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The Truth About Haiti, Voodoo, Christianity, and Poverty

Updated on November 12, 2014

Since the tragic earthquake in Haiti I have read a multitude of hubs that either vaguely or directly imply that Haiti is somehow cursed by supernatural powers. This was supposedly due to a pact with the Devil that allowed the Slaves on what was then known as Saint Dominique to repel the forces of Napoleon and win their independence. These hubs written mostly by Christians bring to mind the racist teachings of the curse of Ham. Therefore, I find it necessary to educate those of you who don’t view the world through stained glass spectacles.

This hub is not intended to be an indictment of all people of the Christian faith but as a lesson in accepting blasphemous statements without self investigation. While I am not a believer in Christianity I am a believer of God and the Trinity. My spiritual relationship is developed by his word and his word only thus leaving me free to view that which is not of my belief without ridicule.


Vodou, wrongly referred to as vodoo and considered to be a form of witchcraft or devil worship by the Christian community is nothing more than a religion of African origin that was practiced by the slaves until banned by the French, later to be combined with the Roman Catholic faith. Vodou shares many of the characteristics of Christianity including angels, spirits, and religious rituals. Surprisingly what Vodou does not include in its religion is a “DEVIL”. The fact that many Christians claim that Haitians made a pact with this entity that didn’t even exist in their religion is nothing short of amazing. The Vodou religion consists of one God “Bondye” similar to Christianity, Judaism, and the Islamic faith. Was it possible that on the faithful day on which legends claim the Haitians got together to summons the power to defeat the army of Napoleon that it was Bondye to which they called for strength?

Most of the rituals and rights of the Vodou faith are not very different than those practiced by people in the Christian faith. The major difference is the belief that one can influence events by physical ritual, a Vodou belief, while Christians believe they can influence events via prayer, but then again hanging a crucifix on the mantle or around your neck for protection is very similar. Other characteristics of the vodou religion are consistent with Christian rituals; animal sacrifice, honoring of spirits, etc… If there is one noteworthy difference between the two – the vodou faith does not promote the symbolic eating of flesh and drinking of blood as a show of faith.

Christians in their effort to demonize the Vodou religion have taken one part of this faith to portray the entire faith as evil and dangerous, the practice of Petro or Congo (Black Magic) which is practiced with about the same frequency as snake handling, child husbandry, or cultism in the Christian community. So why do Christians have such a problem with Haitians practicing their faith? It’s simple, Christianity has a business side just like all religions and Vodou blocks those who peddle Christianity from making inroads into Haiti. A quick comparison of the two religions based of my knowledge of both.

Vodou Christianity

Bondye God

Lwa Angels, Spirits

Petro (Gongo) Cults

Potions Prayer, Prayer items

Animal Sacrifice Historical Christian Ritual, Snake Handling, etc…

The similarities are pretty much obvious and anyone without knowledge of Christianity would probably have the same view of it as Christians paint of Voodoo.

Poverty and the Destruction of Haiti

The failings of this nation have been caused by both internal and external problems. Haiti has been the victim of both the international community and its leadership. To understand the magnitude of this countries demise one must understand the history of Saint Dominique (Haiti) once referred to as The Jewel of the Antilles.

Saint Dominique was once the richest colony in the entire world, wealthier than the United States. The Island was responsible for 50% of Frances Gross National Product. The reason for this wealth was rather obvious, the production of goods were dependent on slave labor. Coffee, cotton, sugar, cocoa, and tobacco were only a few of the agricultural products produced by Haitian slaves.

So why would a country of such wealth and promise fall to the depths of today’s Haiti?

It all began in 1789 when the French gave some Hatians of color “The Rights of Man.” These rights were extended to free blacks and mulattoes. They were received as a tremendous move towards abolishing the slave state. However, two years later the French rescinded these rights due to the anger of slave owners who felt betrayed by France. Those who benefited from these rights had them taken away and were returned to lesser status, prompting the slave revolt of Haiti. The Haitians led by Toussaint L'Ouverture defeated not only the French but both the Spanish and British armies.

