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The U.S. Intervention into Assad's Syrian Civil War

Updated on August 25, 2013

President Obama is planning for a limited US show of force into the Syrian conflict- finally. The last straw was Syria's chemical use of Sarin gas in suburbs of Damascus that killed over 1300. Initial reports were rebuked by Assad, but as the cloud lifted, many eyewitnesses saw Syrian MiG fighters drop canisters that did not explode upon impact (as if they were bombs) Even Russia has altered its previous full support of Syria in light of the evidence. This was the second time Assad used gas. U.S. and Israeli satellites also detected the use of gas as Syrian MiGs were tracked. Israel has recordings of commanders of the Syrian gas missile batteries ordering them to be fired, as well. Only tiny quantities of Sarin were blended in with a large quantity of riot control agents, a formula developed by Iran to camouflage the use of chemical weapons. Both Syria and Iran warn of dire consequences if the US and others use military force against Assad. To all this, the US has already told Assad that allowing the U.N. days after the chemicals were used is pointless, especially when Syrian artillery has been plastering the same area where the gas was used. France, Britain have echoed the US sentiment and desire to use cruise missiles.

President Obama is planning to target key installations in the Damascus areas with cruise missiles. This is the only "cheap" method to send a message and warn Assad. No American troops will be killed or be there, the missiles are fired from offshore and cannot be stopped. They are precise and pack a wallop.

But that is NOT all. American trained Jordanian special forces numbering up to 600 have already crossed into Syria to create a buffer zone between Jordan and Syria. They have already forced the few Syrian brigades along there to flee back to Damascus. They are linking up with local rebel groups chosen from among those with no ties with the Jihadist Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) and captured the villages of Raihaniya, Breiqa and Beer Ajam.

The U.S. and others may also impose a no-fly zone, but this depends on what Assad does next. He has promised to use more chemical weapons should outside forces enter Syria to topple him.

I guess this is at the point we are now at. Assad could try to use chemical weapons in numerous places as he becomes a "trapped rat" with nothing to lose and nowhere to go. of course, once the cruise missiles hit, there is a new game. Syria and Iran could do many things to create more problems in Iraq, where there have been 1000 terrorist attacks. In fact Iraq, is requesting some US assistance in dealing with the Sunni-Shiite war brewing; they could instruct Hezbollah to fire rockets into Israel, Lebanon or Jordan.

This war is FAR from over.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      While true, it is better than doing nothing....

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 4 years ago

      President Obama has a credibility problem when it comes to the Middle East, in general, and Syria and Iran in particular. His inability to effectively stand his ground throughout the region along with his fumbling of the Syrian crisis has rendered him ineffective and, frankly, a spectator. He certainly has the ability to lob a few cruise missiles at some government installation or two...but so what....taking useless pot shots is not an effective foreign policy statement for any President.