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The Truth about Truthers

Updated on November 25, 2016

Sometimes it's just hard to believe events in society could ever happen. Stories exist from history that document very confusing events. These stories tend to vary widely as more people are involved in its spreading. We call it rhetoric, and in the age of social media and political news outlets, it can be dangerous. Take Pompeii, Italy 79 AD for example. A natural geological process took place and killed many people surrounding a city that was over 600 years old. The stories on why this occurred range from angering Gods, beast, Christian twist and an Islamic twist to why this event occurred. The truth is that people of the time didn't understand Volcanoes and while many were killed in the initial blast, many more actually died in the aftermath. These residents returned after they thought the event had ended only to be surrounded and ultimately encased by lava that flowed into the area making no sound. Locals were so scared they actually chose to bury the story of Pompeii deep into history. Around 1700 years later Pompeii and the surrounding Roman colonies were found. preserved in harden lava rock. Today we know that this event is natural and thanks to media and history, we know it is not all that uncommon. Pompeii has been buried in several layers of ash and rock since the first eruption and the volcano continued to erupt on various occasions long after every humanity had perished from that location. No God, Gods, beast or angry sea creatures needed.

Atlantis and Camelot

Two unique stories in history that are not often linked may be very much the same story. When people read about Atlantis and Camelot we envision them as factual places. Many historians believe the City of Atlantis was an idea and not an actual place. It was no secret Plato didn't exactly agree with society of the time nor did he favor many of its leaders. Indeed, it appears Atlantis was a metaphor for a city where people actually meant something besides being servants and where having a great society took priority of having a great ruler. If Plato were alive today, he would probably point to America and Switzerland on a map and declare they were Atlantis (perhaps Japan as well). Sadly, the vision of Camelot looks a lot more like North Korea than anything else but perhaps you could compare it to the UN.

What's the Point?

All of the aforementioned stories and events in our history were blown out of proportion by people who couldn't understand them. Why would a man write in such detail about a place that doesn't even exist? How could so many people die in one place? How can we write about things that don't exist with such passion? Perhaps if our society collapses a person in the future will find a Harry Potter series and a new legend will be born. People may run into brick walls at the ruins of train stations every where. The Information is only as good as your ability to process it and sometimes people process it very differently.

Physics = null;

Two Types Of Truthers

Truthers are a step beyond just misunderstood legends. A truther tries to pass on opinion as factually evidence and often makes things up out of thin air. Some just simply keep asking why and use a non answer as proof of their theory even though they never ask the right people. Take the 9/11 truthers for example. Constantly they remind people that jet fuel can not melt steel and point to things like building 7 collapsing as proof that the twin towers were blown up from the inside. They show photos of metal leaking from the buildings and proclaim it is melted steel flowing out. The truth is that the towers had a lot of Aluminum, plastic, glass, copper and other elements in them that melt between 500-1100 degrees. The heat from inside the building was estimated at 1190-1475 degrees. That is almost 700 less than what is needed to melt steel. However as any blacksmith can attest, steel begins to rapidly lose its strength at 800 degrees. Steel only has half its strength at 1100 degrees and is often molded at around 1200-1300 degrees by welders and blacksmiths. Now truthers will say 'there was no one there chiseling and hammering on the beams" but there was tons of material pressing down on steel beams that were cooking at a temperature that allowed them to be bent. Once the first layer of beams bent enough to break, gravity did the rest. The impact of both towers and spreading of fires easily downed tower seven and NYC was luckily that more damage wasn't done to the surrounding areas. Many New Yorkers can tell you that a huge radius around the trade center was reconstructed and some buildings and stores bellow were demolished because of the foundation damage they suffered due to the impact.

None of this matters to Truthers of 9/11 who insist Bush did 9/11 for oil and an excuse to invade Iraq and cause oil prices to rise. This made little sense because there are much easier targets to hit that could of done far more damage to the oil markets. Indeed, Afghanistan and Iraq and not the places you would look for oil first. It is easy to understand that watching so many people die helplessly on live TV might of been hard impossible to stomach for some people. The only logical solution for them was to find a true reason instead of admitting that a couple dozen people could do such damage. The only missile to hit the Pentagon did so flying in at 450 mph full of jet fuel. After the attacks the Bush administration was furious and I am sure at one point they considered invading the entire Middle East, but this would be a natural response.

Type One

The first type of truther is the ones who are in shock at what has happened. These people tend to find insignificant details in major events to blame on the outcome. Something as simple as a rock that looks strange will peak their interest. These people do not associate with each other outside of their own conspiracies. A moon landing truther will often laugh at a 'life on Mars/UFO" truther and vice versa. The idea is that everything must be explained and someone must know. This includes people who believe the US Government purposely created Hurricane Katrina using some sort of device in Alaska and then some how steered it into New Orleans by changing weather patterns in the stratosphere. You may have your own theory about one of these theories and believe I am being harsh by comparing such 'ludicrous' ideas to each other. This should be a wake up call that you are in denial as every single one of those truthers also believes your are full of it. A recent example of this is during the Space X rocket explosions, people claimed a bird flying by a camera that was miles away was actually a UFO firing upon the rocket.