The revolution resulted in Haiti becoming the second free country in the Western World (the US being the first) and the first black republic. When the people of Haiti gained their freedom slavery was still practiced in many places including the US. Out of fear that a prosperous Haiti would undermine the slave culture elsewhere an international boycott against the country was put in place. The boycott against Haitian goods and commerce sent the country into an economic tailspin.

In an effort to have the boycott rescinded Haiti agreed to pay France reparations for winning their freedom. This was achieved in 1838, by way of a payment in the amount of 150 million franc. The debt owed France plunged the country into even further economic despair. Haiti, committed to its desire to satisfy France was unable to pay this debt in full until 1920. For over 80 years this financial commitment to France drained the countries resources.

Five years prior to the repayment to France, Woodrow Wilson sent American troops into Haiti in an attempt to colonize the country. The US military took control of every major government function, seized the entire banking system and forced through a new constitution that repealed a provision that banned land ownership by foreigners. During this occupation 40% of the nation’s income was seized and used to pay off debt to American and French banks. The US stronghold on the finances of Haiti continued until 1947. This combined with leadership that was extremely corrupt and normally handpicked by people other than Haitians is the reason Haiti is the poorest country in the world. Haiti’s current government has been handpicked by the US because it is considered to be US friendly, this was done with no consideration of people of Haiti or its future. Today the UN stands guard securing US interest at the cost of Haitian lives. The fear is that without military might present the people will throw the US sympathizing government out of office and reject the desires of the US government and install one chosen by the Haitian people.

The Haitian people have shown over and over throughout their history that they would rather die on their feet than to live on their knees.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I. went. through. hell. with. voodoo. And. Christianity very. similar. one. masked. with. the. other Same with. cat holy. Catholism I. know. in the. story up. top . three women. Jezebel. and dark. skin mary also. light. skin. Mary. a women.eluzi freda and. dantor my. mom. molested. me. beat. me abuse all. type. of. abuse. was. it. a. male. no. female. I. saw. that. she. was. soulless. the. demon. or. lwa in her was reptile. male was very. aggressive. perhaps. petro low ones did. my mom. do. voodoo. perphaps I am. from. port. town. anywhere. usa. this. demon. ancestors. is still in. my. life. in. daughters at. times . now. I. have. chaos. more money problems. no. job. education. criminal a. mess. she. enjoys. the. enemy. is. copying. me. in. some. ways. I. should. blow. steam. but its. sick . I. believe. in. mermaid's. satan hell. smokeless vaporless.demons I. even. received. chicken. feet. at. young. age from. local. church. going. voodoo old Lady. my. mom. won't. admit to. doing. voodoo. but she. hates. me. like. the. serpent. an. eve. lol. so. if. my. mom. is. dad. is. my. dad mom now. mine. you. other. people in. family. got. with. voodoo. so. I. was. born into. like mentioned .some one. pissed. at. me. from. way. back. principalities of. darkness of. whoever. occult. hidden. world I. think even. Jesus mad. . now. I. am. a black women a. rose lol. a. ninja. double. crossed I. don't. care but. on. earth. as. It. is. in. heaven. it. must. be. a. pure chaos. mess well. mum dad I. am dreaming. of. indentured. lol then. dreaming. of. master Harriet. Tubman. dueces lwas. want. servants I. did. that. quite. little. servant already many years. ago no. mo

    • atsweetmama profile image


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      interesting. article. I. see. this. voodoo. as. something. evil. I. see. that. some. spirits. in. voodoo. as very evil only for self no. care. no. conscious very. mysterious also. misreable lol. for. lesbian. not gays though. I. am. highly. pissed. And. bytchie rose girl prince of negative peace . dueces

