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The Ukraine Crisis (Excerpt 3)

Updated on July 20, 2014

Excerpt 3

There has been major changes in the atmosphere of the Ukrainian civil war over the past week and a half. Last Thursday, the United States of America introduced new legislation that would place more sanctions against Russia targeted towards their economy. In addition, there appears to be a passenger jet, flying over Eastern Ukraine, carrying a little under 300 people that was shot down, killing everyone on board.

With Ukraine’s civil war going into it’s fifth month of continued fighting between the separatists and the Kiev government, there doesn’t seem to be much progress from either side. The Kiev government is calling all separatists terrorists and accusing them of shooting down the passenger jet carrying close to 300 people from all over the world.

Aboard the jet were individuals from multiple different countries but the majority of the passengers were from the Netherlands. The HIV/AIDs community was devastated by the unprecedented attack on the airliner which took down an estimated 80 leading researchers in the field for finding a cure. In addition, there were 23 American citizens onboard the flight from the Netherlands to Malaysia which will guarantee an escalation in the affairs between Putin and Obama.

Initially, both parties were pointing fingers at one each other. Both claiming that the other was to blame for shooting down the airliner. However, after a day, the Ukrainian Euro Maidan group posted what they are calling an intercepted phone call between high ranking separatist rebels and military officials from Russia. In the phone call, there are multiple voices describing what appears to be the crash site of the plane. Within the recording, there is also admittance to the attack on behalf of the Donetsk People’s Republic militants when one of the figures on the line confirms they had shot the plane down.

The recording was immediately dismissed as Ukrainian propaganda by the pro Russian rebels and they continued to deny the allegations from the International community that it was them who shot the plane. In addition to the recording, there are images and videos floating around the internet which strongly support the fact that the suspected military vehicle (SA-11 Buk) was smuggled out of Ukraine after the attack with two missiles missing. There has also been circulating evidence which suggests the placement of the system was in the correct location to have been positioned and set up to shoot down the jet airliner.

A part from the tragedy which took place over Eastern Ukraine in regards to the MH17 flight which was shot down, there hasn’t been much happening. The Ukrainian army is still trying to push through the Donetsk outer perimeter which is heavily fortified by the Russian separatists that refuse to lay down their arms. The Russian rebels are continuing to pump the propaganda out against the Ukraine government, consistently bashing them and calling them a Fascist regime. There seems to be a major shift however in the fact that the International community now recognizes the support which Russia has been giving to the rebels.

United States officials from the Pentagon held a press conference last Friday (July 18th, 2014) where they went over the situation in Ukraine in regards to Russia. The official denied the statement that Russian forces were no longer in Ukraine, nor was the Russian government providing assistance to the rebel cause in the East. Instead, the official stated that the United States government hasn’t seen any sign of Russia’s support stopping, as a matter of fact, they have seen the opposite. The official reported that they have intelligence which suggests Russia is supplying weapons, technology, financing and advisory roles to the pro Russian rebels.

The time is changing quickly. Things are beginning to heat up once again between Russia and the United States of America. One US official even went as far as saying that relations between the US and Russia are equivalent to what they were during the Cold War. With the jet liner just being shot down over Eastern Ukraine and President Putin not stepping forward to claim responsibility for supplying the technology to the rebels who then carried out the attack, it seems as though the future is looking bleak as far as Ukraine is concerned.

Putin’s lack of accountability will be the downfall for him and his country. The United States is not going to put up with an attack against their citizens and will not tolerate it if evidence suggests the Russians had anything to do with it. The US will seek a formal apology, accountability and if they don’t get both of those in one package, you can bet they’ll be readdressing the situation in Ukraine.

The situation with the crash site is very unfortunate. There have been multiple reports that the bodies of the victims have been looted, tampered with and pieces of the plane have been stolen with no trace of where it went. International observers have been trying to access the site to investigate what happened but the Russian backed militants in the area are extremely hostile and won’t allow for a thorough and transparent investigation to take place. An official with the International team sent to investigate said his team was allowed forty four minutes to look over the site, then they were ushered out of the area by gunfire into the air.

Russia shot down a Korean Air Flight plane in the 80s which carried around 300 people as well. In this case there was a US congressman aboard the flight and the Russians put the blame onto the Americans because the plane was flying in restricted airspace. In the case of MH17, there was no indication leading up to the attack that they were in restricted airspace, nor was there any warning that could have prevented the attack from happening.

Overall the situation is continuing to escalate and all negotiation between the Ukrainian government and the separatists has diminished to near nothing. The Kiev government wants the rebels out of the country, there’s no alternative and they’re no longer willing to discuss a cease fire since the last ceasefire didn’t mean anything for either side as they both continued to exchange heavy gunfire. In the upcoming days or weeks, it’s safe to predict that something will definitely unfold and what exactly that may be is completely up in the air. If we were to guess, one could assume that either a) USA is going to pressure Russia further; or b) Ukraine will receive military and financial support from the International community and Western alliances including (Britain, France, Germany, USA, Canada, etc).

There has been ongoing efforts to eliminate the rebels from the Eastern area of Ukraine but they’re faced with difficulties when the world’s largest landmass country and second most advanced military is standing the way. Things will begin to look completely different, especially now that the rebel thugs have operated outside of the civil war and shot down a foreign, international and civilian flight.

Difference Between Ukraine and Russia Armies

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Consequences of Euro Maidan Protest


  • Malaysia Airlines MH 17 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, rebel controlled territory

  • Donetsk People’s Republic and Ukraine have pointed fingers at each other blaming for the incident

  • Photo and video evidence suggest pro Russian rebels positioned the SA-11 Buk missile system responsible for shooting down MH17 into an area that matches up with the crash site

  • The Euro Maidan group released an intercepted phone conversation between high ranking rebel soldiers and Russian military officers discussing the fact that a group of rebels shot down the plane; the phone call also describes the first few moments of what the crash site looked like

  • Ukraine is continuing it’s military operations in the East to rid itself of the rebel group; the rebel group is continuing to dig deep in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine with support from Russia both financially and militarily


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