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The Trump Kennedy-like Dynasty

Updated on November 16, 2016
Ivanka campaigning for her dad.
Ivanka campaigning for her dad.
Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka, are the most likely to carry on the Trump name in US politics.
Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka, are the most likely to carry on the Trump name in US politics.

It could happen. The recent Trump win in the crazy 2016 Presidential election could translate into that in the years to come.

When Kennedy was elected in 1960, he appointed his brother, Robert Kennedy (who ran for president in 1968 but was murdered by an Arab). In that year, he would have been the next Kennedy president. Ted Kennedy, the youngest of the brothers, was in the Senate for decades and ran for president. Caroline Kennedy (the daughter of President Kennedy) is currently the Ambassador to Japan. The children of the three Kennedy brothers are also in various governmental positions. Had Caroline ran for president, she would have been the first woman (far better choice than Clinton!) president.

The Trump family is prime for a similar dynasty. With four adult children, highly educated, and well skilled in the Trump business, any of them might be emboldened by their father's triumph and continue, depending on how well or bad father Trump handles his first term. Unlike their father who is bombastic and offensive for speaking his mind, his kids are much more refined and less offensive. They are more politically acceptable in that regard. Ivanka is already well spoken and liked. She could be a woman president someday, she is just 35 yrs. old. Of all the Trump children, she may be the one to carry the torch if Donald fails in his first term. Ivanka is the Caroline for the Trump family.

However, giving his children top-secret clearances is just nepotism gone amok. They do not need such clearances because they are running their father's real estate business. They would be the "loose" lips in a high security realm. They would know things about national security and so much more that only their father should know. How would they use this information? Nefarious forces could kidnap them and obtain them. There are so many reasons NOT to allow this to occur, it is no brainer. That being said, a father can easily tell them in conversation if inclined. There is nothing preventing this. If this information was given to his children on national issues and security, they could use this information to make Trump business decisions. They would have insider information. One can see a real conflict. Another danger is that any of his children could be held as hostages and become ransom material. The conflict is that the U.S. Government does not negotiate with terrorists for hostages. If one were held as a hostage, Trump, as a father, would do everything to save their life. But, as president, the policy is not to negotiate. In a sense, having so many children gives nefarious forces more targets.

In the end, the Trump legacy, like the Kennedy's, may go on long after the Trump presidency.


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