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      May Jesus bring you blessings. As a Christian I must inform you that animal sacrifice as well as conferring with spirits other than the Holy Ghost is forbidden. Jesus Christ is perfect. He died on a cross for all of us so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. There is no need to confer with any other Spirits in Christianity because we go to the one perfect God. It's unintelligent and fruitless to seek anything other than perfection. Go to Jesus. He'll get it right the first time. There is one Trinity. God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit. Master of all things. Creator of all the universe. Magnify his name. Holy Only Power. There is none like my Lord. He heals. He tears down strongholds. And he breaks curses. He heals and renews minds and tell the truth. The proof is in the Holy Bible. It's Christian organizations that are helping Haitians now. There is but One God. And every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess Jesus Christ is Lord. He reigns! He reigns! Amen

    • SOBF profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New York, NY

      JesusIsTheOnlyWayForHaiti'sDeliveranceMLJ - I truly appreciate your sharing this story.

      Before I go any further let me say how sorry I am that you have experience such abuse by the hand that was to protect you.

      I rarely get into the details of religion on my hubpage but I will take this opportunity to to do.

      Your claims of differences between Christianity and Voodou seem to be based in your belief in one over the other, coupled with your experiences at the hands of voodou worshipers. The fact is that Christianity on the fringe is no different than Voodou, child abuse, idol worship, animal worship, prayers of vengence, and animal worship are all common within the christian faith. The simple fact that Christians worship a picture of a man that by biblical accounts in no way resembles the man called Jesus is the most glaring example of idol worship. Ask a christian and he will tell you that it doesn't really matter. It does.

      The truth is a simple one. Haiti freedom lies outside of religion. Why? Because all religion is based in a singular root. The first practice of religion ever recorded on this earth and practiced by Egyptians. It is the root of Voodou, Catholocism, Islam, and Judaism. Yet it has been found to be phony by those that birthed from it.

      Did you know that Jesus was not the first to be called the son of God by christians? Before Jesus there was ImHotep.

      Are you aware that the book of Proverbs was actually plagerised from Eqyptian scripture? All religions run together yet deny one another. If one is false than all are false. Haiti can find prosperity just as those that have stolen it from them. By caring only about its people. By not trying to satisfy other countries out of fear of what they may do to you.

      Christianity helped to destroy Haiti just as it did Africa.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The beginning half of my post is somehow deleted oh well, I hope you unterstand the jist of what im saying

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      no condone us to speak to angels, spirits/demons. The bible says that Jesus is our only entercessor. When we pray in Jesus name, Jesus hears our prayer and interecedes for us to God. In Catholocism, catholics say a "mother Mary" prayer and pray to Mary. Mary is considered an intercessor for many catholic people to Jesus. That completely goes against the will of God because the bible says that the ONLY way to God is through Jesus Christ, not Mary or any other spirits. When Christians pray to God, we pray that Gods will be done, not ours. We do "make deals" with God or make any form of sacrifices because they sacrifice was already made when Jesus died on the cross. Christians also try to live a life of "holiness"/ purity to please God and tell others about the Love of God. Haitian voodou is point blank witchcraft where spirits also known as demons are worshiped as gods for peoples own selfish gains.

      The reason why my father is living such a miserable life is because the spirits/demons that his father worshipped want him to follow in his fathers footsteps and want him to be a voodou priest, because he has no become that by giving them the worship that "they" want they have showed their true colors to him. Which is that they are really evil and disgusting. My father dabbled in voodou by going to voodou preist (witch doctors/psychic)he has been in ceremonies and he has not accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord an savior. This is why the devil (the reason haitian voodou even exist) has controlled his life so much. The reason why my father has not gotten saved is because he is scared that satan/the devil will kill him.

      I noticed you pointed out alot of important points of how the U.S govrnment controls who goes into office in Haiti and how Haiti's money is controlled by U.S banks. That is very true. You also talked about how Haitian's are not able to make a decision for their own country therefore do not have a voice, that is also very true but what I want to point out is, continuing voodou (devil worship) will NOT change Haiti for the better. Voodou, USE TO BE Haitian religion when the leaders gave the country over to Satan at the voodou ceremony in Bwakaiman. You cannot mix voodou with GOD and you cannot mix voodou with Christianity because they are 2 different things. Voodou is satanic, demonic, use to worship spirits, the devil for selfish gain. Christianity is worship of the father/creator Jesus Christ and living a lifestyle that is pleasing to him by being good to others, spreading the Gospel and doing his will.

