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The Time for Truth is Now

Updated on September 23, 2012

Silence is Golden

Silence is not always Golden.

Gosh it has been several months since I posted here. The Summer has been busy and life has overwhelmed me at times. Those of you who know me understand my health issues plus a break is often as good as a rest. At least that is my excuse for being silent for so long!

However, during the past few months there has been much happening in the world that gives rise for concern and one more straw that finally broke this camel's silence was a posting on Twitter earlier today. It concerns Wikileaks .and the whole issue of justice and free speech.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, there are basic human rights and freedoms to which we are all entitled. Up until now most people are happy to sit within their own comfort zone, safe in the knowledge that we know what is the right thing to do. We have been raised to know where our loyalties lie and what and whom we support.

Most of us exist within our own circle of family and friends in which we voice our opinions, likes, dislikes and agree to disagree when necessary to keep things peaceful. As this circle widens we include those with whom we work and share our careers until it includes broader matters like our race, religion, sex and origins. We feel that we are part of the bigger picture and enjoy the protection of the laws of the country in which we live.

Nothing very unusual or radical so far - unless you are a whistle blower - unless you speak out about corruption or illegal matters being done in high places. This is what has happened and of course the powers that be do not like it. In the case of Wikileaks, revelations shook the governments to the very roots of its power.

Now we witness, the status quo joining together to supress freedom of speech, truth and justice. The mother of the founder of Wikileaks is fighting a battle to expose the lies and deceits being used to divert the course of justice against her son. The media is cherry picking what it publishes and what gets suppressed.

This is an issue that unfortunately is just the tip of the iceberg. All the problems arising in the world - economic misery and hardship, racial and religious tensions, climate and conservation, hunger and poverty, are all results of orchestrated power struggles by multinational powerbases who manipulate world governments to their own agendas.

Sorry to say that all these circuses we are encouraged to participate in, general elections and campaign trails are mere side shows for the benefit of the masses. like we are so impressed by the choices on offer (not). So who is running the show? Certainly not the Presidents or Prime Ministers - it is the unelected bureaucrats who are deciding who works who does not, who loses their homes, which kids get eduction, who survives and who do not.

Still sitting inside ones comfort zone - one wonders how can these things happen. How can these things be true? These things do not happen in Western countries. Well time to wake up folks. For decades we have been lulled into a false sense of security. The daily news and media has become less and less important. We have become a society brainwashed by the media barons. We are now obsessed by a handful of ' celebrities' and their daily trivia. Important matters that should concern us are not reported or get sidelined by the mass media.

Journalism has sunk to an all time low. They merely print and publish PR and press releases issued by multinational corporations and government departments. Even Press Conferences by politicians are so closely stage managed, that real questions of substance are silenced.

So here we are! Living in a sanitised, safely wrapped, version of BIg Brother, where discussion and criticism are silenced. Is this the society that our founding fathers struggled and fought for? Have we stopped asking? Do we accept the party line? Do we have the courage to stand up and be counted - make our voices heard - express our concerns?

Those brave souls who marched and protested get labelled as out of work trouble makers, some fringe groups paid to aggitate. They get beaten and jailed by the police and law enforcement agencies for using their rights to freedom of speech. New laws are being enacted to prohibit these channels of expression. The governments are becoming alienated from the people they are supposed to be serving. Sit down you're rocking the boat! We are simply rearranging the chairs on the Titanic unless we stand together and make our displeasure known. Remember, we are the 99%. We will be asked by our kids why we did nothing.

The present two party systems of government do nothing to rectify these problems. The people get the government they deserve. This is true if all we do is sit behind our fences hoping it will all go away and things will get better. We have now got our internet which is in danger of being compromised by various government agencies who see it as a threat. We are flooded with so much information we are missing out on what is important.

I should make this posting look beautiful with pictures and videos, but presently I am too incenced to spend time on it.

In the meantime I will post this and maybe get back to it later . . . Thank you for listening to my vent and please feel free to comment if you wish. Thanks.

Silence is Golden?


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