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The New Turkish Laws For Syrians Are Not Enough Yet

Updated on October 22, 2014

Syrian boys, whose family fled their home in Idlib, walk to their tent, at a camp for displaced Syrians, in the village of Atmeh, Syria, Monday, Dec. 10, 2012 | Source

The Turkish-European Union Agreement

Many articles and announcements talk about the new Turkish regime and laws for the displaced Syrian people living in the Turkish territories.

The new Turkish law talks about the rights that Syrian people can be able to get so they can have a decent life after all the hardships they've passed into ever since the war in Syria has started back in 2011.

- The name of the residence permits that Syrian people used to get has changed to a humanitarian residence permit, given that it's endless as long as the war in Syria proceeds and that Syrian people living in Turkey now can be able to work - legally- and get an ID similar to the ID that Turkish citizens have whether Syrians have valid passports, expired passports or and no passports and Syrian ID's.

Why Did That Happen?

The European Union has made an agreement with the Turkish authorities into making them do this for Syrians and in return, the European Union will be ready to welcome Turkish citizens into their regions whether for tourism or residence without having to undergo into the visa procedure thingy, this will be available within or after 3 years after the issuing of the new laws for Syrians.

Seems like a win-win for the three sides here yes?

Turkey: To allow its citizens to have more freedom in traveling especially to the European union countries.

European Union: To reduce the Syrians fleeing to their regions whether legally or illegally.

Syrians: To have better lives in Turkey without having to consider about leaving to resettle in European countries while risking their lives or paying all the money they have. | Source

Is This New Turkish Law Really Enough For Syrians? ( Detailed Discussion)

Syrian people absolutely appreciate what other countries such as the European union countries and Turkey are doing to help ease and soften their situations but do they really think that these new laws are enough for them and why? How? What's happening?

There are some very disappointing and important points to realize in here about the residence permits type given to Syrians in Turkey:

1- It's Temporal:

The residence permits given to Syrians are temporal and not permanent which means that whenever the Turkish government takes a quick decision upon making Syrians leave its country, Syrians will be obligated to leave without previous notices and preparations.

Also, when the war in Syria ends all the Syrians living in Turkey will be forced to come back to their mother land.

Author's comment:

No one likes to have a fear of being forced to leave a country especially if he/she really settles in it even when the temporal excuse for his/her stay ends (example: war) because if especially there's a war, how would you expect from people to come back to the empty ruined land? What about the people who have lost their houses? their workshops? their whole lives after building it for years and years and when they finally think that they have found their new shelter to resettle and rebuild again for years they would suddenly be given this decision of having to leave a country due to the ending of the excuse that made them stay?

Why don't you put yourself in the place of these people who are suffering and judge about their situations by yourself then?

2- The " Guest" Term Still Exists:

Most Syrians complain and are sad about the reality that Turkey is still actually treating them as guests even when they're getting non expiry residence permits, the decision of their stay is still within the hands and authorization of the Turkish government and Syrians actually don't have the rights to get the Turkish nationality out of these non expiry residence permits, yes they do now have the right to live, reside and work in Turkey but they do not have that forever, they're still living in fear of getting displaced at any time in the future besides mentioning that Turkey DOES NOT allow Syrians to buy houses neither lands to register with their names with in Turkey, at least that's what I've read in the Official Turkish Government's website..

Also, this work permit thingy is LIMITED to very few professions and it's not an easy procedure to do this at all! They also need their work places owners to speak for them and act as witnesses to confirm that a certain Syrian person is working here or there and if we seriously take this into consideration then here are the points to be considered:

- There are NO Turkish work place owners who are READY to make such procedures for foreign people especially for Syrians.

- Some work place owners are taking advantages of Syrians and their needs to work and are making them work with wages that are less than the least wages stated in the Turkish work laws according to each city, a lot of owners are refusing to employ Syrians because of the lack of some papers and or work permits, also some owners make Syrians think that they (owners) are actually doing more than enough by employing them and stating at the same time that you - my Syrian employee- are lucky enough to work at my place knowing that you don't have a work permit so don't you complain about your little wage and keep on working.

This is a very sad reality now and I have personally met many Syrians in here (Turkey) who are still suffering from such cases and experiences hearing their stories alone would make your teats fall down so how about living them?

I hope that leaders do think about this because the power lies in them, it's all within their hands!

Meanwhile, check out my little messages to my beloved Turkey and the European Union in the article linked below.

Source: Real experiences - witnessing this everyday- Sad reality.

Do you Think So?

DO you think that Turkey should start giving permanent residence permits for Syrian asylum seekers thus reducing the amounts of people asking for asylum in other European union countries?

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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 3 years ago from USA

      Before stating what you wrote you have to acknowledge that those Syrians were the ones who took weapons against Assad. The majority of Syrians are in Syria. In your discourse Turkey almost appears as a friendly country whereas it allowed and will allow crimes to be perpetrated on Syrian soil. Every independent source acknowledges that the Turkish government (Muslim brotherhood, shall I remind it to you) is a US vassal. The NATO mercenaries and weapons come from Turkey, didn't they? Enough of the rosy picture. Each country has to take its responsibility now. Since Brzezinski's book advocates the pulverization of Syria, it is exactly what is SADLY happening.

      Since when European people are animated with good and generous feeling? Extreme right wing parties are part and parcel of their political landscape to protect their identity. Furthermore, one week ago the US stated that it would stop the "humanitarian" aid to the Syrian refugee camps. Here is a nice slap of reality.