      As a sidenote, I want to add that many people have what they considered "gained" from haitian voodou. Many people have been able to bring their loved ones from Haiti by doing Haitian voodou, they have also started and kept businesses by doing Haitian voodou, they have also protected their families from weaker bad spirits by calling on the protection of stronger bad spirits. I'm writing to say that I see how someone can say that voodou has benefited them and has not harmed them or their family but what I want to point our is that satan is is a MASTER deceiver. He will try to make is seem like he is helping and protecting you when really he is putting a greater curse on you, your family and your generation. His ultimate goal is to have your soul so that he can drag you to hell with him and so that you never accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. That is his main agenda in everything that he does and in everthing that he does for you. For example, lets say you want a husband, you find the guy you like and go go to a voodou priest to put a spell on that guy so that he can fall in love with you and marry you. 3 generations down the line, No woman in that same bloodline can get married and none of them can have kids. There is division in their family and majority of the family suffers from proverty. What just happened there? This is called a generational curse and this is what happens in haitian voodou. The bible talks about generational curses. Haitians also call it "dyab rasyal" meaning generation demons. In the Holy Bible it says that it only takes one person to bring a curse on that family and that curse goes down for 6 or 7 generations of that family and in every generation, the devil will tempt someone in that family to cause another curse on that family that can go on for 30 or 50 generations.

      This example of generational curses relates to the example that I gave you about the woman who went to a voodou priest to put a spell on a man she wants to become her husband. Tho she is able to get what she wants, not by God because the bible calls that witchcraft because she is 1 using spirits/demons to move on her behalf and God says that we are not to channel with these things. 2 she is using deception which is lies which is a sin and God is perfect and Holy he does not partake in sinful things and she is being selfish by getting what she wants not taking into consideration what they guy would want and selfishness is a sin. God wants us to consider others and not covet or be jealous. He commands us th think of others better than ourselves. Therefore, haitian voodou and christianity are 2 different things.

      Also, the examples that I used of how generation curses can operate because of this lady's sin of stealing someone else's man, it can aslo operate for a nation too. By that lady getting what she wanted to selfish gained she put a curse on her family and generation 6 or 7 generations down whether she realizes it or not, because that is how the devil operates. This same thing can happen with a nation. There are several stories in the bible where God talks about a "land" being cursed. During the ceremony wher Haitian leaders did voodou and worshipped demonic spirits and went out on a bloody rage massacre killing newborns and unborns (which is a way Jezabel/Ezule receives worhsip) they were only thinking about how they wanted the slaves to be free. The leaders at that voodou ceremony in Bwakaiman, worshipped spirits/ the devil so that they can overcome their tyrant which was many France and some Spaniard and Europeans. Due to the fact that the Haitian people did voodou/witchcraft to gain their freedom and did not worshipped God to gain their freedom they ended up making a deal with the devil. They gave their freedom and their land over to satan. Satan is the master deceiver so everything will always look and sound nice with him at the beginning this is why Haiti was so rich and prosperous at the beginning and it wasn't until a couple decades down the line that the devils true colors and his true plan begin to show. The haitian people became very ignorant, angry and incapable of running their own country. We became slaves in our own land. Yes, we take all these factors into consideration of how the US controls our money and our economic turmoil but the main reason for our downfall is not physical, it is spiritual.

      When many celebrities start off they always start off so charming like and perfect, soon after many become obnoxious, fall into drugs and die terribly depressing deaths. This is an example of how the devil operates to try to fool you and this is the result of haitian voodou and what is has done to our country.

      The only way for Haiti to redeem itself it is not through Haitian voodou, it is not through Catholocism, it is not through anything else but Jesus Christ.

