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The United States is a Corporation ... and so are You

Updated on November 22, 2017

Two Different Americas

The United States is different from the United States of America. There is also a difference between an American Citizen and a United States Citizen. The flags used to represent these two things are also different. An American Flag has the stripes vertically, while the United States Flag has the stripes horizontally. People all the time are flying and saluting the flag, but really have no idea about the differences in the two. Most people also do not realize how paying allegiance to which flag affects their rights.

An American has different rights than does a Citizen of the United States. The two have different Constitutions, and even different laws. This is why we often see our government doing things that we think are in violation of the Constitution, but they never get in trouble. It's because they really are not violating anything; we only think they are. Most people don't know or understand how things really work.

State Of vs State

Most people believe that we have 50 states in the Union, but there are really 100 states. There are 101 states, if you count the State of Israel. Have you ever wonder why the United States defends and funds the State of Israel, even when it's against the will of the people? Because, Israel is a state of the United States, that's why.

Every state of the United States is actually two states. Using Texas as an example, there is the "State of Texas" and "Texas State." There is not just one Texas; there are two, and this applies to every state in the Union.

When the name of the state is followed by the word "State" (Texas State), this is the landmass known as Texas. When the words "State of" appear before the name of the state (State of Texas), this is the Federal Government operating within the boundaries of the landmass known as Texas. So, the "State of Texas" is the Federal Government; "Texas State" is the State Government.

There are two different governments operating within the borders of every state in our country. This means we always have two different governments operating at the same time. This is very effective at keeping us from understanding what is really happening in what we believe to be our government. It also has a fundamental effect on us being able to understand what our rights actually are.


The United States and the United States of America are different. Similar to how things work at the state level, there are also two distinctly different Federal governments operating within the borders of the country as well.

America is a landmass; the United States of America (USA) is the United States (US) operating within the borders of the landmass known as America. The United States is not a country; it's not even a government. The United States is a corporation, It is exactly the same as Ford, Google, Amazon, or any of the rest of it. The United States is a corporation -- not a country or government.

Employees of the United States are called Citizens. Walmart calls its employees Associates; the United States Corporation calls its employees Citizens. The only thing you have to do to get the job is admit to being a "US Citizen." Are you a US Citizen? If you have ever filled out a job application, you are an employee of the United States. As an employee, you better do what they tell you and follow all the rules -- whether you like it or not. You don't tell your employer how things are going to be; they tell you -- and you better do it too, if ya know what's good for ya. Yeah, that's the way it works and we all know it.

A very long time ago, our country worked in a way that the people were in charge of the government; now the government is in charge of the people. The United States Corporation was incorporated in Delaware in 1871, and was granted permission to do so by the throne of England. It is called the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.

This made us employees of the British Royal Family as well as the United States Corporation, and we are supposed to be making money for them. Making money is exactly what we do for them, yet we don't know anything at all about it. The United States Corporation (through our birth certificate documentation) legally owns our physical bodies, England legally owns the United States, and the Pope legally owns England -- this is outrageous, but very true. Therefore -- the Pope owns you -- by law. The Pope owns, as property, your physical body.

Have you ever wondered why they always show us on TV anything that happens with the Royal Family or the Pope? Why should we care anything at all about the Pope, or the British Royal Family? They don't show us other religious leaders or Royal Families. Why would they show these people to us and not others who hold similar positions? They must be somehow very important to us; it is because they own us -- of course they are going to put the owners on TV for us to see.

The Founding Fathers of our country really would not be happy to know what has happened.

The US Makes Money off of Illegal Aliens

We have a major problem in our country with illegal immigrants; huge numbers of people are pouring over the border every year illegally. The United States Corporation does not care about illegals entering the country; they care weather or not the person is "documented."

Politicians never say "illegal immigrant," or "illegal alien;" they use the term "undocumented worker." The only thing that any person is to them is a worker. It is just like at any job; you better be a "good worker." You better do what you are told too, if you don't want to have trouble.

"Undocumented" people are not worth money, and that is what the whole thing is actually about. You can't be worth money until you are "documented." This "documentation" starts at birth with the "birth certificate" for those who are born here, but there is no such "documentation" for those entering illegally; this is why they push for a path to "citizenship" rather than deportation. They cannot put you up for trade -- or sell you -- on the New York Stock Exchange without proper documentation. They also cannot borrow money on you, as collateral, until you become "documented." This is why they don't really ever do anything about illegal aliens, or the problem with our border being wide open. It has nothing to do with helping anyone, empathy, or kindness; it is about money -- it is always about money.

Many people are convinced that illegal immigration is going to make our country go broke, but it will do no such thing. That's just what they want you to think, so you will go along with whatever they want. This is just one of the ways they keep you upset, and distracted from what is actually going on.

When "undocumented workers" become "documented workers," the US makes money off of them. That is why it is so important to allow illegals to come into the country. After coming into the country, they can then be documented and start generating money.

