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The Syrian Uprising That is Going Nowhere Fast

Updated on January 23, 2012

Where is the Syrian uprising headed after nine months of fighting? Bashar Assad, Syria's president is NOT letting go. Meanwhile, 6000 freedom seeking Arabs have been killed by the ruthless regime, NATO and Turkey have basically had a policy of "hands off" because it is internal, but how hypercritical is this? One can say so were Tunisia, Libya? I guess the West is actually saying the situation in Syria is not bad enough, not important enough and does not serve US interests to warrant intervention of some sort.

At least Turkey has supplied arms to the Free Syrian army as has Qatar. Turkey has actually crossed into Syria once to protect those fleeing from the attacking Syrian army. They have deployed military units close to the border. The US has an aircraft carrier near, but then, so do the Russians.

Syria is about old cold war scars be reopened to a certain extent. Russia had emphatically state it will continue to support Syria because Russia has always been an arms supplier and ally of Syria since the 1960s. They still are sore about the massive amount of tanks they sold to Syria and were used in the 1973 war, which saw Israel decimate them all. It was a David vs. Goliath battle. Of course, Iran is has been even more of a supporter by resupplying Syrian troops with weapons, tactics and millions of dollars. Losing Syria would be a major blow to Iran's quest of regional power. So, between the two countries, Assad and Syria can continue on fighting against the freedom seekers and sooner or later, Assad will win unless some assassination comes from within or military coup, or less likely, outside intervention, which Syria has warned that if it occurs, it will unleash its large missiles onto Israel and other countries. They may not be nuclear but they can cause considerable destruction and mayhem in addition to Iran also reacting in the Strait of Hormuz.

The Russian aircraft carrier in the Syria port is just deterrent aimed at the US. As long as it is there, US intervention is nil. They cancel one another out. This leaves Turkey, which has been distancing itself recently from confrontation.

Any change for Syria seems must come within, otherwise, game over and 6000 are dead for nothing.


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