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The Ultimate Deep-dish Pizza, and More Thoughts for the Modern Age.

Updated on May 19, 2012

The Ultimate Deep-dish Pizza

May this recipe find you well and your heart at peace.

Set the oven at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once again, I find myself starting out with a recipe for good eating. My deep-dish pizza, is a healthy combination of meats, vegetables, cheese, and sauce. The key, to this pizza is that I make sure to saute all meats and vegetables ahead of time. The only thing that actually cooks during the baking process is the cheese, the sauce, and the pie crust. I personally like to use butter to saute with, but virgin olive oil is just as good.

As an example, I use five different meats. Hamburger, sausage (usually, Jimmy Dean's sage type), Italian sausage, ham, and diced chicken. As for vegetables, I like red and green peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Enough of all toppings to cover about two layers a piece.

The sauce is tomato paste spiced to taste.

The dough, I like a raised dough like for biscuits.

Then, for me the key, is as much cheese as possible, and as many different kinds as you like. I personally like lots of mozzarella. To the tune of about 3 to five pounds of cheese. Yes, I make a big pizza, and I like mounds of toppings.

Next a very large cookie sheet. About a 18" inches by 24" inches. Line the bottom of the sheet with very thinly layered dough. Pour and spread out some tomato sauce. A layer of cheese, a layer of a meat, a layer of cheese, a layer of a vegetable, a layer of cheese, a layer of sauce, a layer of cheese, and so on. Until all meats and all vegetables are gone. And, at the end, bearing in mind there is cheese left, top it off with cheese.

Ready to find the oven, this pizza should be about 3" inches thick. During the cooking process it should compress some what with the melting of the cheese. But...that's the point. This pizza gets better with age. A 5" or 6'' inch square slice is a meal all by itself. And, storing the rest of this pizza in the fridge helps it age somewhat. Because every time you heat up another slice it gets better. I think it kind of marinades in it's own juices. All I know is this pizza tastes better each time it gets reheated.


More Thoughts for the Modern Age

May this letter find you well and your heart at peace.

At no other time in the history of the world has it been more necessary for people to come together and seek out common goals. One of those goals that should be of concern to everybody on this planet is global warming. Whether global warming is man made or not, it is with us, and we must seek means that will allow us to survive. Not just as a people, but as a specie.

The difference between survival and not surviving is a matter of the average daily temperature rising and lowering just a few degrees. An average daily temperature of about seven or eight degrees makes a huge difference in the affect it would have on the yearly average temperature.

I remember when winter in Colorado got started with the first snow storm of the season around Halloween and it was winter all the way into April. Then about eight years ago I saw a fly in my room in the middle of January. That is January in Colorado. Today the worry is, will there be enough snow to support the water supply. The winters in Colorado are clearly drier. The last two winters were warmer than they have been in the last five years. Starting later, like well into November before it decides to be really cold. And, finishing as late as the middle of June. Cutting the growing season in the high country by two months.

This year winter was mild as long as you weren't out in the middle of the night throwing newspaper as I was. The high country got really good snow in some areas, but not enough snow in others. Enough snow overall that there will not be water restictions this year, but it has been extremely dry, regardless. Which without some substantial rain could be a very big issue associated with fire danger.

Evangelicals will tell you that the signs we are seeing are coming as the result of our disrespect of God. A need, I believe, is to project an image of God, that has nothing to do with anything but fear and paranoia. And, certainly, nothing to do with the reality we face, or the means to help us all survive. Basically, a need to feed a them and us mentality, designed to foster inaction on the part of those just skeptical enough think irrationally and not a focus on results that could change the situation.

Corporations will tell you that industrial output has nothing to do with global warming. Arguing that science is inexact at best. Because,"we all know that these extremes in climate have been here before..." What makes it any different now, than then? The output of carbondioxide.

There is plenty of science to suggest that carbondioxide is the major concern pursuant to global warming. It is the rate of carbondioxide output in the last two hundred years that has dramatically changed global temperatures. The speed with-which the rain forests of the world are being destroyed in favor of more commercial landscapes. Commerce willing to ignore the fact that without some means to replace the planet life that can turn carbondioxide back into oxygen is why carbondioxide levels are getting out of control. Think back to the danger the astronauts of Apollo 13 faced because their oxygen scrubbers are getting saturated.

I have read the Bible many times. At times, feeling as though I am the very servant that these people talk about. But, more times than not, as the very skeptic these people rail against. Anytime religion is used for anything beyond accounting to self and others, it is my belief that they are playing politics. Matthew Chapter 7, speaks out about the nature of judgement. What you believe about others, must and is most certainly, judged about you as well. I would rather focus attention on my shortcomings and how best to remedy them, because that is what makes me a better man.

If one is trying to bring about the end of the world because they would rather be right than be rational, then they may be able to get people to agree who are just as irrational as they are. All I know is that fueling the thought process of bringing about the end of the world, will help bring it about. Because some people will insist on feeling helpless and therefore justified to feed the proccess. Just know that on December 22nd, 2012, some people will likely be going to jail for exercising they distorted beliefs to an unnecessary and irresponsible extreme.

Where as I see the role of religion about seeking answers and hope. Speaking to the better nature of what makes us human. The Age of Enlightenment was about man seeing his own godlike potential being realized. Jesus spoke on that very subject. "You can do greater miracles than even I".

I imagine, that when man first started to see the world less instinctively and more thoughtfully, the things he saw both frightened him and fascinated him. Ideas such as projecting an image of something all powerful and all knowing comes to mind as a way to make sense out of things seen and heard, but not understood.

