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The Signs Leading to a One World Government

Updated on January 25, 2019
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PlanksandNails' goal is to write articles that pique discussion and look at things from a different perspective.

When it comes to free speech, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as living human beings. Corporations have no restrictions on spending money which manipulates the political process.
When it comes to free speech, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as living human beings. Corporations have no restrictions on spending money which manipulates the political process.
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Entertainment Market CollapseControl
Market Collapse
Market Collapse

The 'System'

A New World Order or 'system is something that has not been achieved yet. In order to attain it, there would have to be an elusive and sophisticated plan by people who have great power and authority in many areas of society such as in information, finances, entertainment, energy, religion and education. To reach the ultimate goal of domination there would have to be a series of gradual crafty events that would have to take place.

There are many common rituals that people do every single day where they have been influenced and manipulated to put their reliance on the 'system' without realizing it. Once one becomes awakened to what is happening, they will be able to connect the dots and find a common factor of powerful people who are trying to steer the world into on direction. There are many things going on behind the curtain of influence that are secretly being conducted and orchestrated for a specific purpose and ultimate goal.

They said, "Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth." - Genesis 11:4

The 'System'
The 'System'

There are special organizations that are involved in foreign relations, world affairs and the banking system. For instance, when there are economic disasters there becomes an increased dependency on the 'system' to help and resolve the problem. The irony in all of this is that the 'system' has created the disaster because the outcomes gives them more power and control. Simply put, people have blindly allowed a conspirator to take control of their lives.

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The banking leaders (i.e. the Rothschilds, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies and the Mellons) may offer to save the floundering world economy.Corrupt Profits
The banking leaders (i.e. the Rothschilds, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies and the Mellons) may offer to save the floundering world economy.
The banking leaders (i.e. the Rothschilds, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies and the Mellons) may offer to save the floundering world economy.
Corrupt Profits
Corrupt Profits


The effects of power and manipulation allow an elite group of people to have ultimate control and manipulation into many areas of society in the following:

  • Foreign investment
  • Big corporate mergers
  • Privatization
  • International organizations
  • Peace agreements and/or solutions
  • Promotion of fear and confusion through propaganda
  • Deference of the monetary
  • Unnecessary spending and expenditures
  • Eradication of small business
  • 'Make money and spend money' is the song of the pied piper
  • Unnecessary obligation to a corrupt mainstream system and their products
  • Creation of war and market crashes
  • Disease cure suppression or cause the disease and then bring in cure for profit

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Future Pharmaceutical ProfitsForced Debt
Future Pharmaceutical Profits
Future Pharmaceutical Profits
Forced Debt
Forced Debt


The 'system' has influence and control on most of our everyday activities. Through the dumbing down of the masses, most cannot discern what is actually happening and unknowingly condone a delusion of deception that ultimately corrupts our way of life and world view. Consider the amount of unnecessary things that you may have purchased lately, the amount of time you spent looking for the item and how much your lives revolve around it. This may give some insight into how the 'system' may be influencing you to become totally reliant on them. Most don't realize that the money we make often disadvantages other people groups and their economies. Most of society make their living by working in a corrupt unethical workforce that is obligated to greedy shareholders. The bottom line ultimately takes precedence over moral ethics and values.

There are many products that are more efficient and effective, but they are priced higher in order to suppress progress, innovation and invention. Big corporations pump out less effective products and services that negatively effect our society and future generations. When big corporations keep on merging, the only option left will be to buy the product or service from a monopoly. This is one of the goals of the 'system' to pave the way to a one-world order.

Most governments do not support locally produced products, but import cheaper products that are produced unethically. Free trade agreements take viability away from domestic small businesses. Good quality products are becoming more uncommon because they are only made to last for a specific amount of time before they break down. Quality of service is traded for the inefficient electronic 'run-around.' Innovative opportunities are squashed because they would put big corporations out of business.

