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The Truth About Transgenderism

Updated on March 8, 2016

The Courage of Catilyn

Recently, Yahoo’s front page news, along with several other media outlets, have been exceptionally supportive of Bruce Jenner, hailing his sex-change operation as a display of courage. During the ESPY Awards Ceremony, an inspired Barbara Walters seemed proud of Jenner's transformation into a woman, announcing Jenner as the “The Most Fascinating Person of 2015”. Walters went on to say, "our choice for the most fascinating person of the year was once considered the world's greatest athlete. Traditionally, that title is given to the man who wins the Olympic Decathalon. When Bruce Jenner won it in 1976, it was a huge accomplishment that had everybody talking. But it was nothing like this. When Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, there was a seismic shift in the gender universe."

Walters statement of support reflects the position of the entire media as well as the general attitude in Hollywood concerning the transgender community. They see sex reassignment surgery as an honorable and courageous decision to finally find happiness. That said, what Yahoo News, Barbara Walters and the rest of Hollywood failed to mention or elaborate further on were the words spoken by Jenner himself while accepting the ESPY Award for Courage.

Surprisingly, Jenner seized the moment to tell the world that 41 percent of transgenders attempt suicide after sex-reassignment surgeroy. While many will debate this number, basing their conclusion on a single research study in Sweden that claimed the number to be about 2%, the debate is futile when you research the various reasons why transgenders have regret and attempt suicide. The reasons are many and diverse. Yet, no debate is required when you look at the mountain of evidence that clearly suggests sex-reassignment causes unhappiness and ends in suicide for thousands of transgenders.

A Dichotomy of Ignorance and Reluctance

Changing social attitudes and perceptions about transgenders aside, Walters proclamation of Jenner’s bravery leaves one to wonder if she would have been so supportive of his sex-change operation 20 or even 10 years ago? Would she have been so bold to publicly defend his decision as an act of courage? Furthermore, journalism means being ethically bound to reporting the truth based on the collection of factual data and confirming it's credibility, which is why its hard to understand why the media has taken a position of support for something that scientific research and every psychiatrist will tell you is a mental disorder.

With Hollywood and the media obviously content with enabling and praising something that may likely lead to suicide, perhaps their disillusion about of transgenderism is based on ignorance or a failure to conduct the research as every journalist is ethically bound to do. Whatever the reason, their reluctance to the truth makes it seem theirs an agenda in place that looks to make sure society accepts transgenderism as a normal, even admirable lifestyle. If so, Hollywoods influence is behind the parade of media support as they both carry heartfelt speeches to convince society that medical science and years of research are a wrong and its they that have it right.

Unlike most of Hollywood, the majority of America still has their basic human values in tact despite their best to sell lies and use it to soften public opinion. Thew media spins the same deception instead of reporting the facts. Truth is, most people today are simply too afraid to say how they truly feel out of fear of being politically incorrect. Although I can't speak for everyone, we all know that there is at the very least, half of the country who watched Jenner's transformation unfold, and were disgusted by the whole thing. What gets said in peoples living rooms are very different than what people say in public. For those of you who fit into this category, its okay. Breathe a sigh of relief. You're not alone and you're private thoughts are not misleading you.

For those of you who heard Ms. Walters words, and felt her praise for Jenner tingle down your spine and you were inspired to jump on the transgender bandwagon, you have willfully condoned his attempt to become something that is impossible for any man to become. A woman.

Transgenderism. Right or Wrong?

Should Bruce Jenner Be Hailed as Courageous For Undergoing His Sex-Change Operation

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Gender Dysphoria

The simple and very, very true fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how many surgeries are performed or how much money a person has. It also doesn’t matter that the transgendered claim their whole life has been spent feeling trapped inside the wrong body. The fact is, you cannot change who you are or what sex you are. I don’t care how many famous people line up to say how wonderful it is. I don’t care how many sell-out journalists climb up on stage and hail their bravery or label them as a fascinating character, the outcome remains the same. At the end of the day, they are only people who decided to change their name, cut off their member and dress up in women’s clothes. The fact of the matter is that you can’t change what sex you are. Bruce Jenner is still Bruce Jenner! If you believe otherwise, seek the help of a medical professional immediately. You’re going to need some seriously strong medications.

For all of you out there who support his decision, first consider this: If you were in the shower with other women at the gym, and Jenner walked in and began showering next to you, would you still be comfortable, or would you grab your towel, cover yourself up, and head for the exit?

If that argument doesn’t work for you, then why not try and see it from a scientific point of view. Transgenderism is technically classified as a sickness. It's a mental disorder that has been pandered into our lives by politicians, homosexuals and now apparently, the major media outlets. The agenda is being crammed down our throats by the likes of Barbara Walters who seem obsessed with making us all believe they are courageous individuals for doing something that countless doctors, scientists and research studies has long since considered a mental disorder.

Ever since the first study was released back in 1993, which claimed that a person can be born a homosexual, that belief has basically served as the justification for the “coming out” in the homosexual and transgender community.

