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The Unabomer: A Story Depicting One of America's Most Dangerous Domestic Terrorists

Updated on February 17, 2016


The Unabomber also known as ted kaczynski was one of the most intelligent serial murderers of the United States. He opposed modern society and industrialization because of the loss of wilderness and social injustice he believed that made lives miserable. He became a successful mathematician after college, this led many to understand what his extreme rebelliousness and isolation has transformed him into since then. The field of mathematics is known for it’s introverted majors that have contrasting views about what reality is and how it should be. The loss of traditional ways and nature was believed to be the cause of extreme alienation in civilization. As he retreated to his survivalist lifestyle he became fully immersed with creating attacks to carry out on civilization. kaczynski was considered to be one of the most intelligent serial killer capable of initiating secret attacks while leaving false clues while residing in the recluse mountains of Montana. The “unabomber”,. was a code name that was taken from the FBI and updated by the media in order to have some form of identification for him.

Kaczynski was capable of catching the FBI's attention with his homemade sophisticated bombs releasing fire upon his civilian victims. Kaczynski’s bomb making tactics were highly sophisticated but not so severe in damage.They seemed to have been crafted out of the most simplest of tools that an average homeowner would posses. This gave him the name of the “Junkyard Bomber.” Crafting bombs out of simple scrap and explosives was proof of his intelligence, He could not be identified easily because of these simple elements used for his attacks. Over time he has improved his strategies of disguised bombings when most of his victims received multiple unforgettable injuries that has even torn down some of their body parts.

Manifesto of the Unabomber

The ultimate manifesto of this enraged domestic terrorist was to fulfill his agenda of overthrowing the industrial modern technological society of today. He was willing to continue his bombings until his goal of transforming modern life was acknowledged by the mass media. He wanted his manifesto documents to be published and looked upon as significant by the government. In his words, Industrialism was the major flaw in human history that has multiplied the man made social, environmental and economical issues we suffer from today. It is the source of all manipulation that spurs from power hungry corporations developing technology as a restrictive force that leverages the efforts of all human advantages to their profit.

He was labeled a terrorist by the authorities but his actions and his drive would never be criticized by believer conspiracy theorists because of his belief of reality.Followers of this man would agree with his logic but many would appease it to avoid being seen as an accomplice.Many of the Kaczynski's weapons were so advanced that they actually removed the traces of the explosions led by them. By the time he began to target airline flights, he decided to test his new skills. He proceeded to purchase elements that would eliminate all traces of smoke and obvious evidence in plan for a major airline attack that would leave very few survivors.


Kaczynski's Motives & bomb creations

Direct attacks coming from Kaczynski were an expression of anger for the noncompliance of society for not publishing and considering the proclaimed importance of his founded principles of true well being in society. ‘’The System”, a term used to describe the systematic roots of control affecting the masses was accessed by the manifesto that was geared towards restoration of nature by undoing technological progress and industrialism. Human action is considered to be controlled by the government and corporations that add their influence into all aspects of the masses with the self-amplification of technology. Scientific Studies are funded by them, entertainment is provided by them as a way of distraction and temporary ecstasy from the stresses of society.

As for the Unabombers spontaneous attacks on unsuspecting people, he felt that his intentions were completely necessary to create as much tension as possible in society for it to finally break down on it’s own. There was no use in increasing awareness of nature, real human values and a free life but the system had to be attacked from the inside with chaos enough to leave many people in confusion. This type of scenario in society will force people to find the issue and solve it while in cooperation. The ultimate fear of leftism and his manifesto is humans becoming futile in society that is perfecting technology to the point of replacing human work. This is the most important consequence non action and allowing the system to grow in continuation. Most of ted’s bombings would have required $20000 in reparations cases, all of them were made in the forest environments he resided in.

These types of investigations can give investigators a sense of how the man would remain anonymous from interaction while carrying out his plans. The fact that separated him from being considered a serial killer was that he killed very few people, but injured many, His bombings were meant to be surprises and not mass murders, they would be camouflaged enough to call upon the curiosity of the observer before igniting. The bombs would have pieces of wood in both ends of in surfaces, this made the explosions less lethal and more likely to injure its surroundings of people. He would always target locations before targeting actual people such as college professors that were in grave risk of becoming another victim in his cases. He had a personal preference of targeting people that were just like his former self in society. The Successful college made career holders that were killed were not related to each other but they had similar careers in common.

Inside the mind of an extremist

Many believe that kaczynski’s rage was caused by a hazardous psychological experiment that has unfortunately traumatized it’s volunteers to the point of increased aggression. Harvard University might have been the creator of his terrorist ways, But he had an internal mission, capable of opposing those who believed in society and justice. The experiment included extreme humiliation of undergraduates. After suffering the trauma he has developed a fixation with hate against technology, His critiques against technology were bred from his hate and disparity. As the years passed it became much more organized and grandiose, like his blaming of the industrial revolution.

The mentioning of “the system” arrived as soon as he started living in the wilderness. It may seem that the experiment was how he became what he is now but it is only considered what made him violent. Psychological trauma and torment can spring feelings of hate to the attacker or something associated with the cause of torment. Usually the tormented become the tormentors and the enemies to others. The table’s are always able to turn because of humanity's ability of adaptation for survival. Ted was only an Undergraduate student at the time of his misery, at such a young age it could have been easy to change his beliefs of reality according to the event.

The shape that was taken from the event was a negative one and so it did not lead to a considerable future for Ted. Many shocking conspiracy theories revolve around kaczynski being programmed to kill in a CIA funded control experiment. Ted's brother was capable of believing this theory because the paranoia and change of character he has analyzed from his brother. He asked many conspiratorial questions that are very controversial to the entire U.S government. Kaczynski could have just been a guinea pig used for all types of experiments to carry out this new anti-social behavior into the world.

But why kaczynski? It seems that many intelligent American students somehow become mass murderers or most wanted serial killers and terrorists. These types of conspiracies are new and often discussed between believers who analyse the media for its hidden lies. Many people find it strange that most of the dangerous killers in this country are of high intelligence and were formerly productive members of society that were non-violent. These types of people would have never been thought of as killers, they were known as calm people who fit in society they were overachievers who cared about their future. For these brilliant young adults to be hunted by authorities is just a major surprise to many conspiracy believers.


Kaczynski became a revolutionary figure with his multitude of theories included in the manifesto. One of them explaining his “power drive” plan to destroy the system that doesn’t serve its people. His actions were provocative to the FBI and unnecessary for change but it was a wake up call for the many that should rethink society and how it is shaped. Does it truly creator happiness through effort and years of sacrifice? Or does it enslave and reinforce suffering of humanity or even multiply it by changing the role of technology serving Humans to Humans serving Technology. His intelligence about bomb making and evidence reduction made him one of the hardest criminals to catch being the most dangerous domestic terrorist of his time. His beliefs are what make him unique to other criminals, He didn’t kill enough people to be considered “serial” but his philosophy has given society a new scapegoat for conspiracy. If technology were to completely eliminate our freedom will we experience an entire revolution of government in America?

Historical Capture of the Famous Serial Killer

Location of the Unabomber's Capture

Lincoln, Montana:
Lincoln, MT 59639, USA

get directions

Approximate location where the FBI finally captured Ted kaczynski, after an 18 year search.


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