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The USS Ponce and the Coming Iranian-US Clash in the Strait of Hormuz and Beyond

Updated on January 29, 2012
Strait of Hormuz
Strait of Hormuz

Many are too busy with their daily lives to really pay attention to seemingly meaningless world events because it does not impact them directly and because they are of no interest.

For example, the Iranian nuclear issue and the coming conflict over it. This IS a BIG deal that just has not become important to most. Both sides are gathering for this confrontation and it is one that will directly impact nearly everyone because of the price of fuel and oi when it does happen.

The sanctions that Obama and the Euro countries have agreed upon really will hurt Iran's government and its people economically for their pursuit of a nuclear weapon. The sanctions will effectively halt much of Iran's ability to export its only golden egg-oil and get paid for it through its national banks. Saudi Arabia has said it will make up any differences for the loss of Iranian oil on the market. Inflation in Iran has already jumped when its currency was further devalued against the dollar, something like 20000 rials to 1 US dollar. Its population actually hate both the US for the sanctions and its own government for their insistence of getting the bomb. They are the ones really suffering.

However, in recent news, both India and China (Iran's biggest oil customers) have said that they will be pay for the oil in using gold, instead of money. Iran was elated as it allows them to circumvent the sanctions. Russia has remained neutral because they have so many contracts and economic ties with Iran, they also built their nuclear sites. If one doubted conflict before, the US is preparing by refurbishing the old, outdated, USS Ponce, an amphibious warship that was about to be a museum. The USS Ponce will be the new platform for the US Seals and commandos. These special forces and the ship will arrive in the waters around Iran this April or May, once the ship is refitted. This is important for the full impact of the sanctions will hit Iran on July 1.

Iran may cut off the oil to the EU much sooner than July, if they do, the EU will be short of 400,000 barrels of oil daily. Iran is small, but their numerous plans to use mines, high speed small craft with missiles, numerous land based anti-ship missiles, terrorist attacks on Saudi Arabia, will greatly cause the world concern. This is the reason the USS Ponce is coming with its special forces for they will have to hunt these hard-to-find places in Iran's coastline or islands. Of course, who says that this ship will not also suffer catastrophic consequences?

Remember, the shipping lane in dispute is only 1-2 miles wide, where much of the worlds oil tankers sail through. There is NOT a lot of room for naval task forces and ships and it is very close to Iran's coastline and islands. All of the major oil producers are well within Iranian capability with its missiles to be hit. It only takes a few good hits to create skyrocket prices in fuel we use to heat the home, start the stove, commute, take the kids to school, make plastic and so on.

Both sides seem to be on a collision course for war of some sort. It seems war will come in a bad way in 2012. It will be a war that does open the "Pandora box".

I hope you are ready.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Nuclear war is not going to happen this round. iran does not have the bomb yet, it is getting there soon. Thus, the conflict will be conventional and terrorist. The US can wipe Iran's capability in a stroke, it is the aftershock we have to deal with-the terror war that Iran is master of. They can create harsh economic problems by firing missiles into saudi arabia and hitting refineries. They could do the same to oil pipelines that are unprotected. They can sink a few oil tankers blocking the passage. They could mine the whole area which would block transit.

    • dadibobs profile image

      dadibobs 5 years ago from Manchester, England

      In my opinion we have two choices, either we accept Iran will have nuclear weapons, or we dont. If we accept it, business carries on and we can all afford the price of petrol. If we dont accept it, then we have to accept their will be war.

      If their is war, their nuclear facilities will be the first hit, possibly causing a nuclear disaster. If they already possess the weapon, then they would retaliate.

      If we then hit them with nuclear weapons deliberatly, then other countries could become involved, as the nuclear blasts and fallout will undoubtedly affect other nations.

      If we go to war, we have to be prepared for a full nuclear exchange.

      We need to consider our options carefully here.

      Could we not just accept Iran has nuclear power and armaments, and hope they appreciate the MAD principle?

      If we go to war it has to be for the right reasons, i just dont think we have all of the facts, nor will we get them.

      I hope, for my childrens sake, we can avoid nuclear exchanges.

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 5 years ago from variable

      So LewSethics your logical argument is because they might do it it they could we should? are you that foolish just because someone else might do it if if they could doesen't mean you should, if for example you find a wallet you shoul'dnt just pocket it because someone else would, its imoral. As for taking over the world, not a chance, havn't you heard we are broke, who is going to lend us the money for this war? The rest of the world that we are invading? Not likely, more importantly the US military has really not been that effective in recent conflicts also remember that many countries have nukes and would be happy to wipe out the world to retain their sovereignty, but really the facts are if the US went to War now with China we would lose, because we have a better military but they have the economy to fight a war and we dont and they have the numbers and central unity to fight a war that we don't, when thousands of soldiers died in Vietnam the public wanted the wr stopped, how do you think they will react when hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilains on both sides start dying? the US would break apart in days.

    • LewSethics profile image

      LewSethics 5 years ago

      The radical muslim governments are forcing the issue.

      The US can take over the world anytime it wants to, but is too civilized to do so. Would these arab countries use the same self control if they had the technology and military strength?