People are taken advantage of through deceptive marketing schemes meant to rack up debt that allows the corrupt 'system' to take ownership and control in what you have. Our society continues to borrow more and more from the big banking system. The amount of interest charged oppresses and obligates conformity to the 'system.' Many cannot resist the lust for worldly products as deceptive advertising provokes the masses into believing in the delusion of achieving 'plastic' happiness if they purchase one of their products.

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War  Seller and War Monger
War  Seller and War Monger
War Seller and War Monger


The economic system is corrupt because it gives power to the people who are wealthy and greedy. The 'system' ultimately suppresses good deeds and healthy potential. Many invest their money into a rigged stock market, but the multinationals and big banks are the ones who make the big profits through insider trading and corporate mergers. When the market goes bust, it ultimately fleeces money from the pockets of average citizens, not the large greedy corporations. The government is forced to bail themselves out by creating a scape goat for the sheeple to direct their anger towards.

National holidays cater to the spending on short-lived products in order for big multinational corporations to make a profit from unnecessary goods and the debt that is incurred on credit.

In the headlines there is often depressing news of wars and and economic crisis. The propaganda that is spread by the media is used to provoke fear to conform to the solutions of the 'system' that created the disaster. War is used and is funded by the same people in power on both sides of the conflict for financial gain, manipulation and coercion tactics. The 'system' controls government leaders as puppets to influence and manipulate the people they are supposed to represent. Unfortunately, the average citizen believes that the wars and bailouts are for the common good and protection of everyone. This a delusion.

Most pharmaceutical products do not cure, but are made specifically to mask the symptoms or cure a disease created by those in the same industry. The problem and the solution are big business. Many of the diseases, foods and prescription drugs are used solely for financial gain instead of total well-being. Corruption and fear created from propaganda are the number one money making factors used at our expense. The political system conforms to the corrupt 'system' that has the power to influence and change regulations and policies to promote corrupt plans.

The masses are being duped into a total dependence on the 'system.' Propaganda and media distort the facts in order to confuse and distract the general public from real truths and create false realities. The environment is being destroyed and the 'go green' solutions only line the pockets of the corrupt corporations and their promoters.

The increase of food borne sickness and disease are becoming more common place through the unethical 'system.' Big corporations have more of a monopoly over our food systems as we are being forced to consume the foods they want to sell us as laws are put into place to suppress independence.

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It is important to be able to discern the corrupt mainstream system of the world today that promotes greed, poverty and oppression. Here are some points to consider that may help you contend against the corrupt 'system.'

  • Do not be a part of an unethical and corrupt workforce.
  • Be a part of a working environment that is efficient and ethical.
  • Become educated in beneficial technologies that have been suppressed and use them.
  • Help those who are in poverty and hardship.
  • Avoid the desire and greed for money that promotes control from banks and multinational corporations.
  • Share goods and services that take the focus off of 'money for everything.'
  • Be innovative and support charities and technologies that have a moral purpose.

As the counterfeit 'system' becomes more exposed, hopefully the blindfolds will come off of many revealing that there is a much better system than what is being promoted.

The principles Kingdom of God found in Scripture does not conform to the corrupt 'system' of this world, but is about being obedient to God's will. Christ will return one day and those who have accepted his truth will become part of his Kingdom. Those who have partook in the corruption and greed of the world 'system' will not be allowed to enter. We must repent of conforming to the 'system' and turn to the way of Christ that points to a hope of purging all evil from this world.

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Erosion of Freedom

In the plutocracy of the complacent west, there is a lot going on besides keeping the beast of materialism and social networking feigns. On New Year’s Day, the National Defence Authorization Act 2012 was signed by President Obama. Those who are in the 'system' are busily pulling the puppet strings enabling the corporations and the wealthy upper class to ultimately enslave the masses. The fear of the 'boogey man' has duped the citizens that there is justification to apprehend anybody, whether a citizen or not. Constitutional protection has essentially become extinct as laws have been passed over the past decade such as the Patriot Act 2001, Healthcare Reform and the National Defence Authorization Act.

