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The Tappers - Examples

Updated on February 26, 2016
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Born without a clue. A lifetime later, situation largely unchanged. Nevertheless, one perseveres..... popular demand.

A number of readers have asked for examples of "Tappage" techniques as listed in the previous article - "The Tappers".

Here follow a number of examples of the Tapping Tools at work. The examples are grouped, in most cases, in terms of a suggested "current order of priority".

The world is experiencing crisis in a complex variety of ways. The Engines of Exploitation squat upon the full range of human endeavour and turn ordinary day to day activities such as eating and sheltering and transporting into massive acts of plunder and pillage. Individual humans are often at a loss as to how to prioritise in order to begin to engage these Engines. For individual humans caught in this quandary, the Tappers offer the following as a useful current order of priority.

  • the first major area of exploitation to tap at is global economics.
  • the second major area of exploitation to tap at is organised religion.
  • the third major area of exploitation to tap at is world history as taught in schools.
  • the fourth major area of exploitation to tap at is nation states as currently defined.

This list pre-supposes that we are all fully aware that, underpinning all of the above, it is environment and the collapse of the global ecosystem which constitutes our gravest danger. Global economics is the major contributor to this developing and fully impending disaster, but the others also contribute in their own subtle ways.

It goes without saying that, as expressed in the previous article, there is absolutely no point in applying any of these techniques to Engines of Exploitation from which you have not dis-engaged as far as is humanly possible. If, for example, you are targeting Shell, then for heaven's sake to not buy from or invest in them at the same time. If you are targeting Tesco, for heaven's sake do your shopping elsewhere for the duration.

Examples of Tools as applied to Proposed Priority One: Global Economics

1. Repetition

It was of course Goebbels who, most notably, articulated the maxim that "if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth". The maxim has been much in use ever since.
For Tappers, with limited access to mass media, repetition is a tough one to utilise to the full. However, there's no harm in trying.

The best place to start is in the course of ordinary conversation. In terms of economics, whenever you have the occasion to refer to "investors", use instead the term "speculators". You will be pleasantly surprised to notice how quickly (remember, you heard it here first) this, with all its sub-textual connotations, begins to proliferate. "Investors" are not, after all, the heroes that so many western Engines would have us believe. They are simply gamblers, and largely fearful and hysterical ones at that. The average poker player has considerably more dignity and self-respect.

In time, as the term "speculator" gradually comes more and more in to public usage, the whole process of investing in order to derive unearned income will be called more and more into question.

2. Sound bite

Here are a couple of catchy phrases which will catch on soon enough (remember you heard them here first).

Nowhere in western economics does anyone take the trouble to define an "acceptable" level of profit. Some entrepreneurs would be happy with a 3% profit on their investment; others would be unhappy with anything less than 100%; still others, especially money lenders, feel that upwards of 1000% profits are not too much to ask.

The Tappers call these upper levels of profit "meta profit" or "meta surplus". They are "beyond" profit or surplus. As any scientist will tell you, the first part of dealing with a problem is to identify or categorise its components.

No government has yet had the courage to define in statute what an acceptable level of profit is, but that doesn't prevent citizens from using linguistics to acknowledge and popularise the distinction between acceptable and obscene profiteering. The prefix "meta" has the added advantage of managing to sound neutral. It doesn't sound like dogma. It is not a term which one would normally associate with radicals or communists, but it will nevertheless promote economic re-consideration.

3. Question

Begin to ask the question, "Who actually owns the Federal Reserve of America, the lynch pin of global economics?"

Clearly, you should research the answers yourself, but the question has a fairly substantial "half life" (it will deplete forever). On the face of it, the question is simple enough, and most people automatically assume they know the answer. But as soon as they realise they don't, the implications will continue to dawn on them for some time to come.

Remember, it is not the Tapper's obligation to provide the answer (except to point out that the initial answer offered is probably wrong). The obligation is simply to introduce the question. Hopefully, EPT (Exponentially Proliferating Thought - see previous article) will do the rest.

4. Analogy

Here are some good examples of analogies utilisable in the attempt to explain how the modern western economy works.

Ask your listener to imagine what house buying might be like if conducted in the same way as company share speculation. How volatile would the housing market become if you could speculate in house "futures". How much more dramatically would house prices fluctuate - to little or no discernible benefit to anyone - if one could speculate centrally in shares of housing.

Another interesting one is to point out how the basic, fundamental laws of trading become distorted as the scale of the trade increases. Mechanical, Newtonian physics still works at one level as we continue to build bridges and motor cars, but they pale into insignificance as we contemplate space travel or sub-atomic engineering. The laws of quantum physics take over. When we are dealing with the generation and manipulation of "meta surplus" (see above) at the multinational level we are not dealing with the same laws of economics as apply when we are shopping at our local greengrocer's.

