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The Ukrainian Fascist Uprising and it's Historical Roots

Updated on February 20, 2014
Fascists Set Fire to Trade Union Building
Fascists Set Fire to Trade Union Building | Source

While the city of Kiev burns, centers of working class organization are vandalized and battles are waged from street to street, a simultaneous ideological battle for hearts and minds is being waged by the western ruling class, and the battleground is Ukraine. News reports bombard us with talk of peaceful protesters being attacked by the state. From Western Europe to North America the message is the same.

With the ruling class firmly in the vanguard they are propped up and cheered on by their ever-dependable lackeys in the bourgeois intelligentsia and the block of Trotskyite charlatans forever masquerading as Marxists and champions of democracy. Water-cooler talks, student meetings and social media provide a favourable breeding ground for disingenuous propaganda: the art of the Trotskyite.

OUN-B Emblem, Popular with Ukraine's modern fascists
OUN-B Emblem, Popular with Ukraine's modern fascists
OUN-M Emblem, Popular with Ukraine's modern fascists
OUN-M Emblem, Popular with Ukraine's modern fascists

Historical Formation of the Myth of Ukrainian National Identity

Fake leftist middle class posers send solidarity with the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis via Twitter and Facebook. How time changes little.

If we cast our minds back to the 1930's, one of the great myths of history was invented: the myth of Holodomor. In his book 'Fraud, Famine and Fascism', Douglas Tottle documented how the famine myth was invented in collusion between Hitler's Nazi Party and the Hearst Press, owned by famous American anti-Semite William Randolph Hearst. Tottle showed that under the stewardship of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda machine fabricated the famine myth despite their American agents having never set foot in the regions of the USSR where the famine was said to occur. Pictures they used as evidence were later proved to have been faked, instead they depicted starving Austrians during World War 1. This is the great lie at the heart of the Ukrainian national identity.

The great lie itself was spread throughout the west by the Hearst media, and their fellow Nazi-colluding Trotskyite allies. The lie was a construct of US-Nazi imperialism designed to incite the Ukrainians against the Soviet Union. Of course it was partly succesful and many Ukrainians turned traitor and fought side by side with the Nazi Invaders in 1941. The far-right Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists were one of Hitler's firmest allies and holocaust accomplices. When the war was over and the Soviet Union near single-handedly liberated Europe from the Nazi scourge, an honest-Trotskyite (if such a thing exists!) Isaac Deustcher wrote the book 'Stalin: a Political Biography'. Deustcher himself was a Polish Jew, and perhaps could not bring himself to continue to feed the fabrications. Instead, he helped to reveal the truth to those in the west. He told us that which those in the Soviet Union had known all along:

""They (Kulaks) slaughtered their cattle, smashed implements and burned crops....18 million horses had been slaughtered. So were 30 million large cattle, about 45% of the total, and nearly 100 million, or two thirds of sheep and goats. Vast tracts of land were left untilled."

The grain shortages in the USSR had been brought about by the Kulak resistance to collectivization, not by collectivization itself or of any Soviet directive.

To this day, despite being thoroughly disproved, many still hold the great lie as accepted truth. Indeed, "a lie told often enough becomes truth".

The Peaceful Protesters - Ukrainian Fascists
The Peaceful Protesters - Ukrainian Fascists | Source
John McCain at pro-EU/Fascist Rally
John McCain at pro-EU/Fascist Rally

The Fascist, Neoliberal, Trotskyite Alliance

Today in the Ukraine, myth is highly relevant. For who is the Ukrainian protest movement? Right Sector. This is an umbrella organization bringing together the fascist forces: "Svoboda” (Freedom) Party (hosts to yankee imperialist John McCain in December), “Patriots of Ukraine”, “Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self Defense” (UNA-UNSO), and “Trizub”. They are joined by the pro-Western Neoliberal group of Vitali Klitschko. As in the 1930's, the fascists and comprador capitalists are aligned. These so-called patriots of Ukraine once again rally against the "Muscovite-Jewish ideology". Same old bogeyman, but in a different guise - the Russian-Jew enemy is no longer communist, although the protesters are avowedly anti-communist still. The modern Ukrainian fascist does not hide their history, they proudly glorify the aforementioned Hitlerite Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.

