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The Turkish-Russian Alliance in Prophecy

Updated on August 18, 2016
The Middle East area 2500 years ago
The Middle East area 2500 years ago
Russia and Iran partners
Russia and Iran partners

Recent chilling events have occurred that are fulfilling Bible prophecy. The relations between the USA and Turkey have been only warm at best, in the best of times. Today, it is the worst of times in the Middle East and the Syrian debacle. In the past few years, the USA has restrained Turkey from becoming involved in the ISIS war, much to their dislike. Eventually, Turkey stopped trying to deal with ISIS by allowing radicals cross the borders into Syria, refused to intervene along the border many times. Despite the Turks shooting down a Russian plane that crossed its border and the retaliation by Russia, things warming up between Russia and Turkey.

For the first time, Russian MiGs are flying out of an Iranian airbase attacking anti-Assad rebels and avoiding ISIS, which the USA is attacking. Despite Turkey being a NATO member, they are Muslim and this creates some unrest and distrust, even if unspoken. After the failed military coup in Turkey, a massive cleansing occurred of opposition, Erdogan is now in control. He cast suspicion on the USA for the coup, in part, and demanded his opposition leader (living in the USA) be handed over accusing him for the coup. The U.S. refused. In response, Turkey sealed off the American airbase at Incrilik, trapping 1500 Americans. In effect, they were hostages until Erdogan got what he wanted. The stand-off continues now. The airbase is home to over 50 nuclear weapons. The USA is quite nervous about either the Turks or jihadists getting them and have been secretly moving them to American facilities in Romania. Though, they deny this occurring.

Turkey’s leader has recently signed an economic agreement with Russia in early August, 2016, and now is hinting that maybe Russian MiG aircraft will be based at Incrilik, either in conjunction or as a replacement of the American aircraft trapped there that remain grounded. This is an astonishing about face Turkey is doing away from NATO and to Russia.

God warns Iran (Persia), with Russia (Magog), and a coalition of allies (including Turkey (Tubal), Libya(Put), Sudan (Cush)) will go to war and will invade Israel for many reasons. This coming war has the United States unwilling (or unable) to help Israel defend herself. NATO countries like Germany, France, may try to defend Israel. Russia will protect Iran, who is the main adversary leading the anti-Israel force.

Russia is already taking sides with Iran, providing them with military technology that will make them truly a foe in a short time. In return, Iran is allowing Russia to use their airbases. Russian mercenaries are $4000 a month to fight against anti-Assad rebels in Syria, even though, Russia states no Russian troops are fighting there. Iran already has the capability to send missiles into Israel, and since North Korea now has a miniaturized nuclear warhead, no doubt, they will sell it to Iran. This will solve the final hurdle that Iran has.

The bad blood between Turkey and the USA is bad. The countries leading newspaper that represents the government stated the following: "The USA must give Turkey its nuclear weapons at Incirlik or Turkish forces will seize them by force!" While in print, the demand was also aired on TV broadcasts. This is a NATO member turning on another member, in effect, it would be a war act. It was this demand that has the USA removing the nuclear weapons. It is not hard to see how the coup and the nuclear weapons has caused Turkey to turn toward Russia.

The End days are rapidly evolving. Some sort of climax is coming within a few years. One can see why the 2016 and 2020 elections will be critical. Since 2008, Obama has unknowingly fulfilling the Bible prophecy by weakening America’s position in the world and Middle East. Clinton will follow the same policy and for another four years, America will decline. This would be a total of 12 years of policy of unwilling or unable to be the world’s leader. A Trump victory would not reverse this but actually may cause more international issues and friendly nations switching sides. This all fits well into the prophecy narrative that America will be more or less be neutralized in the End Times.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 17 months ago

      what he will do is keep one foot in NATO and one with Russia. But if the rift between the US and Turkey gets worse, one can see which way it will go

    • emge profile image

      Madan 17 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Good opinion but I doubt Turkey will completely alienate USA and Erdogan will put all his eggs in the Russian basket