I have heard all the arguments for the transgendered. They claim how their true identity is the at very core of one's soul. Because of that 1993 study, all of the sudden they began claiming it as birth defect or that it was in their DNA, which locked transgenderism into their personality for life. They say it’s a state of being and the only choice if they ever want to live as their true self. They also typically believe that it’s society that has is it wrong and that because they were born in the wrong body, that belief supersedes any social pariah or discrimination that may occur. They call it gender dysphoria. They also claim that it’s a form of disability beyond choice; subject to injury or insult just for being different. Transgendered people will often claim to be victims, using discrimination laws to sue someone, many times over something as simple as someone asking them a question based on morality.

The fact is that transgenderism is a psychiatric disorder, but for the past 10 years Hollywood and the media have approached it as though it were something to be celebrated. They try to sell it to us in such accommodating fashion, making it appear as brave, even glamorous. It’s very unfortunate that Hollywood has taken the one and only mental illness classified as such by the medical establishment and tried to make people indulge themselves into the idea of surgery instead of treating it with therapy. Before getting a sex reassignment surgery, sufferers really need to reconsider their options.

Transgenderism has been wrongly hyped as just another kind of sexual identity. The unfortunate consequence is that transgenderism is seen as nothing more than another sexual lifestyle, much like homosexuality. Meanwhile, the people who see the truth of the matter are instructed by the likes of Barbara Walters and Barack Obama that should accommodate them, remain tolerant, and provide a permissive social atmosphere they will feel comfortable in.

As far as calling it just another kind of sexual identity, nothing could be further from the truth. There are people in the world who believe their own limbs don’t belong to them. They suffer from a mental illness called “body integrity identity disorder”. It’s a rare type of mental disease that affects white men ages 38-53. Doctors don’t just prescribe a treatment that includes sawing off their arms and legs to help them compensate for their delusion.

Then there are those who believe they are deceased and living as a ghost. This mental disorder is known as “The Cotard Delusion”. To treat those affected by the disease, medical professionals do not murder their patients, instead, pharmacological treatments are prescribed. Patients who do not respond to the dosage of antipsychotic drugs are not systematically killed so they can enter their delusion that they wander the earth aimlessly awaiting the gates of hell.

So why do we treat cases of transgenderism so differently? Those who suffer from this condition believe they were born with the wrong sex organs. So don’t we treat this as a mental disorder and prescribe the proper medication and therapy instead of nonchalantly warping their sense of reality by conforming to their delusion? You could say that that doctors who perform these operations look to lose a lot of money, or maybe it’s part of a sinister agenda in Hollywood to make us all liberal fanatics without cause, care or moral decency. Then again, maybe it’s not that complicated. Maybe it’s simply because Americans are for the most part nice people, and we don’t like to deny someone who claims to be suffering.

However, all niceties aside, if you look at it from a logical perspective, it makes one rethink their stance in pacifying these people. Case in point: Let's say a large group of newborn babies were born in an experimental environment where they were all one sex. Throughout their lives, they grew up around others that were also one sex. They are not taught about gender or sex because they only know themselves as humans and because there are not multiple genders, there is no need to be classified as male or female. This means if they don't know that there is another gender, then transgendered people would not even exist, and the fact that in our world, transgender does exist, means that it’s about one thing and one thing only: Sexual fantasy! You are not "born" transgender, it is the environment in which you grow. Plain and simple.

If you need more proof than that I suggest you open the bible. You’ll find plenty of places where it lets us all know that transgenderism is wrong. Not only is it wrong, but treating it like it’s a heroic and brave thing is almost even worse.

How we approach transgenderism matters because we are deceiving its victims. Johns Hopkins University, where transition surgery was invented, no longer performs sex change operations. Why? Reason being, they’ve got a mountain of hard data which proves that patients who undergo these operations often end up dead. What Hollywood doesn’t tell you, and what Barbara Walters definitely won’t tell you is that many transgendered people commit suicide after having the surgery. They soon come to the horrible realization that cutting off their penis or vagina does not bring them the peace or happiness that they were hoping for. This is because a sex operation only quiets the symptoms, it’s not a cure. Once you make the change, there is no way to go back. The ones that kill themselves, the majority have left notes behind describing how they made a terrible mistake and only wished they could reverse what they had done.

If you really do the research, these things are easy to find. I’m sure Ms. Walters knows nothing about how horrific transition surgery truly is for the patient. If she did, perhaps she wouldn’t be so quick to climb on the bandwagon. When you consider all that these people have to go through, it’s a subject worth visiting. Then, if you feel the same way, by all means, wave them all through to the operating room to help them become “who they really are.”

Analyze this: Say a man makes the decision that we want’s become a woman and his doctors give the thumbs up for the procedure. When they put him under anesthesia and dig the hole between his legs, that hole is aligned where the head of his penis used to be. The hole is also centered where his colon is located. Following excavation, this new tunneled structure requires a need to be left open, therefore the use of prosthetics is necessary to keep the tunnel from closing. If prosthetics are not used, the hold will collapse. Then, every so often, they have to wheel them down to have the hole mechanically dilated.

