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The Trump White House is a Lie

Updated on May 6, 2018

There is an uncanny similarity between the devout, hard-core, followers of President Trump (around 35%) and the Germans in the 1930's. In both cases, the population believed with all their soul that a man could bring a new era of prosperity. Hitler, as a politician then, promised hope, better wages, better education, better healthcare. He promised a faux freedom that gradually turned off anyone or media who disagreed or challenged him as he came to power. Of course, the Germans were all fooled as the years went by but by then, WW2 had begun (1939) and his authoritative power was God-like in the Third Reich.

History repeats itself to a much lesser degree in 2018. In the brief time Trump has been in power, he has managed to become the swamp he promised to drain. He is a different kind of swamp that spins the truth only to benefit him and then calls any opposition reporting or investigation as "fake news". His declared war on the press is not that different than what Hitler did as he rose to power in the 1930's. Today, there are too many media outlet types for Trump to silence. Even his media support from Fox News has come under fire.

The recent hilarious Stormy Daniels porn star story is amateurish. For the longest time, Trump has denied any knowledge of the sex he had with her while a South Lake Tahoe, CA., denied he even knew her, denied he paid $130,000 to silence her in October 2016, before the election, denied he knew his private attorney paid the amount with his approval, denied he even agreed to the legal document signed, but then used a fake name. As the truth slowly developed, all of Trump's denials were lies. Just bullshit. The Whitehouse tried to correct and then recorrect conflicting stories as more actors became involved, such as, Cohen and Giuliani. It is comical, yet sad to see such a man in the Whitehouse.

By now, the other 65% of Americans who may have supported him at one time cannot refute the fact that this president is not to be trusted. He only tells you what he wants you to hear and to promote his ego. Take whatever he states with a grain of salt because odds are that Trump will tweet something that contradicts his own words. This has happened so many times it is now laughable. These antics provide so much wonderful fodder for shows like Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Yet, for the base of 35% devout followers, there is nothing Trump can do that seems to bother them. Trump can have sex with porn stars, pretend he is something he is not, call others who challenge him all sorts of names, send 90,000 Hondurans home after living here for over 10 years, get caught in outright lies to the media, build more Trump towers and continue to prosper, and so on. To them, their faith in him reminds me of the same type of followers who followed Hitler.



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