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The Thawing U.S.- Cuban Relationship

Updated on December 18, 2014
Local workers
Local workers
Escaping from at all costs
Escaping from at all costs

The last vestige of the Cold War is thawing after over 50 years, it is President Obama's decision to end the animosity between the two nations.

It all began when President Obama was born, 1961, when America sponsored a CIA war to topple the communist leader, Fidel Castro and his ties to the Soviet Union. The whole plan to topple Castro then was undermanned and funded of not more than 1500 ex-patriots who were trained in Latin America. The plan went through numerous revisions from a strong D-day landing supported with aircraft to a weak plan with very little support at all, once the landings occurred. Fearing a long war, President Kennedy, chose the weak plan. It was greatly feared that the world would know they attack was US sponsored, so everything was done to camouflage the ships, tanks, and aircraft. Such a silly notion, who else would mount an invasion using American WW2 equipment? Kennedy's support waned as the Bay of Pigs landing happened. The promised air cover as planned was greatly reduced to just a few WW2 light bombers that Cuban Migs (only two of them) shot down. The worst thing about this attack was that the plan depended upon the local population uprising against Castro. Castro had been in power only a few years and most of the population supported him. Suffice to say, within 3-4 days of the invasion, it failed, and the US was greatly embarrassed. Then, the Russians took advantage of the situation and started the Cuban missile crisis.

Since 1961, many things have changed in the world, but the one thing that did not was American-Cuban relations. The US policy to isolate Cuba for 50 years did not really work that well. Sure, Cuba sent troops to Africa and Granada and Latin America to spread communism in the 70's-80's, but this was with the help of the Soviet Union who used them as a proxy for their own plans of world domination. Since the 90's, after communism collapsed in Russia, and huge parts of eastern Europe were set free. Cuba became more and more isolated and its refusal to loosen their reigns of communism actually hurt them. Few countries followed the Cuban model, most embraced a freer socialist method where people had some control and freedom over their lives.

Now, in 2014, the end of the Castro regime is near. Both Fidel and his brother are in their 80's, death is not far now. Cuba has seen how many countries with dictators have prospered and how Cuba has not because of their dogma about communism and how they hate America for events of 1961. They know time is not on their side and maybe it is time to loosen the grip over their society that loves America, a direct opposite of what its leaders feel. So, the Obama's opening of the blockade and isolation is a good thing. It is time. Let the past be in the past. Obama does not feel any connection to what happened in 1961 or since. Those who oppose the thawing are those still holding personal animosity and are those who fled Cuba in the 60's. Their hatred of Castro is much like how Castro still feels toward America. But, the younger generation of Cubans do not feel the same. That hatred is simply not there. The voices for easing a blockade of Cuba make much more sense today. Cuba needs it, too, for it is a country in dire economic straits. Whatever dreams Castro had for his revolution are not dying with time. Everyone on both sides know it. It is time to move on. Let's loosen the reigns and open the blockade. If it is a sham, we can always revisit the cold war.


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