War has been declared, but the people don’t realize it is on them.

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Government politicians play both sides of the same coin where the goal is sovereign rule of a New World Order. The war on terror is the fuel that justifies the laws toward fascism. The protectionist propaganda is in full force with the heightened inside agendas in the name of homeland protection and domestic security.

It’s too late to recant because there is a database on the many who have given freely their private information to the forces of the likes of Facebook and Google. The Intellectual Property Actwill soon be passed to thwart off any 'threat.'

The debt of the nations will finally bankrupt the planet as the duality illusion of 'good cop, bad cop' continues in government.

The bank of all banks will be the 'Bank of the World with its attempts to monopolize the whole planet with their powerful influence. The engineered financial crises after crises are purposeful agendas toward complete dependency and surrender.

Greed, lies, hypocrisy, ignorance and money are the escorts to the antichrist agenda.

As the day comes closer, there will be continual secret political and military planning. In order to keep abreast on foreseen events, the Bible has prophecies that give signs to their fulfillment.

Politics and Elections

It does not matter who is elected because the way the system is set up today is that all elected representatives must do what the lobbyist of big business and the state bureaucracy want, not what the people want. Elected representatives are figureheads. Politicians’ rhetoric may change depending on who is elected, but they all have to implement the same policies given the same situation. Elections are a scam whose function is to create the illusion that the people have some sort of control in government. All voting does is strengthen the state and the ruling class. It is not an effective means to change government policy.

Although elections do not secure popular control over the state, they do help secure state control over the populace. Voting is a ritual that reinforces obedience to state authority. It creates the illusion that the people control the state, thereby masking elite rule. It is in the interests of governments and corporations to promote voting because they serve to legitimize the system and reduce unrest.

Actual power lies with big business and the state bureaucracy as elected representatives must do what the 'system' wants. The White House and Congress don’t really make the decisions. It is Wall Street and the Pentagon that does. Who wins the election makes no difference because all politicians must do what the elite want. Elections function as a way to neutralize resistance movements and dupe ordinary citizens into thinking they have some sort of control as they are spoon fed legalized mainstream propaganda.

The illusion of choice has become apparent. The establishment anoints their two picks for leadership and the country proceeds to argue vehemently over the two candidates.

'We the people' don’t choose the leaders, but they are hand-picked by a powerful group of political party insiders that have long since sold out to the highest bidders. This is what you would call a rigged oligarchy.

The United States is total corporatist state that is no longer a republican form of government of, by, or for the people. The government is nothing more than a corporation that is ramping up to becoming a fascist corporatist police state.

The Inevitable

In our fallen world, there will be the increase in the unavoidable:

  • Warcontinual atrocities since World War 2
  • Earthquakes increase in major quakes than previous centuries
  • Diseasethere is the escalation of pestilence and diseases caused by man.
  • Violencethe glorifying of racism, assault, cruelty, and senseless crimes are on the rise
  • Occult Infiltrationrituals, liturgies, symbols and rituals abound in the open as well as in the religious church system.
  • Increase in Knowledgethe development of advanced technologies
  • Transportationthere is a capacity to travel great distances in shorter time

As the world continues into its demise, there is hope for a better future. One day our lives on this cursed planet will come to an end, but what is done through Christ our Saviour will last forever.

Have you thought about a greater hope for the future?

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War On...

War has a controlling effect on society as the result of fear of a 'boogie-man.' The business of today is all about guns, oil and drugs (G.O.D.). It is the monetary machine of the nation. The rapid decline of a nation and its way of life are the consequences of the practices of the 'G.O.D.' they believe in. Ignorance allows, supports and implements the legislation of the 'system.'

