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Equality & Understanding: The rise of human rights

Updated on October 7, 2014

Rights & Equality for all

In the world today, we face too much in terms of growing population, political conflict, disease, and many humanitarian issues that we deal with on any given day. The concept of complete equality due to ethnocentric frames of reference have caused disruptions on a religious, political and moral standpoint. In has been limited in past that equality could make the standards to face populations that just wouldn't accept one's freedom to pursue the life they wish to live. The LGBT community has been on the front line making the point that anyone should have the respect to express their rights; basic liberties such as the freedom to protect personal information to marriage and sexual orientation.

These humanitarian and moralistic issues have all been challenged and increasingly successful within the past decade. We as a people, and not just one specific group or another, all seek the same understanding and acceptance of one another. In times of strife, the hand of another to comfort, whether male or female, is the standpoint in which we define ourselves as human with any sort of morals about us. Without ethnocentric boundaries, it can create the peace and unity in which we all strive for on any given day. Until this is accomplished, we will always be separated to some degree, whether on a geo-political scale, religious influence, or simply unmoral decision making.

Preacher speaking out while a couple embraces, showing equality even though an ethnocentric frame of reference depicts religious differences in opinion.
Preacher speaking out while a couple embraces, showing equality even though an ethnocentric frame of reference depicts religious differences in opinion.

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What are some various human rights? How can we succeed at accomplishing it?

Human rights, on a basic level is by definition:

"Moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behavior, and are regularly protected as legal rights in national and international law...They are applicable everywhere and at every time in the sense of being universal..."

- Wikipedia

In respect to this definition, it holds true that if one seeks equality on all levels, we as a whole can become closer as a world that respects all individuals around the globe, not just in one area over another. There are so many different human rights issues that the world as a whole is dealing with, trying to find a equal balance with it all, such as:

- Poverty

- Sexual Orientation

- Privacy of one's own personal information

- Universal Health Care

- Freedom of Religion

- Freedom of Speech

- Freedom to pursue a job without discrimination

- Lowering of Geo-Political Barriers

- The end of Racial Hate

These are just a few of the many issues that many on a daily basis go through. It is only just that we as humans work to make humanitarian issues our problem, breaking the selfish barriers of misconceptions for selfless action. In the wise words of Mother Teresa, "Live simply so others may simply live." This is such an amazing quote, as it states that we as humans must, as cultures mix, to understand and allow freedoms to be found, regardless of our personal dilemmas.


The LGBT Connection & why an individual's Privacy Matters

In more recent days, the notable international online community known as Facebook has come under fire. In a few changes to its privacy policies, stage performers and others that change their names for private purposes have been forced to show forms of ID to get their accounts back. In a majority of opinions, this seems to be a major invasion of ones personal information, the LGBT community on the main front. Just like any other human being wishing for equality, individuals across the board have spoken out in defiance of such a policy, shaking the online community. In just twenty three days, the LGBT community and their supporters were able to push into talks with Facebook to make a change to their Name policy.

Freedom of one's personal information will always be something that everyone, regardless of what walk of life you come from, a very serious topic. An American drag queen known as Sister Roma, or Michael Williams as Facebook forced her to change to, is carrying a heavy load for the rest of the world, leading the charge to enforce privacy for not just one particular set of people but every individual that uses the companies app and program. It would seem that however ethnocentric or hate driven one is towards a particular culture or type of individual, they still agree that privacy is much more important. We as humans deserve the rights and equality that have been fought and challenged for so long.


Human Right issues spoke about during interviews

  • LGBT Equality
  • Bullying & Violence
  • Women's Rights & Pro-Life Groups
  • Oppression
  • Spiritual Freedom
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom to Own Property

Interviews on Human Rights

In all fairness, I decided to ask quite a few individual's opinions from a few counties to answer questions on their various ethical and moral concerns. Here was their responses:

Christina T. (US)

1) What do you feel is the most important issue as of current for our international community?

Bullying & LGBT Equality, I would definitely go with the bullying and not just by kids. I also mean by society, having to hide behind closed doors afraid of the world around us. Finally taking a stand and letting people know that we're not gonna just roll over and let them keep doing it.

2) And what about issues in the past decade, do you think equality has risen in that regard, or hampered?

No, just fake people trying to save face.

3) So political differences in the face of the media? Do you think rights can be achieved on an overall basis in our lifetime?

Yes! If everyone would put their differences aside, start loving and appreciating people for who they are, not who they choose to love. If everyone would stop living their lives through the eyes of other people the world could definitely be a more loving place. The media has everyone thinking so one sided about issues in our lives. That we live it has crippled people being afraid to be who they want to be. And all this "it's not right in God's eyes". If we're not supposed to live our lives this way, He wouldn't have wired us this way!


Ray C. (US)

1) In regards to human rights, what issue do you feel closest to? Like freedom of speech, own property, sexual orientation, etc?

