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The Tyranny Of The Radical Minority...

Updated on November 25, 2011

The Tyranny Of The Radical Minority…

During the economic doldrums, I have done this and that, including blogging, tutoring, writing plays and movies, to feed my family… and recently, I have even submitted my resume to work in the Oil industry down in North Dakota. One has to be living in a vacuum if he or she does not know that the Black Gold is plentiful down in North Dakota, which is the catalyst for the state’s low employment and having folks like myself vying for gainful employment in what is akin to the mini Saudi Arabia. I have seen stories on Sixty Minutes, Brian Williams’ new news magazine program, Rock Center, and Jim Cramer’s, Mad Money - all lauding the boom-town milieu taking place in North Dakota. Because of the lucrative Oil find, North Dakota’s unemployment rate is hovering between 1 and 3%, compare to the 9% we have nationally.

With all that said above, it is a head scratcher why President Obama last week… delayed a Canadian oil-pipe-line, which would have created tens of thousands of jobs. Here we are again, needing jobs to prime the pump, but suffering at the hands of the tyranny of the minority who, this time, are the radical environmentalists. This pending Canadian oil pipe-line even had the unions entreating our President to give his thumbs up for the pipe line and the projected jobs that would have come to fruition; and, the irony is that even this morning in Hawaii, I heard President Obama bemoaning the fact that America has become a ‘little’ lazy. It must be noted that President Obama put off signing off on the pipe-line until after the elections, but presumably only after the radical environmentalists protested.

Today, the Canadians are threatening not to wait and entertaining other offers - and, of course, the radical environmentalists are now happily giddy, but the ten of thousands of jobs that were projected are gone. In New York, I saw Daryl Hannah and Julia Louis Dreyfus, the latter of Seinfeld’s fame, opining on how terrible it would be for the President to allow the pipe-line. This is what vexes me, notwithstanding these celebrities’ First Amendment’s Rights to protest, that they have such influence at the expense of the majority. It is a truism too that the minority can be just as dictatorial as the majority, especially, that, in this case, the celebrities and the radical environmentalists do not provide alternatives for the lost jobs. I must convey that Miss Hannah made a mint from acting, but even more so for receiving a hefty inheritance from her parents; and Miss Dreyfus was making some $600,000.00 an episode by the time Seinfeld went off the air - but at least both these celebrities got their own respective loot... of which, Incidentally, I do not begrudge.

It was laughable to see our President this very morning in Hawaii hosting the Chinese Premier and saying how we, as Americans, had become a little lazy and complacent. I am certain that if President Obama had the chance, he would jump on the coattails of the economic good times now being had down in North Dakota – notwithstanding the salient fact that said good times are being borne out of the ‘terrible’ Black Gold.


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