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The Truth Behind Rehabilitation

Updated on May 24, 2015

Rehabilitation Is A Joke

rehabilitation, a word that can be defined in so many different aspects but rarely ever used in the proper context. Sometimes I ask myself everyday what does rehabilitation really mean to me? Some of us were once hardened criminals and some of us just never got the chance to be rehabilitated. You know that thing they call the long stretch, 25 years to life no chance of payroll type of life. Most of us make mistake in which we're all pretty capable of understanding that but there's always the share few who aren't ready to change and start a "new life" once there "free". Say you commit foolish crime at a very young age whether it was to feed family or just to keep a roof over your head so your not shivering cold hiding in some abandoned building trying to keep warm at night. Or maybe it was just some senseless crap because you got yourself caught so deep into addiction your only escape is a deep pitch black hole. All alone with none of your so called friends to send a rope down to help you back up. How can they? there in the same situation as you but only you fell first and its up to you, and only you to pick yourself back up. Here you are just eighteen years old coming up in life and the world says your officially an adult now. Just barely legal still in the mind of high school brat.Coming in this big bad world of bills, let downs, and money taking over everything. For the crimes you committed you're faced with court order to to see the judge and make a plea. Its either jail or probation but is supervised probation any better? You're still stuck with a felony crime and stays with you on your record for up to 10 years!. Again the question I ask is what is rehabilitation? The first thing I did when I was 18 and got out of jail was look for a job and found two jobs right away so doesn't that mean that everything that happen is in the past and its no impossible to find employment? I lied on both application and none of the employers did background checks so I guess you can say I dodged a bullet there. Or did I? It was only 2 weeks later before I was first for lying on my application and eventually lost my second job to the same thing. Even though I was always on time and even promoted for my good work my past is what got my canned.

Maybe, you're also thinking that it was just too soon 18 fresh out of jail of course there not ready to give you chance especially when your crime has to deal with theft. How about I bring you up to date lets say about years later and your still dealing with the same issues as when it first started. Even though some companies only go as far back as 7 years I had companies background check and still not call me back. It get so close into the door just to have even more slammed in your face repeatedly. We'll qualified haven't been in trouble since the first crimes when you were just a "baby adult" still figuring out the world not mature as of yet. This is what frustrates people and puts them back into the same system over and over again. Its not rehabilitation it's a joke! I went from walking out of offices and interviews upset and sad but I got so used to it I just chuckled at it. We need to cut the 10 year 7 year hump out because it's not helping people be the citizens that you claim you want us to be. It's proven that jail doesn't do anything but make you became everything that you're not in the real world. Groups and meetings in jail, yeah if you say so whatever looks good on paper right? The real test is outside and I hope anyone who's been in my shoes can agree that it needs to stop, it needs to change. Don't even get me started with the minimum wage fast food places they may consider your backround. Maybe hide you in the back so no one can see you since we all know the ones with the clean records wouldn't do anything wrong. I was blessed to find a job years back a grocery store which I did very well at number 1 on the charts for my audits coming back 100 percent and fast cashiering numbers per item. They made someone with a business degree in charge who was knew to the company and stole money from the register and left out of town. All that responsibility just because she had a clean record a business degree. Felons deserve second chances when they get back to the real world and the work force. Other wise its a cycle that cops are wasting there time and tax dollars putting repeated offenders back in prison because places like walmart want clean records. Give me a break! #rehabilitationisajoke


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