As the world steadily decays, the 'big hats' and corporations continue to make money. The knowledge that the population will remain ignorant through fear is a priceless commodity. Certain terrorist triggers throughout history such as, September 11th, 2001, July 7th, 2005 and the search for 'weapons of mass destruction' has put the population in a permanent state of fear. The people do not ask questions and their vehemence advocates war as the people cry for justice against a manufactured foe. The populace becomes a willing sacrifice to the manufactured fear of their controllers.

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Capitalizing on fear has many psychological effects and ultimately takes advantage of a nation. When safety is demanded, the measures that are put in place by the government are actually a threat to personal liberties. When a climate of fear is produced, it does more damage than the act of terrorism itself. The results are the psychological effects of anxiety, avoidance, insecurity and the constant fear of new attacks, even many years after the initial event.

The acceptance of violence and interrogation based on suspicion is justified as the government serves up fear for control. The hysteria that manifests demands that innocent people of ethnic origin or of different characteristics be removed and listed as suspicious. The act of terrorism itself does not take a population’s freedom away, but it is the government in power that does.

The nation's people are increasingly watched under surveillance. Personal data such as DNA is used for one purpose, but due to deregulation, it is taken and used for something entirely different. The ignorant put all of their personal information on social-networking sites and don’t realize that they are giving away all the details of their personal lives. The ever growing database of information can and will be used against the population in the future.

Fear puts trust in the government to protect the nation from a 'highly likely' threat of terror, yet they are the terrorists themselves. The fact is, fear does not protect, but controls. The essential values of democracy are traded in for tyranny while the masses are duped into believing that they are still in a democracy.

The negativism toward other nations and cultures has permeated the media and entertainment. The paranoia of the population allows the government to take their own draconian measures. A police state is legislated and those in opposition are suppressed. Having a camera, map and wearing the wrong clothes are grounds for suspicion. The laws that are legislated are not just for the 'terrorists,' but include everyone. More civilians are shot and killed out of suspicion than those who are killed in alleged terrorist acts.

The destruction of freedom is not from terrorism, but from fear. Fear allows the government to take freedom with ease. The population is bought because they are told that they are under 'attack.'

The manipulation of fear paves the way to the proposed New World Order.

For a better future.
For a better future.

Scripture readers should know that humankind long ago tried to create something like a New World Order, but God put a stop to it so that it could never fully happen. We learn about it in the book of Genesis both at creation and after the flood. God told Adam and Noah, 'Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.' God’s will for humans was not to congregate to create a one world government.


We read in Genesis 11:1-9 at the Tower of Babel the reason.

There is nothing new under the sun as carnal man is still trying to get back to the way of Babylon to this day. The only true one world government that will manifest throughout all of the earth will be ruled by Christ our Saviour when he returns bringing his Father's eternal form of government on earth.

We must open our eyes to the many lies that we have been fed in politics and religion. It all boils to power and control. When men are put into control rather than God there will always be corruption.

Do you believe the signs are leading to a one world government?

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© 2011 PlanksandNails

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    • Jack Jenn profile image

      Jack Jenn 

      10 months ago from Nelson Bay NSW Australia.

      Hi P&N,

      Very well put - just so sad that so many are oblivious to it.

      I cannot agree more with you and in your 4th paragraph, your last sentence encapsulates the whole article:

      "Simply put, people have blindly allowed a conspirator to take control of their lives."

      That conspirator is Satan who will soon indwell the anti-Christ, unbeknown to so many and will unleash terror in the second half of Tribulation and most are blind to that as well.

      Most today don't believe in God and they don't believe in Satan either - anything goes with them and it's do whatever you like - only a small percentage know the truth.

      The saddest part about this whole thing is that so many who are trying, are just blindly following others in the false ways of the world, which is the 'broad way' and refuse to accept that Jesus created the narrow way, and is available and open to all who would diligently seek it.

      My best regards,


    • PlanksandNails profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago


      Thanks for taking the time to read. I believe these are definitely things to think about in the time we live in.

    • profile image


      5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Wow! I will have to reread it few times, I guess... Awesome, and if I were not a Christian, I would say -- unbelievable. Thank you for the research.


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