      We will have to deny the pact we made with satan and his spirits at that voodou ceremony at Bwakaimun. We will have to deny voodou as the national religion of the country, we will have to deny paganism and accept the gift of Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can turn our nation around. His riches have no sorrow. He does not manipulate or use trickery like the devil. He is not a liar or a deceiver. He is the savior of this world and the only hope for our country.

      We have to stop holding onto voodou and uholding it because it has done nothing but bad for our country. If we would have asked God to carry us into battle and to free us from slavery, he would have done so and our country would have been a great nation to this day but we faile

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      PART 1

      Hi, I read your post and I thought it was very interesting. Many things I read are factual but your main point I do not agree with.

      I was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti. I moved to the United States when I was 3 years old. I was born into an ancestry of those who served "lwa's" and performed Voodou. My grandfather was actually a voodou preist.

      My childhood was very rough and my whole family seemed to be in a dark place which took a huge toll on me. In Lil Haiti, FL, My aunt and my uncle practiced witchcraft. I beleive voodou spirits where calling my father to serve them and because he didn't respond to the call like "they" wanted to, those generational "spirits" made his life a living hell. My father was paranoid, he always felt like someone was trying to put voodou on him. Everytime he would sleep he would say that a woman would come and have sex with him in his dream, her name was Ezuli (Jezabel) and she is worshiped in Haitian Voodou. My father would molest me sometimes and he would claim that he was not aware of it. It is because "that woman" would come and have sex with him in his dream and he had no control.The spirits that my fathers, father use to serve would tell my father everything that I am doing in his dreams to get me in trouble. My father was a drunkard, child molesting abuser. He also struggled with poverty, no matter what he tried to do he was unsuccesful. Growing up, we were on section 8 and had food stamps. My father was a heartbreaker, chronic lier and a womanizer. He beat both his wifes and was a gold digger to his second wife. When my fathers sister was pregnant, my father angrily kicked her in her stomach and she lost her baby. During 1891 when the slaves revolted from the French, they murdered and slaughtered all newborn babies and babies who have not been born yet. In haitian voodou, this is how Ezuli (Jezabel) receives worship. In ancient history, this "lwa" received worship by drinking babies blood. Im sure many haitians from Haiti have heard of a neighbor who had a "spirit" on them who "manje pitit moun" meaning they would eat peoples children. This is an act of worship to the spirit of Jezabel. My point is, when my father (purposely) kicked his sister in her stomach and she lost her baby, the spirit of Jezabel in him manifested and she received her glory and worship by the loss of that child. My father was a very manipulative, controlling and explosive man...these are different characteristics of the Ezule (Jezabel) spirit that is worshipped in Haitian voodou.

      My aunt and my uncle practiced voodou in Little Haiti, FL and one night, a scorpion came in the house and bit my uncle in his leg. We had to call the ambulance. The reason why this situation happened is because my uncle (fathers brother) made a deal with the voodou spirits that they worship. He received instruction from these voodou spirits and he chickened out and did not complete that task those spirits told him to complete. This is why things backfired and the scorpion came in the house and bit him due to his disobedience to the lwa's (spirits, dieties or principalities worshiped in voodou.)

      My grandfather (on my fathers side) was a pretty well respected voodou priest in Haiti. He had a suitecase filled with money all the time. He had different woman, friends, lived the life that he wanted and he was a drunkard. When he would get drunk and fall asleep, sometimes my dad would steal some of his money out of his suitecase and once my grandfather woke up he knew exactly who stole his money. The reason why my grandfather knew is because in his sleep, the "lwa's" he served would tell him who stole his money. My father had always been a menace to society. He would sleep with woman who had already been taken and commit certain crimes and he would not go to jail because the "lwa's" his father served protected him.


      PART 2

      I am not sure what kind of Christians YOU know but I noticed you compared Christianity to Haitian voudoo. Christianity and Haitian voudoo are 2 completely different things, Catholicism and Christianity are 2 completely different things.

