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The Trump-Biden Presidential Debate is Coming

Updated on September 13, 2019

Unless the Unexpected Happens....

There will be a Donald Trump-Joe Biden debate in 2020. The writing is more on the wall now after the third democratic debate. The top echelons will be the same months from now, that is, Biden, Warren, and Sanders.

Of course, things can change, but if they do not, I really don't see how any of the others surge, even Harris, is failing. That leaves the Top 3, and of those, although I am still unsure about Biden, I really don't see how Warren or Sanders can appeal to the vast number of moderate Democratic voters. These two candidates are simply too far left for most and veering to close to socialism for most.

That leaves Trump vs. Biden.

Knowing how Trump loves the fight and punch and interrupt his opponent's rhythm, I wonder just how well Biden could handle such a challenge. I wonder if he would be willing to throw punches, like Castro has, like Harris has, and remain unrattled by Trump's bullishness. Biden is much more of a diplomat and when he ventures outside of this persona, he tends to make gaffs or can be senile with his argument to support his case and facts.

Of course, Trump's love of telling lies, half-truths, to bolster his self image is equally laughable to those who know the real facts. If Biden tries to fight Trump with just facts and remain composed, would this work against the drama that Trump brings to the show? Would the Trump sound bites outweigh the wit of Biden as he tries to show how Trump is just a liar about issues?

The debate will be the most watched in America, for sure. Both sides will be posturing considerably on stage. Trump does not break under pressure most of the time, but Biden has. He has choked and made errors when rattled and seems to change discussion direction when emotional. He has done this many times in all of the debates so far. This comes across to a viewer as someone who is "not quite all there" at times. He often starts to answer a question and then suddenly changes the direction and never really answers the question asked. Yes, Trump does it also. He only answers the question that he wants to and stages it so that it reflects good on him, personally. If Biden attacks him on a personal basis, Trump's temper can flare and when that happens, Trump becomes like Biden- he makes errors and gaffs. He comes off as a bully and asshole.

A Trump-Biden debate will be a titan battle for the hearts and minds of Americans, it is coming. It could be the greatest show on TV. It will make or break one of them. From what I see now , as much as I dislike Trump, I can see how he pulls off the media frenzy and hype. The public perception of Trump and Biden are equally damning in different ways.

I can see Trump winning more than I can see Biden winning in a debate. Not for substance and facts, but overall perception of strength and stamina. People love a fighter, that is what Biden needs to become.


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