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The Ugly Truth: Human Slavery in Modern Society

Updated on October 29, 2014

Introduction to Human Trafficking

Many people loved the hit movie Taken, which starred popular actor Liam Neeson. Neeson portrayed a government agent on an action-packed quest to save his daughter from sex slavery. Full of suspense, as well as lots of kicks and punches, Taken grossed over $226,000,000 worldwide.

But what few people acknowledge is that sex slavery is an ongoing problem today. And unlike the girl from the movie, 99% of these slaves are never rescued.


The Problem

Human Trafficking is one of the largest businesses thriving in the world today. With a whopping 27 million people in slavery, human enslavement has never been larger, even when compared to when slavery was not considered unethical. Every thirty seconds, someone is sold into slavery.

When it comes to sex slavery, women are often offered false job opportunities. When they go to meet the employer, they are drugged, then wake up in a dank room strapped to a bed. From there, they are raped and beaten, then must take on their clients. These women can receive up to 110 clients a day. They are often too weak by that point to fight back. They are constantly beaten, and threatened that if they try to escape, they will be killed.

Traffickers don't always pretend to be employers, though. In more than one case, traffickers have been a friend or family member of the victim. The victim then has not only had her freedom and her body taken from her, but must deal with a serious betrayal from someone she loved and trusted.

Currently, Greece is considered to be one of the primary countries where sex slavery thrives, as well as Eastern Europe. However, human trafficking has been seen in every country around the world.

Only 1-2% of the victims are ever rescued. Those who are face severe trauma, as well as the threat of being taken back into trafficking. The vast majority of traffickers are never convicted.

What do you think the average age is for those forced into human trafficking (answer at bottom of the page)?

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A21 Annual "Walk for Freedom"
A21 Annual "Walk for Freedom" | Source


Despite a lack of general knowledge, there are some people who have rallied against this injustice. One particularly large group includes the A21 Campaign, who just recently did their annual "Walk for Freedom" in cities across the world (next date is October 17, 2015). According to them, there are a four primary things that need to happen to end this cruel practice. They are listed in this order:

1. Prevention. The goal here is to educate the public about what is going on. This helps protect potential victims, put pressure on traffickers, and raise more supporters to help with the cause.

2. Protection. The A21 Campaign already has a number of shelters for rescued victims of human trafficking. These are meant to protect these women from being taken back, and is also meant to rehabilitate.

3. Prosecution. Very few traffickers are ever brought to justice for their crimes. To end the practice, the A21 Campaign advocates for prosecution to be brought upon these perpetrators.

4. Partnership. To make a difference, people need to band together and speak out against this issue.

So what can you do? There are several things that any person can do to help with this problem.

You can help raise awareness by liking and sharing the A21 Campaign's statuses on Facebook ( You can post tweets and create hashtags related to the problem. If you have creative abilities, you can use those to help raise awareness. You can also donate or write letters to the girls at the A21 shelters.

For more information, see 21 ways to get involved:

There are 27 million people currently suffering in forced bondage. It is time for people to acknowledge this problem, and be prepared to come together against it.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

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