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The Truth about Obama and Romney

Updated on June 14, 2012

The boring truth about politics

Obama and Romney are both nice guys. Sorry. Neither one is evil; neither one is doing obscene rituals in free mason lodges. They may have made some political mistakes, overstepped ethical boundaries to be successful, but in real life, they are both simply human beings.

Rudy Giuliani was recently on Fox News saying exactly that. What goes on in the national debates is mainly theater, a circus show of the media to get ratings. It's interesting. I watch it. George Stephanopoulos moderates it, lives for it, and yet he mischievously smiles at the same time as if he knows it is all absurdity.

Yes, Romney wanted to make money. And he was good at it. That's talent. It wouldn't be what Jesus would do or what Buddha would do, or even what King or Mandela might do, but so what? We don't need a saint to be president.

Yes, Obama was a community organizer with a left-wing ethos, perhaps distrustful of whites, perhaps preaching revolution against traditional patriotic values. So what? Many great thinkers, including future conservatives, have periods of their lives earlier on like that. Obama may then have not come through with all those elaborate campaign promises, may have been self-contradictory, etc, etc.

The point is neither one is some horrible monster. Don't get me wrong --there are some vicious people ruling this world. But those aren't the ones that become president.


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