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The Target Boycott

Updated on May 14, 2016

The Target boycott has been a big story in the news lately. There are many who are concerned with this new bathroom policy, while others don’t see this as an issue at all because many are for equality.

Personally, I love the store and like shopping there. Target has always been the kind of store that a community needs since they sell so many items that we use at affordable prices. I would say that I spend a few hundred dollars there a year between clothes, food, personal and household items.

However, as much as I like the store, I do not feel safe using the ladies’ bathroom or dressing room. The issue is not with the transgender people. We have been sharing the bathroom with them for years. The problem is that now any man can enter the ladies’ room or dressing room. The fear of many is that molesters and pedophiles will take advantage of this new policy, and actually commit acts of perversions and there have already been incidents in the short time that this new rule has been in place.

This is not a Christian or religious issue as some may say, even though The American Family Association is a Christian organization who called for the boycott. This is simply a safety issue. Many who are non-Christians are also boycotting because they understand the seriousness of this new policy and don’t want to put themselves or their children at risk.

I have to say that I find it quite mind boggling that some people don’t seem to care about this. They seem to be more concerned with the rights of the transgenders than they are for the safety of women and children. I say it’s mind boggling because they have daughters. Do they really want a man in the bathroom while their daughter or wife is in there? I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to protect themselves or their children.

The issue of women going into the men’s bathroom has also come up. People say, doesn’t anyone care about little boys besides women and children? I would say, people should care about boys too because perverted women can now enter the men’s room and molest a boy. It works both ways.

The CEO of Target has recently made a statement saying that he does not plan on changing anything, despite their two million dollar financial loss so far. I wonder how much he will be willing to lose before reconsidering. He will not stand back on the equality issue here which only pertains to a very small population. Meanwhile, he is ignoring the safety of women and children who make up the majority.

I have a gift card to use up and I plan on using it since it has been paid for already. I will probably use it online so I don’t have to go to the store and worry about the bathroom or dressing room. Until Target changes their bathroom policy, I do not plan on shopping there again. I am afraid that the damage has been done already because I see many comments on social media about people never wanting to shop there again, even if they undo this new policy. I will gladly go back there but until there is a change, I can say unashamedly that I am a part of the boycott. My safety and privacy is of utmost importance and I have a huge amount of respect for myself.

Are you boycotting Target?

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