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The Ukraine Crisis (Excerpt 1)

Updated on July 20, 2014

Except 1

What’s happening in Ukraine is unprecedented as far as our history is concerned. Never before have we seen a country as advanced as Ukraine face democratic and economic pressure from Russia. There have been events in the past which are similar in nature, but nothing of this magnitude.

The major news outlets across the world are not covering the entire story. Events that are unfolding in Ukraine could have major repercussions. When you mix a fuel hungry economy like what the Russians have and a state in the midst of political turmoil, you end up with one big mess to clean up. With Ukraine’s political entities falling off like flies it makes any kind of progression in the country extremely difficult.

Ukrainian lawmakers have to deal with Russian bullies from across the border pressuring them into making the wrong decisions. In turn this creates tremendous amounts of stress not only on the Eastern Eurasia Alliance that involves countries like Russia but more importantly poverty stricken nations like Georgia and Belarus. It also creates tension amongst the European Union which is actively trying to recruit nations to join their committee, something Ukraine has agreed to do.

There are numerous issues occurring with the crisis as it unfolds into more havoc. The first and largest of the issues is the fact that the country is on the verge of a civil war with no real hope of prevention. There are Russian ethnic separatists in the East who do not want to associate with the new government in Kiev and would rather separate from Ukraine and either a) join the Russian Federation or b) become a Federation themselves, much like what happened in Donetsk last month.

As the crisis continues however there are other events unfolding, for example the eastern population in Ukraine is faced with constant shelling and weapon fire each day. Thousands of civilians have been displaced and it looks as though Eastern Ukraine is turning into a battlefield instead of rich farmlands that it once possessed. Aside from civilians being displaced, there have already been civilian casualties as a direct result from weapon fire coming from each side of the spectrum.

Human rights infringements are also taking place in Ukraine. Basic rights like education, health, and of course living standards are being revoked from civilians in the Eastern provinces as they’re faced with no power, no education and unhealthy living standards. The civilian population is also living in fear for their lives as there are armed forces from both parties constantly firing randomly at each other.

These events have captured the eyes of the world media but not in the way it was meant to be. There has been countless coverage surrounding the situation but none of it has reached the frontlines like Vice News has. With Vice, they take you to the front line and go into homes of the civilians to show firsthand the total impact of the escalating situation. Vice News has portrayed the Ukrainian crisis with superb coverage from the very beginning of the Maidan protests in Kiev up until this point.

In addition to the civilians there are of course the soldiers themselves who have been set center stage for this production. There have been numerous soldiers killed from both sides already with no hopes of slowing down. Separatists have been using the same methods as guerilla fighters in South America or the Taliban from Afghanistan. They’re focusing the majority of their fight in towns rather than open battlefields like the Ukrainian army would love them to do.

The focus of the fight as we’ve mentioned is in the heart of the Eastern region in Ukraine, more specifically in two districts, they are the Slavyansk and Donetsk regions. These two regions have seen the more intensified shootouts between both sides of the dispute. In Slavyansk, the Ukrainian army is gaining headway and doesn’t look to be slowing down for anything or anyone. Heavy armor has been seen making its way East towards Slavyansk, so chances are that we will be seeing the crisis escalate even further if nothing is agreed upon between Kiev and the separatist fighters.

Ukraine has faced civil turmoil before but in the same atmosphere as what’s happening right now on the ground. There is a literal civil divide between the eastern ethnic Russian population and the right wing sector government in Kiev which overthrew the previous government for corruption purposes. The previous government in Kiev, before this new one, was allegedly stealing millions of dollars from people rather than doing their job of serving the public. It makes complete sense if you were to see some of the things that the government bought and built with public funds, such as the Presidential palace which has now been turned into a museum.

With Ukraine on the brink of total destruction, it seems as though it’s a stepping stone to rid their country of corruption and illegitimate business which appears to have a stranglehold on the Russian economy and government. The two distinct economic platforms which Ukraine has a choice to choose are complete opposites. One platform is designed as Eurasia committee which mainly consists of Russia and old Soviet Union nation states like Belarus. The other choice is to join the European Union and rack in the benefits of being a part of the committee like the chance to adopt the Euro as the national currency.

The likelihood of the Kiev government choosing to go back to the Russian alliance is slim to none but not impossible. It might be a futile decision in ending the civil war that has disrupted the entire country. However, it’s highly likely that they will go and join the European Union since they’ve already made some agreements with the committee as far as economic strategies are concerned. If Ukraine does join the European Union entirely, Russia will be losing one of the most important pieces of land that they possessed. Ukraine is literally sitting on a sea of gasoline and the Russians don’t want to let go of it. It’s also the perfect distribution country for Russia to get its products exported through. In the end, the only thing that matters is how many lives it will take for the political bullies to put down their fingers and start mopping up the mess.

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  • Ukraine is in war against Eastern rebels who claim Russian ethnicity and wish to separate from Ukraine to join the Russian Federation
  • Ukraine is unwilling to let the separatists join Russia as the Kiev government sees this uprising as equivalent to terrorism
  • The Donetsk Region in Eastern Ukraine is the second largest populated region in the country
  • The Donetsk People's Republic has declared separation from the Ukrainian government and stated that they will be their own Federal country from now on
  • Ukraine refuses to recognize the DPR's self acclaimed government as legitimate and refers to them as terrorists operating without authority
  • Both sides have claimed that they're not willing to negotiate a cease fire since prior cease fires have not stopped gunfire exchange, nor heavy shelling of cities and unit positions

Military Operations Surrounding Ukraine


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