The fake left, Trotskyite, Social Democrats and traitors in the west, who champion this so-called democracy movement, with their so-called peaceful protesters against so-called tyranny are forever subtly allied with fascism, just as their ideological inspirations: The Trotsky's, Bukharin's and Zinoviev's - all proven guilty Nazi colluders. Whether the modern trendy leftist is a conscious saboteur or simply duped, the end result is the same: support for far-right, anti-worker movements and the imperialist beast itself.

Their narrative today is of a Russian dominated tyranny holding down the peaceful Ukrainian people who are now protesting against their misery. But in actuality, the protests began when Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign a trade agreement with Europe. This would have led to the sell off of Ukraine's industry and resources to European finance. Just as the so-called patriots would have rather have sold off the nation to Nazi Germany, today they look to sell it again. Those who have their 'plight' highlighted by western mainstream and social media today, are the heirs of the colluders with Hearst & co. The modern savy Ukrainian bourgeois fascist can afford to take their case to social media and win the hearts and minds of foreign allies: reactionaries, fake socialists and the gullible. Their cause is integration with the US-EU-NATO axis of evil, to encroach further on Russia's sovereign borders, to spark an arms race favourable to Washington and open the market to European finance,

Michael Kirby with faked UN propaganda document for war against People's Korea
Michael Kirby with faked UN propaganda document for war against People's Korea
Imperialist Lackeys in Venezuela
Imperialist Lackeys in Venezuela

Are the events in the Ukraine a fascist uprising or peaceful protest?

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Other Battlegrounds

Ukraine of course is not the only battleground today. In Venezuela the people's government is fighting back against imperialism's orchestrated protests also, as similar attempts are made to find new markets to dominate in times of economic crisis.

Similarly, the UN has paid off around 80 Korean dissidents to produce a sham document to make the case for regime change in the DPRK. This is a case eerily similar to the cold war propaganda of imperialism. As they colluded with the Kulak in Ukraine, they collude with Koreans seeking fortune and their 15 minutes of fame. The result being the production of a document in the style of the discredited Conquest, Medvedev brand of history: finding enemies of a government and printing their every fantasy as if it were proof, and choosing to ignore all archives and documented evidence.

In Syria, the battle has waged long. In Libya, imperialism won, after telling lie after lie about Gaddaffi's troops apparent brutality, to then only usher in unparalleled violence and anti-black racism like the country had never known.

The battle for Ukraine, is the latest in a long line. But now, like the 1930's it is on Europe's door, and of Europe's own making. We cannot afford to be duped again, and must resist the EU-NATO domination at all costs.


Fraud, Famine & Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard

© 2014 Comrade Joe


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    • frantisek78 profile image

      frantisek78 3 years ago

      RT is literally Putin's propaganda mouthpiece aimed at foreign audiences. It is extremely one-sided. I'm not saying you should blindly believe western media either, but try to do research on your own from various sources in order to get a more balanced view.

      Sure, there are extremists amongst the protesters, but to lump all the people out on Maidan as fascists is a gross misrepresentation. They are people from every walk of life who are not fighting for any particular party or political view, but who just want to stop the rampant corruption of a country run by money hungry oligarchs who have no respect or care for their own people. A clear understanding of Ukrainian history would also help, instead of forcing a left wing view on a whole country and movement. There are historical and specific reasons for what is going on that should not be simplified into "communist" vs "fascist"

    • jandee profile image

      jandee 3 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

      Comrade Joe,greetings to you and thanks for presenting a write that illustrates what is actually happening in Kiev. The truth is sadly lacking in the rubbish that is presented as 'news' in most of the gutter press today .(with the exception of RT)

      Thank you for the truth,


    • profile image

      objectivity 3 years ago

      If you want to get a clearer picture, read up on the following two reports where the US stands in the process of driving things to the brink ...

    • profile image

      Vronsky 3 years ago

      Congratulations, this article could go into a communist textbook circa 1955. Well done. The way you are able to see one side and even use communist dogmatic language shows your ability to mindlessly copy communist propaganda . I doubt you ever lived in a communist country and cannot comprehend living under such regimes by reading books and romanticizing Marx's ideals. Spending some time in a Gulag would probably change your mind as to the "genius" of Lenin and your obviously much beloved Uncle Joe.