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The Tsunami of Immigrants Along the Mexican Border Dilemma

Updated on February 19, 2015

Over 50,000 Latin Americans from other countries other than Mexico are flooding across U.S. borders with children. In Guatemala, citizens are not prevented at all in crossing the river for $1.30 into Mexico. They have been told that they should send their kids or others to the USA border for a better life. That, once there, the US will not deport them but find places for them to stay. Once they enter Mexico, they travel to nearby towns on their way to the USA.

Along the way, some are raped, abused, killed, starved, as they seek trains going to the USA and ride to the border. That is the fast track. The slow track is walking, paying for rides. The Mexican police on the other side of the border do nothing to deter those crossing the river in full view.

With luck, over 50,000 have succeeded and the US border is under more pressure, intense pressure. Adding to this, all the normal activities along the border, such as, drug smuggling, continue with many Mexicans sneaking across and perhaps, real terrorists. It is a real possibility this could occur.

The current cry about those 50,000 children and others not from Mexico being detained in American ICE stations is reaching hysteria. The cost just to house them, to protect them from other criminal detainees, is straining an already collapsing border. Medical care is an issue. Along the Rio Grande, the gunboat patrols make sure no one gets across, well, some still do. Many go to Catholic Charities for refuge and food on their way to other US destinations. Basically, the humanitarian charities help the illegals.

There are two different points of view. One, is the legal issue. They are crossing illegally. The other one is humanitarian. Many feel compassion for the thousands who arrive for a better life and allow them to cross illegally or help them with food, medical, clothes. Both issues are making the current deluge at the border difficult. What should America do? Who pays for their return to wherever they came from? How long should they be allowed to stay? Should all be allowed to stay?

America should either just open the door or shut it. Leaving the door cracked open only creates many problems because more will come and push the door open and authorities try to shut it. If Obama wants $4 billion to handle it, the Republican congress should approve it without strings. US Immigration should have a fast track system of returning those in detention centers back home and the cost should be charged on the home country allowing it to happen. What happens to them after being returned is not America's problem. Pressure should be applied on countries for not enforcing their own borders.

Children in the centers without parents should be sent back unless they have legal family members in the US. The cost to get the children to these families should be charged to the families, assuming they want the children. If they do not, they should be send back to the home country.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      I can't disagree....

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      4 years ago

      Until we actually seal the border, this will continue to happen in increasing numbers. This problem will not go away until this administration actually does something more than talk about it.

      When a boat is filling with water, it is better to find and fix the leak than it is to buy more buckets to bail with. We know exactly where the leak is, it needs to be fixed.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      There is a solution to this. It is very simple, shut the doors and send them back to their respective countries. America has enough problems of its own without adding illegals. The illegals are doing nothing but harming the American economy, social systems, and Americans.

      These illegals have NO contributable nor marketable skills. They are the lowest rungs in their countries. They have nothing to offer America. We have enough unemployment, homelessness, and other ills in America. Let's remedy those situations and help Americans, not worry about helping illegals.

      However, Obama and his "administration" see helping illegals as a "humanitarian" act; however, it is only going to further destroy, even bankrupt America if this amnesty continues. These illegals also contain criminal elements and Arizonians, Californians, and Texans are experiencing first hand the aftereffects of these illegals. There also should be strong militias to patrol the borders and to turn back illegals. Enough is definitely enough.


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