Another example of design flaws which become apparent when systems are overloaded is the modern motorway. Initially it was thought that if you provide more lanes, traffic could flow more freely as the "faster" lanes would only be used for overtaking. Unfortunately, as traffic reaches critical mass, the first lane to get completely overloaded is the "fast" lane, as everybody queues "to go faster". The slower lanes, now bearing much less traffic, then become the de facto fast lanes. Not what the planners had in mind at all.

Examples of Tools as applied to Proposed Priority Two: Organised Religion

5. Suggestion

Suggest to a "believer" that Informing you of their unquestioning faith is to insult your intelligence. Is "faith" all it's cracked up to be? Isn't it just non-negotiable thought? Why should anyone be interested (unless it's to establish motive in a criminal investigation) in anyone else's non-negotiable thought?

The suggestion to make is that the offer to inform one of non-negotiable thought and the invitation to take it on board lock stock and barrel without question, is, effectively, an insult both to one's intelligence and to our species' most distinctive feature - natural curiosity.

In short, believers who tell you of their beliefs on a non-negotiable basis are being rude.

6. Logic bomb

Here's an example of a logic bomb. It is a proof for the equality of humans, and it goes something like this.

Tappers do not, in general, believe. They simply reckon, and they reckon on the basis of information currently available. It follows, therefore, that they do not believe that humans are equal.

But they know it, ...and they know it because they have the proof.

Take any two everyday objects - say, two bicycles. Imagine that you are about to buy one of two bicycles but that you can't quite make up your mind about which is the better.

Imagine then that you suddenly became aware of a small group of Alien beings observing you.
Some moments might pass as you struggled with the rigidity of your fright, but imagine that you eventually found the strength to point to the two bicycles and ask, “Which of these is better?”

There might be further moments of, possibly stunned, silence, but, assuming they spoke passable English, what do you think, ultimately, they would have to say?

Yes, precisely. They would have to say, “What are they for?”

They would not be able to qualitatively compare them without knowing their purpose.

You cannot qualitatively compare ANYTHING if its purpose remains obscure.

Now then, how many of you know, absolutely, without question, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what human beings are for? What is the purpose of a human being.....?

This is our proof. As long as we remain in the dark about the absolute purpose of human life, we are not in a position to say whether one human is any better or any worse than any other....

As the logic sinks in, the implications proliferate, and the half-life extends.

Examples of Tools as applied to Proposed Priority Three: World History (as taught in schools)

7. Referral

A favourite referral from the Tappers is "the Alphabet versus the Goddess" by Leonard Shlain. This presents a very succinct history of the evolution of human civilisation. Illustrated "time lines" like "Timelines of the Ancient World" (Chris Scarre) are very useful for showing events in the context of the human world as a whole.

Another is "Demonic Males", by Wrangham and Peterson, which gives an interesting perspective an the evolution of human (particularly male) savagery.

Examples of Tools as applied to Proposed Priority Four: Nation States

8. Novel concept

Here's a good example of a novel concept to an ancient problem. It is the concept of "river nations".

Penultimate Connect

Miscellaneous Examples of Tools

9. Penultimate connect

This is a story related by a parish priest. The important thing to note is that it only has value when the very last thought is connected. Suspense is held right up to the penultimate connect. This is the essence of a good story; of a good joke.

(For more on Connects or "Connex", see "Coming Events".)

10. Cube inversion

A good example of cube conversion is the Hollywood film "The 6th Sense" (see also Referral). The film proceeds with an interesting enough narrative until, towards the end, you realise that one of your earliest assumptions was wrong and that the narrative you thought you understood was in fact inside out. You then have to re-visit the narrative with a slight adjustment to the early assumption and watch how everything then fits neatly into an entirely inverted set of circumstances. There are plenty of good examples, but many tend to rely fairly heavily on a certain amount of graphic input as well.

11. Mis/dis information…. Only for corporate targets….

Because, in the Tappers' view, this is such a double edged sword, no examples are offered and it is suggested that other tools be used in its stead.

12. Lecture dinner

A Tapper dinner table usually has a flip chart displayed in a position of ready prominence. The dinner party will usually commence with one or other of the guests presenting a small thesis prior to the first course. Having explained the thesis as fully as possible, the presenter joins the others at the table to eat, drink, and engage in lively debate.

13. Rapid response

Rapid Response is fairly self explanatory. It is simply a case of noting any informational responses a target Engine may be making and being prepared to counter as quickly, appropriately, and informatively as possible. The usual rule of thumb is, wherever possible, to utilise the same channels and medium to reach the same recipients.

For all his failings and general lack of principle, the Labour Party's erstwhile communications guru - Peter Mandelson - was a master at this.

So there you have it, an introduction to Tapping or Tappage. Anyone can do it, from whatever level of society at which they may find themselves. In effect, no conscientious citizen of the world has an excuse not to engage in Tapping if she or he feels that there are institutional wrongs to be righted.

One love,

the Tappers

Tappage Techniques

Which of the techniques discussed here do you prefer?

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© 2013 Deacon Martin


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