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The United States Economy Right Now!

Updated on June 4, 2009

For the day of May 15, 2009, America is experiencing more economic problems than ever before as unemployment continues to rise and Americans suffer the effects of the catastrophic global financial crisis. Recently there has been a crisis to the Social Security and Medicare funds but it’s not like this problem just began, the depletion of these two trusts’ has always been a problem and will become a problem again sometime after the year 2030. As Chrysler and General Motors shut down dealerships, the unemployment rate will rise again tomorrow and the U.S. government will have to fund those new unemployment insurance claims until that source of funding becomes entirely depleted. As predicted correctly, Americans are traveling less this summer so a lot of airlines will experience the hardship of less consumer spending. This may lead to Continental and United Airlines terminating employment positions too. Prices at the pump are slowly going back up again so expect to pay more for gas this summer like you did last summer.

I always thought high school History and World History I and II in college were so boring that the topics being discussed about this war and that war, were as dry as the Sahara Desert with nothing interesting about the topics whatsoever. By doing an Internet search on for ‘Great Depression’ and reading about this historical event, this topic wasn’t as dry as the Sahara but rather more interesting because it clearly showed the mistakes that was made. Well, isn’t that what life is about? Learning from our mistakes without ever repeating them? The stock market crashed during the Great Depression and yet it crashed again in 2008. Well, who caused the stock market to crash? Who? I’ll tell you who. Tax and finance lawyers manipulated financial institutions across the globe into funding their schematic fraudulent business operations. CNN never reports stories about what lawyers really do, only what already happened and how they carried out their bad legal tactics. Then there’s that idiot lawyer being interviewed by CNN, the one on Bernard Madoff’s team of lawyers, who ended up serving time because he wasn’t smart enough to study criminal law and manipulate its legal terminology to save him from going to the big house. Once the smarter lawyers, those that work for global law offices, learn every possible law in the U.S. and other countries, you know they will scheme up something and Ponzi scheme they did. But, the “Ponzi” lawyers, the smarter lawyers, ended up not serving time because they already know a law that we don’t and it’s called the “Bill of Bad Lawyers Don’t Go To Jail!” law. Oh I should’ve been a lawyer, I could’ve retired right after law school after putting a new law into effect which is, audit the bad guys, not the good guys!

One solution to America’s bad economy: audit the entire U.S. government system as well as the Internal Revenue Service and report only the monies that were abused between 1978, the year I was born, and 2020. You might see money already being taken out for “projected forecast planning” that won’t begin until the year 2020. “Projected forecast planning” for example the development of a new war tank that can go magically undetected but won’t see the light of day and that will be the same day when the Social Security and Medicare funds have become completely exhausted. Audit the Iraq War too! These audit reports will clearly have the answers for Americans about America’s money, where it all went, why the stock market crashed (the problem began in the United States), why Americans are losing their jobs, and why the economy is so bad right now. Obama signing a 98-billion dollar war package for Iraq surely will make more Americans angry especially those who are already unemployed but it’s not Obama’s fault, it’s the “people” above him who made him sign away all that money. If (and this is a big “IF”) America was at war with Iraq since 1992 and the U.S. government paid 98-billion dollars to support the war each year, that would be 1.666 trillion dollars spent; 98 multiplied by 17 years is how I came up with that number. That’s, by banking terms, ahem, 1,666,000,000,000,000.00, one-trillion, six-hundred and sixty-six billion, and 00/100 cents. Hey look, I see a devil, 666! That’s a huge load of money, money that could be used right now to keep Americans employed and the U.S. economy financially secured! Oh wait, my audit report is off, America has been at war with Iraq since 1991, hide all that money for that entire year and don't discuss where it went or if it got sent to the right people.

I say develop an immediate plan to put Americans back into the work force and implement that plan today! Call it the “Bill of Unemployment Rights!” Oh wait, we already have that bill, just don’t fund or talk about it. Get a working team of lawyers to write new laws for a bill called “Bill for Great Depression Mistakes!” Just don’t hire the lawyers interviewed by CNN that took part in the fraudulent global financial crisis operation or you might have to write yet another law, and a new one, that immediately frees them from prison. In the meantime borrow money from the Social Security and Medicare funds to develop new war tanks for 2020, Ponzi needs some money too, and ignore the problem that the United States has been at war with Iraq since 1991. Next year, maybe we can shoot for 100 billion to fund the war on terrorism. Also, all you lawyers working for global law firms continue writing confusing legal terminology so that the public won’t ever be aware of what’s really happening but at least give them a hint that the “Great Depression of 2020” will be inevitable.


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