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The Ugly Truth About Human Trafficking

Updated on April 1, 2014

Let The Sun Set On Human Trafficking.


Organized And Worldwide

Shocking. Absolutely shocking is the only way I can describe what I have learned about Human Trafficking and Forced Servitude. It is an illegal industry that we thought ended in 1865. Unfortunately humans in bondage is still very much a part of society and chances are it is happening in a community near you. Perhaps down the street in your neighborhood. According to the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives

  • 27 Million People Worldwide Are Affected By Forced Servitude
  • 80% are Women And Children
  • Billions Of Dollars Are Generated Yearly by The Human Slave Industry
  • Much Of The Revenue Comes From The Commercial Sex Industry

Strip clubs, massage parlors, escort services, and street prostitution are the most obvious areas where human slave traders provide bodies, but local and national law enforcement agencies have recently started watching the domestic housekeeping, and lawn care workers as well. The human trafficking problem has started getting the attention of the United States Government at the highest of levels.

The White House Has taken Notice

What Is Being Done End This Crime?

The Frederick Douglass Family Initiative in the spirit of our countries original abolitionist Frederick Douglass has petitioned and lobbied both local and federal governments worldwide to take a more aggressive position in combatting human trafficking and the human slave trade. Thus far FDFI efforts have been warmly received but there is still much work to be done as that organization and others try to raise awareness of this violation of basic human rights. It is important that the general public know:

  • Human Slavery Occurs Across Borders And Within A Country (not just cross borders)
  • It Is Multi-Exploitative (not just sexual)
  • Victimizes Children, Women, And Men
  • Takes Place With Or Without The Involvement Of Organized Crime Groups
  • No Community In The World Is Immune To Human Trafficking

That last bullet point may give you reason for pause, but the next time you see a yard crew working in your neighborhood. Or the next time you hire a house cleaning crew, how can you be sure they are there on their own free will? We like to think the workers are being paid and treated fairly but that is not always the case.

Often the question is asked "Why Don't They Just Run Away And Tell Somebody?"

That would seem to be the simple solution but often times workers ( both men and women) may have immigration issues, or families being held hostage here and abroad. Also some in servitude may have drug or alcohol problems preventing them from believing they even have alternatives to their troubling situation.


Human Trafficking is a large and growing problem worldwide. I seems every so often you watch the news and hear about a situation like the one in the Cleveland area in 2013 when people are being held against their wills. In the Cleveland situation the girls had been held for over 10 years before having the nerve and getting the opportunity to escape. there are far too many of those kinds of circumstances. The continued joint efforts of law enforcement and government may be able to prevent some occurrences Of Human Slavery.


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