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The Truth about Job Corps

Updated on June 16, 2014

Job Corps is a training and education program geared towards youth aged 16-24. The common trades in the program are trades with jobs that don't require any professional training. During my time I realize many flaws in the program and soon learned I have to get myself out, and on the right path - independently, because none of their staff were going to do it for me.

I will start by stating I had no intention to join the Job Corps school. My former legal guardians were informed about Job Corps by a therapist named Cori Meek I had to see. She had no prior information of Job Corps, according to her. The facility she worked for had no prior information. I will state that they were however, affiliated with Medicaid.

My former legal guardians, Ray and Ann Clark, and relatives were very verbally abusive. In addition, they spent years trying to place the worst case scenario on me. I wished to attend Broadcasting school at the time, or in some school with that major. The other requirement was not going to school in the South or in the middle of nowhere. My former legal guardians even trusted the centre in Pittsburgh, which fell into my other requirements, though I never heard much of Pittsburgh prior to this. I Would have preferred Los Angeles. However, My former legal guardians settled for Pittsburgh because they were unlikely under the assumption that all of Pittsburgh, PA is pasty white (like New Hampshire) as opposed to Philadelphia & Los Angeles. It's not.

Now, here's some information about Job Corps in general. Not just my centre, which was Job Corps - Pittsburgh.

1. Recruiters would never tell you about the gang conformity and lack of validity in their education. It's their job to get you to go. They get paid, duh!

2. Job Corps doesn't want you to leave unless you start making them upset. I told one of their security officers I want to leave. I don't want to be here with these blue- collar bumbling idiots, as I mean other students.What does the security officer do? Take me into the Honor Dorm to talk to the R.A. There about why I should go to their college program. They did this after I said theres no way I'd last two years here. Shortly after, one of the Education teachers, Stephanie Neal, screamed and ranted about how I need to do their college program and so forth. Even after the first day of Pre- Co, I knew I wasn't going to get along with that teacher, Doug Duda, so I tell the College OCT Administrator, Bob Gottschalk, I want out. He says I can't exactly leave.

So, I can't self- term, I have to get termed. One problem, though? I have my former legal guardians who say I will come back to their hometown, get a job, forget what I wanted to do, and forever live under the dependency.

3. Firstly, everyone knows that Job Corps if filled with gangsters ( including Juggalos), which my school had a lot of) and sluts, druggies, thugs, ignorant hicks, or just plain stupid people. It's up to you if you can tolerate them.

4. The problem with staff goes beyond measures. These people will lie because they can, hurt you because they can, not care because they can. They aren't getting fired until a staff member does something. The same with students. Here's some of the things I've seen from staff:

- The OCT Administrator, Bob Gottschalk tried convincing me that Bereavement isn't a reason to leave campus.

- The drivers ed instructor, Martha Heselbarth made countless attempts to scream while I was driving. She tried me to run into cars when I though it was too close of a call. She panicked, causing me to panic. She was very insulting. Several times, she screamed to where I thought I could've blacked out while driving. She even screams at the top of her lungs when I say I don't like Wal- Mart.

- The Pre- Co instructor, Doug Duda denied accusations he didn't see. This mainly included the alienation I had from the others in the Pre- co class. He and my pre- co counselor, Ibrehem Jalloh had plans to humiliate me in a public restaurant during a luncheon for having completed Pre- co.

- One security officer, Alfred Branch made a death wish. His words were: "I think they should name this school after you, the (insert my name) centre, especially when you die" This derives from Christopher Evans, a student killed by nearby thugs of Pittsburgh, and the centre had the Honor Dorm named after him.

- One receptionist, Patricia Cornelius, tried to tell me that Job Corps pays for the education from attending Community College. They don't, FAFSA does. Job Corps pays for the buss pass, meal tickets, and dorms. When I tried telling her, she kept antagonizing me until I yelled at her.

- One custodian hit me with some book once. It was in front of a CTR counselor, Katreen Hamilton who tried to say it was no big deal. Another example of how Sociopathic staff are and how they lie, even when they don't have to.

- Molly Taleb ( then Deputy Centre Director), Mark Douglass (then Centre Director), Lynne Harper, Student Service Director, Lance Speziale & Eric Gottschalk (CSIO), Michael Clark (psychologist) and Nadine Nolfi (HR Manager) all knew of what was going on, as well as student complaints, and never resolved any of them effectively. They stated that they "care about safety" and if any things wrong, "come tell us". I did, I did my part.

5. Yes the conditions at Job Corps are bad. You can just view Youtube. Yes, you'll spend weekends doing nothing. It's up to you to know if you can tolerate it.

So, the staff won't let me leave school. The only problem with leaving is returning to my former legal guardians. What do I do? I have to get my former legal guardian to kick me out. I take care of that. Now what? If they can't sent me back to where I was before, what do I have to lose? I made it my mission to become the most rebellious Job Corps student in the history of Job Corps, and I think I achieved doing so. Which is saying a lot because after all, they are a place for bad kids.