The world looks flat, why wouldn't it be flat, unless you could envision it as you look at the moon, or see it from outer space. Lightening, if you did not have the means to see it as an electrical discharge, how would you best describe it? Fire, it keeps me warm, it seems to make what I eat taste better, but it hurts me if I touch it. And, if I am not very careful, it will destroy everything in sight. My friend does not move anymore. And, after many days the smell is really, really bad. I could go on with this, but I think the point is made.

Man in the early stages needed to make sense out of the world he was facing. Of all other species on earth, he had the ultimate advantage. An opposable thumb with an extra joint, that made it possible to grasp any and all objects firmly. It is this advantage that made the thought process in man advance in ways that other creatures were not capable of making. Other primates have the same basic capability of thought, but man's extra joint gave rise to the a more creative thought process of experimentation. This does not work, how about this. The wheel, the first of it's kind could easily have been created in such a way. And, once that advent took place, the world was off and running.

But, man was and still is very fearful creature. Over the ages, he was and is still faced with events that both confuse and frighten him. His need has been to explain these things in ways that make them digestible. But, today, with so much science to back our description of the world around us with measurable fact, why do some people insist on trying to confuse or confound the issue?

The Industrial Revolution of the 19th century was and is the driving force behind the greatest advancement in technology and living standards the world has ever known. With America as the primary driving force. A world that was primarily agricultural as a fundamental need to survive, became more innovative, and therefore creative in the means of and ways of which survival was possible.

Although food, shelter, and water are still basic to all needs of survival, the ways and means of making these things available has become more creative. And, yet we are more vulnerable. Today, if the machine stops moving for any number of reasons, millions of people will suffer because they won't be able to go to the grocery store sustain themselves. The water supply will shutdown. And shelter without preventative maintenance will decay. We are totally dependent upon outsiders to support us. Where as in times past people mostly fended for themselves.

It is that recognition of our interdependence that is being used to suggest that our society is being threatened by socialism. A failure to understand that we need each other to survive, or a total denial of the fact that without each other we will not survive.

With that dependency in mind, profiteering has taken on many new faces, not the least of which is manipulating the supply and demand of oil to gouge consumers at the pump. And, then claim that tensions in the Middle east are to blame. At the same time, and for many years now, new technology that could free our dependence on foreign oil has been bought out and shelved in the name of maintaining the status qua.

All I know is this! If I were God and I wanted to get peoples attention, I would use the planet to get the point across. If God does exist, Global Warming could be his/her way of telling the world the time has come to stop playing games and get real. You have the thought processes necessary to avoid disaster... use it. Wealth will become meaningless when the world as a whole is starving to death, and you make for a good meal and not a dinner guest.

Simply put, the time has come to stop playing games with the facts, or buying someone off to manipulate the facts. The time has come to stop thinking in terms of profits, and focus on the sacrifices that will need to be faced to get out from under this global warming nightmare. To stop evangelicals from using these events to harvest fear, and therefore inaction on our part.

To me the key is to enhance the photosynthesis process. Help the environment generate more oxygen out of the massive amounts of carbon dioxide that is generated by industrial output and just good old fashioned breathing. And find effective ways to reduce the same industrial output of carbon dioxide. And, stop pretending that industrial output isn't capable of such an extreme output of carbon dioxide.

What industrialists are ignoring from science is the fact that at not time in history has the output of carbondioxide been so extreme. The measuring of carbondioxide in ice drillings has been more pronounced in the past two hundred years than in any of the millions of years prior...ever. With the only exception of extreme volcanic output. But extreme volcanic output is only limited to the general area of that same output. Mount Saint Helen should effectively demonstrate the point. Or even the skies over Europe when the volcanic activity was recently making it's presence felt from Iceland.

I am not a genius. I am just a guy who thinks that when we work together for a common goal, that is good for all of us, it's worth the effort to talk about it.

For me, the point was made clear about global warming when I saw two photographs from outer space. They were both taken over the northern polar ice cap. One in 1979, and the other in 2003. The position of the photographs was from almost the exact same angle. They came from a National Geographic Magazine, in 2003. The one in 1979 show the ice around the polar ice cap reaching all the way to northern Russia. The one in 2003, showed how much the ice cap had receded, since 1979. Roughly, an area about half the size of the United States, to 3/4ths. But, more importantly, the receding ice has made it possible for new harbors to open in Russia.

What I see for myself, is that water in Colorado is based on snow pack. The winter months in the last 30 years has changed radically. Snow fall has decreased from September into January. Increased somewhat from January into April. Cold comes on later in the year and leaves later in the new year. The growing season in the high country ( 7 thousand feet and higher) in the last few years has been much shorter.

The bottom line, is that the time has come, or is very likely past, when efforts to reduce the effect of global warming will reach dangerous levels. An increase in microbial life forms such as viruses, plant life, insects, threaten our ability to stop them or cure them. Water levels are rising all over the world. Places like New Orleans are proving to be very vulnerable. Warmer oceans are releasing methane and helping to increase carbon dioxide levels even more than industrial output. Warmer ocean temperatures is also effecting weather patterns. I don't remember ever seeing much tornado activity in colder months, as I have seen in the last few years. And, I think the most telltale sight of global warming will be when the areas associated with the equator start experiencing mass migrations to the north and south because of the heat.

The time has come to recognize that human life, all plant life and animal life alike are vulnerable to the conditions around us. The earth should not be seen any differently. She is as vulnerable as the rest of us. It should not take too much imagination to understand the effect nuclear war would have on the planet, as a whole. With that, it's not that hard for me to imagine heat in America that would be like living along the equator right now. What would temperatures like that in Amerca mean for those people who live along the equator now. How about hot enough to cause your skin to start frying?!? Right now the earth needs it's inhabitants to wake up and help her to help herself, because without her life does not exist, period.


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