      In Haitian voodou, they worship different spirits by names "Ezule doton, freda, je wouj, (something pye sech), bawon samdi, ogouferay etc.) In haitian voodou they sacrifice animals including humans whether in the spiritual realm or the physical realm) people who practice haitian voodou use "dloh bounda" which is where the woman uses her dirty bathwater she washed her private parts with to cook food to put a spell on whoever is eating the food. People use haitian voodou to steal another womans husband, to attempt to kill someone or their child, to get revenge on another person, to put a curse on someone or their family as simple as keeping someone else's child from getting an education or making an intelligent person lose their mind or haitian voodou is used to gain wealth. Haitian voodou is also used to turn a person into an animal and/or to kill someone physically and turn them into a zombi. These are some of the things that haitian voodou is used for.

      In haitian voodou, they worship (spirits, deities and principalities). In Cotholocism, they worship all the "saints" of the bible including St. John, St. Peter, St. Joseph and St. "Mary" also known as emaculate conception and they have statues and pictures of a woman with a crown on her head holding a baby. They have a darkskinned picture of "Mary" and a lightskinned picture of "Mary". All of these "saints" and statues are placed together to create a shrine where people who practice voodou can worship these spirits but they are not worshipping the REAL servants of God from the Holy Bible, they are worshipping spirits, deities principalities who take the role of these servants from God from the Bible when thats not who they really are. These same pictures of saints and statues in Catholic churches are used in haitian voodou to call on these spirits. These spirits in Catholocism like St. John, St Peter, St. Mary are the same in haitian voodou the only difference is their names change. They are worshipped in the catholic church and in voodou ceremonies under different names. For example, St. Mary and her exact same pictures in haitian voodou is actually Ezule (Jezabel). The lightskinned picture of St. Mary holding a stick sitting on a thrown with a crown on her head holding a baby is Ezule freda. The dark skinned St. Mary is Ezule doton. These St. do not represent the real servants of God from the bible. The Mary in Catholocism is not the real Mary (mother of Jesus) but instead she is actually Ezule who is worshipped in Haitian voodou, and Santa Maria who is worshipped in spanish Santaria etc..etc. Same spirit, different name. And the baby she is holding is not Jesus but if you read the real story of Jezabel (Euzle) from the bible or just research her you will find out she had a child, a son who also grew up to become king after her reign was over after she had the "religious" ppl murder her husband by her manipulation. Anyway, that is a whole other story.

      Now lets talk about how Christianity is different from Catholocism and haitian voodou. The word Christian means "Christ follower." The bible upholds the trinity. The FATHER is God, he sent his only SON Jesus to die for our sins so that we can be saved by his grace. Jesus defeats death by dieing for our sins then raising again from the dead because he is perfect and he is God, in Man form. Before Jesus leaves the earth after he raised from the dead he gave his deciples the Holy Spirit (which is the VOICE of God. He left the Holy Spirit (the voice of God) on earth to be our guide for our day to day lives, it is our concience who speaks good to and thru us and help us make the right decisions. The Holy Spirit also teaches us and gives us wisdom. When Jesus blessed the deciples with his spirit (The Holy Spirit of God) they traveled nationwide professing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all with the help of the Holy Spirit.

      God does

    • profile image

      Michelle Shaw 

      6 years ago

      We have an adopted son of 14 years old from Haiti. I'm currently writing a children's book about Haiti and I found your information and insight very helpful. Thank you very much.

    • voodoospell profile image


      7 years ago from 1958 South 950 East Provo

      This is helpful and with the full of information regarding a spells.

    • SOBF profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from New York, NY


      Thanks for stopping by and reading the hub. The Haitian connection to France is a relationship forced on the people of Haiti through a heritage that is rooted in French culture. The infatuation with Europe by blacks on a universal level is a phenomenon I have never been able to understand. In my opinion it has a great deal to do with Europe’s underdevelopment of Africa and the propaganda used to accomplish this goal.

