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The U.S.A. at its Best! America was the Winner at the Congressional Baseball Game!

Updated on June 16, 2017
abwilliams profile image

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...

Capitol Police Officer David Bailey throwing out First Pitch.
Capitol Police Officer David Bailey throwing out First Pitch.

I looked forward to the Congressional Baseball game for Charity all day yesterday and spread the word far and wide for people to tune in, in support of a great Cause.

At least it was my hope, that in more ways than one, that would be the case:

  • I love America
  • I love a good Cause
  • I love Baseball
  • I'm a sucker for Patriotism
  • I love it when America comes together

Last night's game, wasn't just another baseball game, it had great significance and had the potential to be the catalyst for a much needed and desired....better American course.

I was not expecting an overnight miracle, just a simple beginning; a great calming down of tensions, which have been running dangerously high for far too long.

It was awesome seeing an American hero, Capitol Police Officer David Bailey, though injured, throwing out the first pitch.

It was therapeutic witnessing the Dems and the Reps huddled together, praying in the same spot their Colleague, Steve Scalise was critically injured the day before.

As of today, Scalise remains in critical condition. Matt Mitka, a former Congressional staffer, also remains in critical condition. The other injuries weren't quite as serious. All of their lives were certainly turned upside down and that shouldn't be dismissed.

It was encouraging to see the 25,000+ Fans in the stands, cheering for one team or the other, not representing Political Parties, but rather, representative of everyday America loving, baseball loving Fans, with Politics set aside!

Upwards of one million dollars was raised for different charities and boot!

Love It!

Now, the baseball game certainly didn't have the intensity, talent or surprisingly, the rivalry, of....let's say a Red Sox-Yankees game, but lucky for us, we weren't expecting that it would.

Although there were a couple of players that really stood out! I enjoyed watching Cedric Richmond (D-LA), he could pitch and hit and Ryan Costello (R-PA), played a pretty mean short stop. I'm sure they have baseball backgrounds.

America's Game bringing folks together for a great Cause.

This year it was the Dems year to shine, they won 11-2. All done, in fun.

Charities which benefited from the Congressional Baseball Game 6/15/17:

1. Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington

2. The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation

3. The U.S. Capitol Police

4. The Washington Literacy Center

Independence Day 2017

America's Independence Day Celebration is coming up very soon.

We'll all come together at parades and picnics and hot dog eating contests and fireworks displays....all things Americana!

Maybe a little of what the Congressional Baseball game began, will be continued on through America's exclusive Holiday and far beyond.

One can Hope and Pray.....and I do!

Planning to catch a local parade this year and I am sure that I will not have to look very far to find a good fireworks display.

When was the last time you attended an Independence Day Parade?

See results

"Freedom is not a Gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a Right that belongs

to us by the Laws of God and Nature." -Benjamin Franklin

I know that a ball game isn't a Solution and I am not practicing the Pollyanna Principle here.

We have a lot of work to do!

The school system is turning out kids that do not understand why we have the U.S. Constitution or what our flag represents.

By College, many have been brainwashed into believing that any Rights they enjoy in America, are brought to them courtesy of the Federal Government. Ugh...cringe!

We've got to get through to our kids and I'll stop at that, for now.

I've already given my three year old granddaughter a pocket Constitution, it is just a keepsake for now. I've written some thoughts within the cover and when she's older, I hope that she'll study it, research it and be prepared to Defend it, against the naysayers that she'll inevitably cross paths with.

She is learning the words of the Pledge of Allegiance, we were reciting the Pledge the other day and she looked and me and said, "But who is Justice?"

Oh Be Still my Heart!

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our Freedoms,

it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln


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    • abwilliams profile image

      abwilliams 3 months ago from Central Florida

      My fear is what has just happened in London, could so easily happen here, a man angry and frustrated with all of the targeting that has taken place in his city, did his own targeting.

      This man worked himself up into a such a state that he lost it and went over the edge.

      What is done, cannot be undone.

      I am in prayer for a great calming in a World in Great Crisis.

    • abwilliams profile image

      abwilliams 3 months ago from Central Florida

      Thank you Tim.

      I like the positive flow that we have going here. It's a beginning!

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 3 months ago from Escondido, CA

      I liked and appreciated the flow leading to the Pledge of Allegiance. Well done!

    • abwilliams profile image

      abwilliams 3 months ago from Central Florida

      Thank you Christopher.

      Yes, so true, we must move forward united if we are to stand a chance.

      I so desperately want my grandchildren to experience the best that America has to offer and to not only understand that they were born into the greatest Country that God gave man, I want them to cherish it.

    • CJWood71 profile image

      Christopher J Wood 3 months ago from Florida, USA

      A very good read. It seems like ages since we have been able to witness something positive from the political world.

      I am a bit saddened by the fact it took such a drastic incident to make us realize how out of control things have gotten. I do hope we can now move forward as a Nation and begin working together on finding solutions to the many issues we face.

      There is still so much work to be done, but if we remember that we are all one united people, we can accomplish so much.

    • abwilliams profile image

      abwilliams 3 months ago from Central Florida

      Thank you Eric.

      I love that kids and adults still routinely come together for the Pledge of Allegiance somewhere in America!

      We do have much mending to do.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Bravo to you! A wonderful piece. I always tell people about my son's wonderful school where some 500 of us join in the pledge of allegiance every morning after the bell. Kids come together adults find differences.

      It is time to mend. As a wonderful teacher once taught, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We need to collect our stones and build a hearth where we share our love of each other, our country and ourselves.

      In my small family we are just too busy counting our blessings to even consider that they are all messed up. I have the opportunity to ask that my country do for me, and the right to ask what I can do for my country.