the freedom fighters won that vital space because the Iranian supply line would be cut and the murderous and malign influence of Hezbollah in the Lebanon will be challenged by moderate Lebanese, who are fed up with the self-aggrandizing Shiite thugs and the intervention of its leaders in the country’s internal and external policy.
As diplomats tried to arrange an other conference about the Syrian crisis in Geneva,The thug regime and its murderous cronies launched massive attacks on the regions which were under the control of the insurgents only after the havoc and unrest in Turkey ,which I doubt are wreaked deliberately by the coordination of the Syrian-Iranian intelligence agencies so as to push the Turkish government into its own internal affairs, for-seeking thus the freedom fighters,because they thought that by doing that,the freedom fighters would be in short of weapons and men who crossed the Turkish borders to fight alongside with the opposition,especially after Al Maliki,the Iraq Prime Minister, responded to the Iranian request to tighten the control on the borders with Syria.

Foreign policy experts say that the fate of the proposed conference will depend largely on the outcome of military confrontations taking place on the ground,because the more territory you capture ,the more powerful you will be in Geneva 2 Conference.The world and the Opposition have,accordingly,will have no other choice than to sit,listen and accept the conditions of the Syrian government.Understanding this basic idea,would explain why nowadays the regime thugs are shelling Aleppo,Syria s largest city.Syria’s pro-regime Al-Watan newspaper insisted last week after the victory of Al Qusayr . “There is a big change in the army’s tactics. It has become more precise in securing its objectives,”1 it said. I am asking :does this"big change in army’s tactics"that the Shabiha newspaper came out of blue without the help of the Iranians and Russians ?On May 29, 2013.Washington Post shed light on a secret weapon deal between Syrian government and Rosoboronexport, Russia’s state arms exporter.They asked for " everyday battles in a long and grueling conflict. Twenty-thousand Kalashnikov assault rifles and 20 million rounds of ammunition. Machine guns. Grenade launchers and grenades. Sniper rifles with night-vision sights." 2

This week ,Moscow promised to supply the thug regime with" advanced S-300 missile defense batteries" 3 .Moreover,using the chemical weapons against the freedom fighters can make qualitative shift in the course of the Syrian war but can that subdues the will of the nation ?,I doubt ,and can that be passed without punishment?Absolutely NOT.Obama said last year that the use of such weapons was the red line that, once crossed,The USA wouldn't sit on the sidelines,WATCHING.Now it has been crossed according to the assessment based on CIA tests on blood, urine and and hair samples from dead or wounded freedom fighters.This confirms the claims- the Syrian army is using the nerve agent Sarin,on a small scale against the opposition multiple times this year-that previously made by British and French intelligence services in recent weeks .

On the other side,the Syrian government ,Russia,Iran and China denied the whole thing and accused USA of fabricating the evidence like the WMD saga that modeled on Iraq in attempt to “increase the scope and scale of assistance”4 to the freedom fighters.

Of course,they have right to deny the facts but they must be convincing.On December 23,doctors belonging to Syrian American Medical Society suspected that the thug regime might have used what the Chemical specialists refer to as agent 15 and during the first two weeks of March ,when the Syrian army launched an assault on Aleppo,they used chemical weapons.The government accused the freedom fighters of using chemical toxic rockets.The fighters denied the charge.An English blogger and investigator of the Syrian war, Eliot Higgins, who chased weapons and rebels in Syria,acertained in that time that it was highly unlikely that the homemade rockets used by the opposition could fly 20 miles or could carry that dangerous gas.

I think ,it is high time for USA to arm freedom fighters included a limited no-fly zone inside Syria so as to protect Syrian civilians and refugees who camped in nearby countries and also to put an end to the doomed regime.


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    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 4 years ago from Morocco


      1.Can you define radical Muslims ?

      2.Since when English is an official language of Morocco,I would understand if the text here was in French since Morocco was a French mandate.Is it what we call a pure b..u..n..kum ?

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 4 years ago from USA

      A pure lie.

      The thugs are the ones we finance. They are the radical muslims aren't they?

      Since when English is an official language, I would understand if the banner handed to the children on the picture was in French since it was a French mandate. Is it what we call manipulation? Obviously.