- I commonly told a few staff that I'm Republican. This is one thing you would never want to admit. I chose to do this to get staff wired up. I told them I was going to join the Republican Committee. I did this because Republican senators in the past wanted to get rid of the funding for them. Republicans & I share two common beliefs in this: Taxpayers paid for your education once, why should they have to do it again? And also, does that program change the lives of anybody? No. Nobody's life is economically better than it was before.

- One time I ran away from their campus. I managed to walk for seven hours in blue- collar neighborhoods. The distance to where I ended up to campus is nine miles, but I sure didn't go in a straight line. I walked to until the police of Wilmerding, PA found me almost ready to fall asleep. The Police of Wilmerding (I had already walked out of the city limits) called the centre. I had to speak to the Deputy Centre Director, Molly Taleb. I told her I felt safer walking through all those neighborhoods, it was about 12 neighborhoods, some of them were Pittsburgh's worst places. She was pissed, but I was honest.

- Every time something happened, or everything that happened, it ended up posted on Facebook. The staff knew I was doing this, as it was brought to Their attention. Legally, they can't do anything, unless something was made up. However, I loved how they knew I was doing this. I think I said literally everything exploitive, I never held back. A lot of things I've said lead to Facebook messages, which encouraged me to describe the program.One time I posted about the Residential Coordinator, Emilia Hernandez not keeping the dorms in order, not making us to details, clean dorms, etc. A University newspaper journalist from Manhattan, Kansas messages me on Facebook about the program.

- Everyday became a "skip day". I boycotted events on campus, I told staff about those problematic trade students. I spent sixteen hours a day off campus. I had a bus pass, I am in a city, I took classes off- center during the second half. I did this to let the staff know I'm much more independent and outgoing and to inform them, "I'm not safe around the staff". I told them this stuff.

- Then comes in the part of Philadelphia Regionals. I had emailed them my complaints. So, they come to Pittsburgh's campus one day, and I was off- campus. The counselor finds me at the Community College

- Aside from the complaints I made, and the fact I posted an article about the trade students and the campus conditions in the Community College newspaper, I continued to upset them. I cancelled my health insurance plan, the one associated with the therapist who started this whole mess and after I cancelled my medical insurance, I decided to be funny. I told the Wellness office manager I cancelled my health insurance plan, meaning if something happened, they had to pay for it. In addition, I said I don't want to run in the risk of Molly Taleb, the Deputy Centre Director to take advantage of my health insurance. She was upset I sent such an email!

- It was soon to be Christmas, and As my former legal guardian had cut me off, guess who got to stay on campus! Me! As everybody was going to get a gift who stayed, I stated that if if I get a gift, it can't be something thrifty or tacky, or anything from Wal- Mart or the Goodwill, as it's not the thought that counts, it's the quality. The Deputy Centre Director read that quote three times, "It's not the thought that counts, it's the quality" as I laughed. Then, she said, "I swear, we've never been this slammed in the face by one student, ever". I placed in that rule solely due to the fact Doug Duda has plans to do something, that something meant humiliating me.

After one year even, I was terminated. As I had no parents to go to, guess what? They had me go to a shelter. Long story short, the shelter was the same problem. At that point, itvs obvious that Job Corps not the only problem. I basically learned I need to take control before someone does it for me. HOWEVER, I got what I wanted: Leave Job Corps - Pittsburgh and not return to a former legal guardian.

Now, here's more of what people don't realize about any Job Corps Centre.

6. None of the trades there are jobs that require any certification. You can get a CNA licensing without Job Corps. Any construction trade is something you can be taught. The same for office work. I taught myself how to cook at age six, do I need a degree in it? I don't think so.

7. Employers don't hire you if you put Job Corps on any resume. If you get a job, it is probably a job that you could've got without any certification. Most of the time, you could get a job just by knowing someone who can vouch for you.

8. If you have a High School Diploma, you deferentially don't need this. If you don't, you can get a GED faster without Job Corps.

9. If you are not homeless, you would deferentially not need this. If you are, there are shelters that can help you in some way.

10. Consider the military or post-secondary schooling. That can help you get jobs at an even higher wage.

11. The schools exists because the staff are making money and nobody is informed about their conditions, and those who are can't or won't do anything. This isn't the only thing that the government over funds for.

12. I not only never felt like I should have to a school with those bumbling, blue-collar idiots and their stupid, idiotic blue-collar staff as well, but not having schools like this teaches the strive for independence and social responsibility, for both youth and parents. I wasn't raised right from wrong, am I a thug? No, I wouldn't last a week in the hood. Nobody should I have to deal with people like this. Even if these schools were closed, who cares about the staff? They didn't care about me.

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