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The Trump Aftermath: I Told You So

Updated on May 2, 2016

the Clown Prince and president: Bozo Trump

Ha Ha, Trump is a clown and a short fingered loser- I told you so.

I told you so

There is always a certain amount of satisfaction to be gleaned when the outcome of an event turns out to be a disaster just as you had predicted by saying: “I told you so”.

That is exactly what I plan to say to the few of my friends and the many who are not, should the Trump idiot somehow be elected to this country’s highest office. We can only hope that if it does happen, the consequences can be reversed quickly without leaving permanent scars.

"I told you so" sounds so petty. It is, but that’s the satisfaction I and countless others would get from watching the other apparent short membered neanderthal followers of America’s worst nightmare react to the blunders of a President Trump should he slither into the presidency. But then again, I have doubts about whether they could discern good moves from bad, evidenced by their decision to back Trump in the first place. The man is a natural disaster.

But in good conscience, no matter how great I, along with millions of others would feel watching the Imperial stooge commit one blunder after another, the damage Trump could do to our country would not be worth the satisfaction

It might be OK when after suffering through 6 incoherent months of Trump in office, the system would allow the twit we call Trump to be removed from office for reasons of mal-function at the end of the trial period. “You’re fired big mouth. You didn’t make the grade. You are outta here. Crawl back under the rocks at Trump Tower, but leave your wife.”

.At which point, the next administration could rescind his stupid decrees, make peace with the nations that were unjustly harmed, restore our leadership role and the prestige of our country.

Ha ha you nincompoops, I told you so. Donald and his adoring Sarah Palin need to go back to clown school to polish up their acts. Perhaps they might have future success with a Turd Party run.

As for the Republican Party: continue on your way as the party of the One Percenters, The Creationists, the Neo Nazis, the Snake Handling Bible Toters, the Klan, the Obstructionist Right Wing Extremists, Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent, NRA, Racist, anti black, anti union and anti Catholics. You will always attract the loonies of the world. Keep looking under the rocks and stones where your next candidate surely lurks. You f*****g idiots couldn’t do worse than you already have, if that's any consolation. But as recovering alcoholics will say, you can’t climb out of your hole until you hit bottom.

It Takes a Looney to Elect a Looney

Have You All Escaped From The Asylum to Vote For Trump?
Have You All Escaped From The Asylum to Vote For Trump?


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 24 months ago from Orange County California

      What is your point? Name calling ?? And not a single reason for it.