When they finally get to go home, they leave with what doctors have forged which is nothing more than an approximation of a vagina. They are not a woman. They can never, ever experience orgasm again and they cannot give birth. The cosmetic vagina is very cold and shallow. If a man attempts to insert his penis into the cosmetic vagina, even an average-sized penis will fit into the hole that has been dug. Even worse, the majority patients discover that there is a pesky, smegma-type mucus substance that builds up as a residue inside there fake vagina which needs to be flushed out to relieve what most claim to be, is a terrible and very foul odor.

Then there is the horrible procedure of being subjected with hormone treatment, the details of which, for the sake of weaker-stomached readers, I will omit from this rant. If this is all soaking in, then you’re starting to see how we really need to be sure of how much we praise these people before we subject patients to this horrendous procedure and condemn them to a life of artificial happiness where their sex-lives are limited to giving and never receiving pleasure.

To allow them this choice places them between genders and quite possibly on the verge of suicide. Post-op transsexuals are no longer man, nor yet female; or vice versa. They will never ejaculate nor be inseminated. If this was your fate, would you be happier than you were before, or would you realize the terrible mistake you had made?

You might ask what kind of a sick government would preside over such a horror like this at scale. One answer is Iran, home to the second-highest rate of sex reassignment surgeries in the world. However, in Iran, reassignment is a political weapon, with little to do about sexual identity. It is used as punishment against gay men to circumvent their social stigma. They are given a choice between transgenderism or the death penalty. Not surprisingly, most stuck with this choice pick the death penalty. Those who opt to become the approximation of a women, find that their sexual relationships with other men fail to exist.

The flaw in the Western consensus about transgenderism is that it fails to consider other motivations for dramatic self-mutilation. As a cry for help from a marginalized, lonely gay person, reassignment surgery sounds implausibly extreme. But it is no more surprising than the almost purely pragmatic reasons for which Iranian men are having their tally-whackers chopped off every day.

It’s almost too obvious a point to make, but so-called “sex change operations” do not turn patients into the opposite sex. Not emotionally, anatomically or hormonally. Men do not menstruate and they cannot reproduce. We permit these people the pronoun “she,” if they express a preference for it as a polite courtesy. But they are not women. They are men masquerading as women. They are castrated guys in dresses and wigs, redolent of the bizarre excesses of a depraved society that is becoming eerily reminiscent of the ancient Roman court.

In much of the press today, that’s a heretical, though accurate judgment to make. Which invites the question: why do I risk the wrath of angry transgender campaigners? Why not just let them get on with it? Why do I even go there?

The answer should be obvious: Truth! We’re abusing people who need our help by indulging their psychosis in place of prescribing treatment. And once we start to throw millions of dollars at it and create public policy based on the courage of a sick few, sexual identity politics is what’s being sold by the hysterical demands of the twisted, minuscule minority of those in Hollywood. If we jump on this bandwagon we leave the reality-based majority behind. All that will be left is a road that leads to one place. A dangerous road that takes us right straight into the abyss where the crazy and immoral run recklessly free while the rest of us are admitted into the asylum.

The transgendered and Hollywood communities will undoubtedly be appalled by my propositions, certainly condemning my sarcasm, in effort to avoid the very real truths in which I speak. They will blindly miss the point and perspective from which I stand. They will not give credit where it due in their failure to recognize that I speak an argument from a compassionate and decent point of view. Instead, they will call it bigotry or prejudice and use it as more justification in their claims that they are right.

What they won’t tell you are the unspeakable and horrid conditions the transgendered find themselves in when they find out that surgery wasn’t the solution. They won’t tell you how depressed many become when they come to grips with the fact that the surgical removal of their penis was not the answer. My position is based on data, testimony and research. Not the hopes and claims of a few millionaires who have twisted thoughts on happiness and sexual decadence. My words are straightforward, which they need to be when someone needs to be told the truth. Those in Hollywood are the ones lying to these people as much as they are lying to you, me, and sadly, themselves.

If we want to be a compassionate and a civilized society, that means tending to our sick and giving them every possible chance of returning to health. It means treating their illnesses, instead of distorting the outside world to match their troubled internal fantasies. Money, emotion and goodwill have been showered on the promotion of sex change surgery without anyone stopping to ask whether it’s even in the best interests of sufferers.

We don’t listen when sufferers of other kinds of psychiatric disorder make fantastical demands. Imagine if we did. We should not be so quick to obey the victims of this one. We should resist calls to normalize what every major medical association still classifies as a disorder. We should withdraw public funding for sex reassignment surgery. And we should immediately fund a new global network of research clinics to investigate better, kinder, less irreversibly devastating treatments for this horrible sickness – treatments that do not come with so many tragic consequences attached that, in many cases leads to suicide or at best, manic depression. Good luck Bruce Jenner, my guess is that you’re going to need it!

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