The strong right is the right to life. However, I don't approve of how the "pro-life" groups have taken it. Rights are for everyone. They take and apply it to all lifeforms, which makes me think of the George Carlin skit about them, and he's right. They devalue the term.

2) So you are pro-life? How has the pro-life activist groups devalued the term?

Right to life by Pro-Life devalue the term by placing it on all forms of life. Mostly it attacks the abortion laws. It's okay to kill this lifeform, but humans are sacred somehow? Not. It doesn't help, attempting to determine precisely in legal terms, when life begins. Yes, science says what it says. But, when it comes to rights, they're only to be applied to viable life or those who are already born. Women's rights suffer under any other form or definition. My article on abortion covers many of the arguments against abortion including Pro-life.

Pro-Life groups get their way, abortions will be completely banned from happening altogether and their actions isn't about educating anyone. It s about stepping all over women. Nothing more.

3) In the last decade, do you think your issue has been resolved or gotten out of hand? Could I use your article link in this interview?

It's gotten worse and little amounts of people give a damn, as it appears now. And yes if you want to link to my article.


Karen D. (Great Britain)

1) What do you define as human rights?

Jesus. I would say the right to be who you want to be without fear of being persecuted or ridiculed. To be viewed as equal regardless of sex, sexual preference, race, religion etc. It's difficult to sum up in one paragraph. I think ultimately everyone should be free to live a happy and content life. Everyone should have the same opportunities.

2) What do you think the most important issue is for you and why?

I think any sort of infringement on human rights and equality is an issue. But the one that I relate to the most is how gay people are treated in other countries. Literally hunted and beaten, killed in some cases. I find that so hard to deal with. Whilst I've dealt with some minor issues myself, I'm incredibly lucky to live in place where for the most part it's accepted and normal. It just absolutely breaks my heart that people have to deal with that just for being themselves.

3) In the last decade, do you think the rights of the LGBT community has made progress in the light of the international community?

I would say so yes. In my own country it's completely different now to how it was when I was growing up. I think that there are obviously still issues in certain countries, but generally there has been a huge shift in opinion. I think rightly so too!


Omar N. (Syria)

1) What do you feel that human rights mean?

It means what all people think of it, Freedom of Speech, and the right to elect what you think suitable for your country. Also the basic rights to own land in your country without obstructions. The right to trust your authorities are also important, although most are not to be trusted.

2) What is your most important ethical issue and why?

I can start with, I cannot say anything that offends my leader without getting my life torn away. Keeping such freedoms from your people will solve it temporarily, but eventually someone will use that against you. Obeying because of fear is not like obeying because of loyalty, Syria is a great example.

3) And in the last decade, do you feel like Freedom of speech and expression of opinion has become become more equal or more suppressed?

For now, it is more suppressed. as some people in the west wants this crisis to continue, so they support the losing party so they can maintain the war.


Dr. Jeff Mullan

1) What does human rights mean to you?

Human rights are the same as animal rights and gay rights and woman's rights - they are all really spiritual rights to do and be and live as the Universe intended by honoring the right of all to the free expression of whoever you are. You can tell - I'm a spiritual activist. Actually more an Inspirational activist.

2) What issue bothers you the most and why?

When you allow issues to bother you - you are focused on the problem and therefore cannot access the solution - because the vibrational frequency of a problem and the vibration frequency of the solution are very different - in fact opposite! So when a challenge 'bothers' you - you are not in the right place i.e. mindset to access the solution. Therefore I don;t let anything bother me. I focus on the solution which I know already exists in thought form and I allow it to flow to me.

3) In the last decade, which issue you think has become more equal for everyone involved?

The issue that has become more equal for everybody is "freedom": which is the allowance of life to be whatever it wants to be. Hopefully it is dawning on the consciousness of mankind that we need to allow sacred space for everyone and everything to express there divine uniqueness. it is your destiny to be what you are and to love whomever you love - and it is the same for every living being. This is indisputable.

"Your destiny is indisputable. It is not an accident or an aberration that you are what you are and that you love what you love That is determined by Divine design." - Dr Jeff Mullan

There is no Conclusion to our continued Human Right efforts

To say there is a conclusion to the world's many, many problems is very far from the truth. In all honesty, we as a overall population and around the world as a whole must realize that change is necessary. From Equality of gender to basic freedoms that we as humans deserve as a whole, there is much work to be done to accomplish this great feat. We are all created equal, and so as a child grows, one cannot possibly make a judgement against them before they can even make decisions for themselves. One should not restrict a man nor woman as both are of equal footing, no matter the location. Racial hate should not exist as we are human, color does not decide how one acts, feels, thinks, or love. The oppression of any form of government that forces restrictions of rights against the moral principles of the human culture as a whole is utterly wrong. We are human, and our rights matter, no matter what trials or tribulations we face, we are all Equal.


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    • Cagsil profile image


      3 years ago from USA or America

      Very nicely written. Thumbs Up!


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