    • profile image

      Emma C. White 

      8 years ago

      Thank you for your timely historical narrative on Haiti. I

      found your blog because a writer friend had just done an excellent piece on Haiti and sent it to our major paper, the

      Clarion Ledger, which did not print it, but she gave me a copy. I researched Haiti years ago during the "Papa Doc" and "Baby Doc" regimes and it made me sick to my stomach!

      The sad thing is that it should have been Mother Africa look

      ing out for her displaced children, not the French "fox" that had been run out of the hen house. Unfortunately, Africa has never stood in unity to protect her children

    • profile image

      Jimmy Plymouth  

      8 years ago

      WoW, you know a few years ago I began looking in to my ancestry, in which I found out that Hati had a big part of it. This is something I had never heard all my life, and this hub brings more light to the subject.

      I've found two relatives that bear my last name and both of them were born in Hati, there two people are the only ones I've ever found other than immediate family that share my last name.

    • RedSelassie profile image

      Sharif Selassie 

      8 years ago

      This was a very powerful piece; it was needed too, because a lot of people were buying into the hype that Haiti is cursed--With your permission I would like to share your piece on facebook--so that the truth can spread farther. Let me know.

    • SOBF profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from New York, NY

      As a Black American with many friends who are Haitian I believe there is a historical connection between Haiti, Louisiana, and the children of slave in the US that should be promoted. The Haitian slave revolt has left such a sour taste in the mouths of the worlds great powers that they still do what they can to keep this nation from blossoming.

    • progressiveWiccan profile image


      8 years ago from united states....below the mason dixon

      Thank You, I am a 6th generation AMERICAN with roots in Haiti..then Louisiana. I HURT WHEN PEOPLE BLAME people for natural's as if we steped back into the dark ages.

    • SOBF profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from New York, NY

      Jim - your additions are accurate. The French, British, and US did form a blockade to stop trade out of Haiti and the constant economic drain on the country made it impossible for it to develop any type of infastructure except that done by the US. Haiti started out as a country with a high rate of illiteracy and they have never been able to address the education problem because of the lack of resources.

      Also the kidnapping of Aristide was initiated by his cozy relationship with Cuba and anger from the elite in Haiti regarding economic policies the President planned to put in place.

      It is sad that through all this the people of Haiti continue to suffer.

    • Jim Bryan profile image

      Jim Bryan 

      8 years ago from Austin, TX

      Great Hub full of reasonable conclusions. Two things that might also have led to the continuing devastation might also be the fact that twice in the last 16 years the US has occupied the country (1994 and 2004). During the last occupation, the US essentially kidnapped the elected President of the country and forced him into exile.

      The poor economic state might also be linked to the fact that the majority of the population had no formal education at the time of the revolution (slaves were not permitted such) and that Haiti still has the highest rate of illiteracy (48.1%) in the Western hemisphere. This makes it one of the top 10 least literate countries worldwide.

      Also, the desire to appease the French came about because the French were key in lifting the ban on exports from Haiti and opening international trade. Until the French recognized Haiti, none of their allies would recognize them either. France might very well have attempted to blockade the island, initiated negative diplomatic or trade actions, or possibly gone so far as to have declared war against anyone who attempted to trade with the burgeoning island nation.

    • profile image

      Gustav Weibull 

      8 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this. I hope that this page can help bring about understanding and change to Haiti.

    • SOBF profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from New York, NY

      A M Werner - Thanks for taking the time to read it.

    • A M Werner profile image

      Allen Werner 

      8 years ago from West Allis

      SOBF, this is an excellent hub. It probably goes without saying, but most Americans (like I was a few minutes ago before reading this) had no idea what the history of Haiti was. I applaud your efforts here. This is a very good adn worthwhile read. Peace.

    • SOBF profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from New York, NY

      tonymac04 - Thanks for the heads up on the date and for taking the time to read my post.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      Very interesting and should help dispel some of the prejudices and misinformation about Voodoo and Haiti. Thanks for sharing. I think the date you have of "1989" should in fact be "1789" - check it maybe?

      Thanks again.

      Love and peace



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