When someone does come into this country (corporation) illegally, the government puts "a lien" on them, just like "a lien" on a car or some other property. This is part of the reason we call them "aliens." Undocumented workers are people who have "a lien" on them, so they are "aliens." An "illegal alien" is nothing more than an "undocumented worker" with "a lien" on them. When they become "documented" the lien goes away; after there is no longer "a lien" on the person, money can be made. A lien on a Human Being? This is ridiculous, insane, and outrageous, but absolutely true.

The whole world is nothing but business; the whole thing is just a giant corporation. Everything that can be a corporation is one -- you are even a corporation -- whether you like it or not. There are two of you; one is a corporation that is subject to a bunch of man-made nonsense. The other is a Natural Person living under Natural Law. There are two types of law. Natural Law is the "law of the land," whereas International Maritime Admiralty Law is the "law of the sea." Natural Law applies to Americans, while International Maritime Admiralty Law applies to US Citizens. It would be very wise for all of us to do some research on these things. We need to understand how these words, terms, and laws are used, what they mean, and how they apply to our lives. This is all very complicated and confusing. It is made this way purposefully to keep us exactly where they want us -- unaware and uneducated as to what our rights really are.

Many Presidents and political leaders have said that the keys to freedom can only be found in an "informed and educated" public. It is time to do some research; turn off that TV and get busy learning about things that are important. We are nearing the last days of our Republic, if we do not start to take an interest and begin to understand these things.

You are Two People

Each of us really are legally two separate individual entities. There is the personal you, the real Natural Person that came from your mother and father; then there is the fake unnatural corporation that is legally you. The fake "corporation you" is only about the business of the world (this is why on all legal documents your full name appears in capital letters, because it represents the "corporation you"), but you are not a corporation; you are a person -- a Human being. Under Natural Law, a Human being could never be a corporation -- or the property of another person. However, under International Maritime Admiralty Law, you are not only property of other people -- you are owned by a corporation.

Sometimes, people have heated debates as to whether or not a corporation should be legally regarded as a "person." The way the law has been written makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference. Every person is already a corporation anyway, and corporations are made up of people; therefore, corporations are people -- by law. If you owe someone some money or have wronged someone somehow, the only thing they can legally do is take you to court. If they physically assault you, they will end up in court anyways, so court becomes the only option available for people to resolve disputes. People should be able to work out problems among themselves, and under Natural Law they do; but not corporations, they legally have only one option to resolve disputes, and that is to go to court. This is why we have to go to court -- because we are legally corporations subject to International Maritime Admiralty Law. Natural People, subject only to Natural Law, do not need courts to resolve disputes.

We have no Idea what's Really Going on

There is much more to this story, much more than we will probably ever understand. We were never meant to know or understand any of this. From a much wider perspective, there is something happening in this world, and on this planet, that we don't know anything about. When it all comes down to it, we have no idea what is really going on, or how this world actually works. What does it actually mean the way this is all set up? What does it actually mean that our country is governed by an owned corporation? What does it actually mean that the people (that's us, all of us) are legally owned property? Well, it means -- we are all slaves.


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    • Jason Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Horne 

      4 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your beliefs.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 

      4 years ago

      I have to disagree with virtually everything you say. I as a person, chose to go to college. I had a career as a newspaper reporter, working for a paper owned by an individual--who never told me what to write or not write. I am married to the woman I met more than 35 years ago by chance on a blind date. I have an adopted son. Any civilization is going to have a system of commerce, and we have many corporations that contribute to that commerce. Those corporations invest in other corporations. They create spin-off companies for special services. All the companies use other companies for the parts they need down to cleaning supplies. I have my investments in stocks, through an annuity. I receive annual income from that which I divide into 12 equal parts for the year. My investment instrument has a clause that my annual payout can never be less than the prior highest amount. Thus, one good year assures me of a good annual return.

      We live in the greatest country on this earth. We have problems. Some of our political leaders are crooked. Some are inept, and some are lazy. We allow political parties and lobbyists, which includes corporations, the AARP, the American Medical Association, Veteran organizations and other to exert too much influence or the politicians are too weak to say no or too uninformed to ask questions. With all of those faults, there is no place I would rather live. Remember the constitution begins, "We, the people... No, we do not have a true democratic government. We have a representative form because town-hall meetings on every issues would be impossible and for our own protection, some things, such as locations of strategic weapons have to be kept secret, if they are to be effective.

      The United States is a nation of people. Some people create corporations that grow and employ people. Some people are self-employed. Others work for privately owned companies.

      I really like what we have. Can we make it better--absolutel. However, we, the people, have to put forth the effort, and that effort begins by electing people based on their abilities and not their party affiliation.

      Thank you.

    • SouradipSinha profile image

      Souradip Sinha 

      4 years ago from Calcutta

      Better not to know all things, else we will remain utterly confused!

      This topic is important and you can spread awareness about this dual-citizenship thing. :)

    • Jason Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Horne 

      4 years ago

      People are starting to know this type of thing, but the majority probably don't know. Socrates said "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." There is more we don't know than we do know and in relation to all that is able to be known, we know as close to nothing as you can get.

    • SouradipSinha profile image

      Souradip Sinha 

      4 years ago from Calcutta

      Seriously?? :O There are two different entities? I guess 99 % of the Americans (or, US citizens) will not know this thing.!!


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