Type Two

The worse type of truther is perhaps the political type of truther. These people garner the support of entire parties into ideas that are absolutely false. Yet their followers seem to lack all logic or common sense when they buy in. People can scream "liberals" all they want or "republicans' but you are both right. Let's take the idea that Hillary Clinton stopped troops from helping in Benghazi. Ten years ago it would of been absurd to think a Secretary of State controlled security at a foreign US asset. Post Benghazi it is now popular opinion. The truth is that during an attack on any foreign asset the last person to get a call would be the Secretary of State and the first group to respond would be the CIA and DoD in conjunction. The support teams did respond as planned and this is proven as one of the dead was from the support unit that showed up. This means they wouldn't call the Secretary of State or even the President to ask how they should respond in a defensive situation. While the president could order them to stand down, he would not be involved in the actual process of defending from these assets. In other words, the CIA controls all responses to every US embassy or compound on Earth. Despite this the truther moment stated that Hillary Clinton some how stopped the CIA and DoD from responding and left people to die. Her irresponsibility with emails could of been a huge issue but insisting that China or Russia hacked plans for pentagon air craft from Hillary's email is also equally ignorant. A Secretary of State will never see plans for a DoD anything, let alone a stealth aircraft. Colin Powell has said as much many times only to be ignored by his own party.

Don't get too upset Republicans, you aren't the only truthers or rhetoric kings. The fact is that during countless occasions Democratic media has taken Republican Presidents and Presidential hopefuls quotes out of context. This example was never as evident as during the 2016 election and primary. Donald Trump was toxic enough without media quoting bits and pieces to make him look worse. Where is my example of this? What is my source? Oh, it'll be under this section. You can clearly see how many of his speeches were edited to fit the mindset of Democrats and drive fear into potential voters targeting Independent voters who didn't take the bait. Democrats also latched on to the 9/11 movement in effort to take power of the country. When you feel your opinion is strong enough that you lie to try to sway opinions, that makes you a weak person and both are very weak parties. Political rhetoric is perhaps the most dangerous thing we face today in America. It isn't terrorist, racism or even guns. It is the hateful divide we fuel that allows people with generally good and positive solutions to be cast aside for popular opinion. Donald Trump was genius to take advantage of this feud and hate between parties. He will never go after Hillary Clinton and I doubt he'll ever build a wall. Don't be shocked if he doesn't change many of Obama's policies. After all, some of them worked very well. Obamacare appeal will have to do but that won't satisfy all his supporters. Don't be shocked if in four years he campaigns on immigration again. With a majority Republican everything, he would have little trouble doing all he said but some of his more radical ideas will never fruit. Why? Because they were not his ideas but instead rhetoric he used to get votes.

Then there is the "Obama is from Kenya" thing. Trump was wise in finally admitting he was wrong and that Obama was an American citizen. He did so because he knew he'd look crazy if he didn't. The idea that the FBI, CIA, NSA and all local officials across the land wouldn't catch the fact that Obama was from Kenya is absurd. He passed every background check and every inquiry before he became president. The man has provided several birth certificate, photos, and witnessed but to truthers that wasn't enough, because it never is.

What Democrats say Trump Says vs Really Said - They are TRUTHERS

Must Be True!

Truthers Use Little Truth

No matter the type of truther, or their agenda, the one thing that remains constant is the tiny truths they bury inside of huge lies. For example, jet fuel can't get hot enough to melt steel, absolutely true but irrelevant to the fact that you don't need to melt steel to cause it to bend or break. Another example is 'Hillary Clinton said it wasn't a terrorist attack on Benghazi" absolutely true, she did at first say that. That statement didn't effect the already determined outcome of Benghazi at all. You can see in the video above that even the media takes long stretches to play the truther game. It is a very dangerous game and it's far time America call people on their bullshit in opinion. Oh look, an opinion I didn't pass off as fact by saying its 4:45 pm so that means I must be right. So lastly, I would like to ask Truthers reading this to use your head and actually look at facts of a situation instead of being told one tiny truth and then a shit load of lies. Truthers need to understand and those who lead them willingly try to scam them into their agendas no different than a call center in India claiming to be the IRS and asking you to pay. Some of it sounds pretty legit but dig a little deeper. The truth about is truthers is a lot more of us are truthers than we realize. Let's open our eyes and see through the bullshit a little more.

Racism is also a truther topic but it will get its own article as it is much more complex and will require lots of research and evidence.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Thanks for this hub. Sorely needed. It was a very well written, detailed piece.

      These nuts are always going to be around, so we have to speak up anytime it happens. There are several of these weirdos on HP as well (mostly 9/11, but a couple of those Newtown conspiracy losers as well).

      Sharing everywhere.


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