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"The Tea Party, Will it Survive"

Updated on December 28, 2013

"Who are they?"

Who are they, those who are called the "The tea party"? Tea Party members are the everyday run of the mill working people of this wonderful country. They are mentioned in the Constitution, you know, "We the People". They are your next door neighbors, farmers, factory workers, your parents, and the people you go to church with. "We the People" the reason the U.S. Constitution was written.

The "Progressive Liberal Democratic Party" would have you believe that Tea Party members are a far right group; a bunch of radical spoilers that want to take over the government. Those on the left want to portray the Tea Party as a fringe group with no real right to protest.

Where did the "Tea Party" come from? What caused this group of peace loving citizens to take to the streets and carry signs of protest? The citizens that became the Tea Party had two choices. One they could turn the nightly news off and just ignore the outrageous antics of the Democratic Party, or they could organize and let their voices be heard in protest, as is their right. It was very clear that the party in power, the Democratic Party was not listening to the people including their own constituents.

As it turns out the Democratic Party paid dearly for their deafness, and so did those moderate Republicans. The Tea Parties message was loud and clear. "We the People" are not enamored with either party. And "We the People" are still watching, and let me be clear "We the People" will hold those accountable that can't or won't carry out the will of "We the People".

As for if the Tea Party will survive or not, think about this if you will. Will America survive? Will it survive another administration coming into power with the same kind of ideas that we have just experienced from the Liberal Progressive Democratic Party? I'm not sure it would. Our countries history has been the most successful, and prosperous experiment in the history of the world. One nation under God, yes that's' right I said God. If you read the U.S. Constitution you will see that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

Our founders' principles being evident in the beginning documents founding this country have proven to be successful. We the People have all enjoyed a level of comfort that has not been enjoyed by many other countries in the world. Yet in today's America we are not happy with the level of success of our forefathers'. We no longer want to manufacture products for consumption. We outsource our labor and spend billions of dollars on the building of manufacturing plants in third world countries. In the process we change the cultures of these third world countries and enslave their people to a culture of dependency.

The Liberal Democratic Party is forever pushing to regulate business and enlarge the government. They continually try to add more entitlements and take care of the people from cradle to grave. While the Democrats enlarge government they stifle small businesses with more and more regulation, and endless agency's that kill business, but are not answerable to anyone. While government expands, commerce is pushed to the point of extinction.

"We the People" were not created to be taken care of from the cradle to the grave. Americans are the most productive when they are working for a future that they can strive for. People want to be in control of their own destiny. Thank God that our forefathers' knew how this country should be set up. Not for the purpose of the government, but for the purpose of it's people. Our forefathers knew how an over sized government could stifle the well being of a country and it's people. If we would only look back at our history we would see that we're on a path of failure not success. The answers to our ills are in our past, all we have to do is look.


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