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Mandating Sterilization for Government-Subsidized Individuals

Updated on November 18, 2011

Last time I checked, everyone in the USA gets one vote, yet not everyone is treated equally. Some people pay taxes, others do not. Some people are responsible citizens, some people milk the system. On this particular issue, I have a solution.

Wasted Tax Payer Dollars
Wasted Tax Payer Dollars


The issue is with people that constantly have children they cannot afford and expect the government to pay for their bad judgment. This happens all the time. I have a coworker with a daughter that had two children before she turned 18. She’s been on government assistance for five or six years now. She can even take her kids to day care and pay $1 a day, while working families that exercised good judgment pay full price. She gets free medical care for her children, while I pay through the nose.

Perhaps it’s like the movie Idiocracy, but it seems to me that people that can’t afford to have children, have the most children. People like me that pay taxes and work hard are expected to pay for these other people’s children. This is unfair.

Written Agreement
Written Agreement


If you exercise bad judgment and have one child that you cannot afford to take care of, the government will help you only if you sign a written agreement that states you won’t have any more children until you are financially able to support them. If you exercise bad judgment again and have another child prior to being able to financially support this child, you can ask the government for assistance, however, if you choose to receive assistance, you will be sterilized.

This solution may seem harsh, but it is fair, especially to those of us that exercise good judgment. Also, this isn’t a one mistake and you’re penalized approach – I am not advocating sterilization after the first child, but only after the second.


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    • profile image

      Laura 6 years ago

      Anyone who has more than one child is being socially irresponsible, which is much worse than financial irresponsibility. Also, looking at the cause for supposed "financial irresponsibility" would be much more useful than condemning people for being poor. Is it the case that these people are poor because they are lazy (an ignorant view) or because they have been abandoned by the state and are undereducated, and haven't been given the opportunity to develop professionally (likely)? Or, perhaps, they are poor because (a common example) some greedy corporate manager exploited their labor and underpaid them? Is the greedy corporate manager more fit to have children because he got a bonus from the top for cutting hours of the little guys?

      The issue is not if "they" (the individuals bearing children) have the resources to produce humans, but if "us" the community/government has the resources, and if we're willing to treat people humanely, or to look at them as less due to their class status.

    • profile image

      concerned 6 years ago

      I agree... how do we get our law makers to listen to this? I work in the emergency room and see soooo many people who don't work, who are on government assistance in one form or another and they don't even feel embarassed about it.... it almost seems like they feel it's a entitlement. Makes me mad. These "aid" systems were made to assist people in need, provide them a float/stepping stone so they can get out of the rut and provide for themselves and their family. It was never meant for people to be on it for years and years and years; some of them even pass it on to their children and then it becomes a cycle and generations after generations live on the welfare system. These "dead beats" take funds away from people who really need them, who are hard-working but just need a little help. They also take funds away from our elderly and our very young.... very upsetting.

    • tamarawilhite profile image

      Tamara Wilhite 6 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas

      Another solutions is simply mandating long term contraception. For example, require an IUD or Norplant injection of every female member of reproductive age in a household receiving WIC, subsidized housing, SNAP / food stamps, disability payments, etc. If the family wants more children, they must work their way out of poverty.

      And by requiring all females (including minors over 12) to receive the contraception, there are no illegitimate children born into these households to teenagers.


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