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The Untested Claim

Updated on July 22, 2017

"So which of these two?"

"Which of what?"

"Land or water? Where should I settle?"

"What makes you choose Piggy?"

"I am finally settling down after marriage. I need to have a permanent settlement somewhere, I can't hop around as freely & carelessly , as roughly & joyfully, as stupidly &..."

"Ok wait right there, are you happy settling down or immensely missing the fun being single & carefree?"

"I am happy Puggy, but somewhere down the line.."

"You miss being single and carefree and happy?"

"Yes, I do"

"It sounds so nice! You doofus! Thanks God for not having me settled, How happy I am seeing my friend so depressed just at the thought of bearing a family. loser!!"

"How sadist and insensitive! I shared my feelings and.."

"Ok ok, I shared my happy feelings with you too. Ok idiot, what's the problem? Where is your inclination?"

"I don't have any inclination. Stop talking like those career counsellors who act as though they have figured out the 'essence of life' shit. They are the most idiotic people I could find anywhere- sucking everywhere they go and then finally suggesting others where not to suck!"

"Okay, Pig, enough, Land or water?"

"That's what I am asking you ass!"

"We are frogs, we can survive anywhere!"

"No, we can't. We need land for hibernation, most of the preys reside on land, water provides the best ecosystem for babies, the summers are best spent in water, land provides shelter and more safety from is really confusing."

"But look at the pitfalls too. Land has many predators compared to only fishes (whom we can outsmart)and Sareena, the monster shark, who comes at a particular time of the day. Whereas the rocks over there have many unknown dangers, including the havoc creator - Man"

"Yes, but the babies will be safer in the holes we dig, then there are modern era survival schools, Frog Food Association where we can get easily available food and many other important benefits. We were a population of 1000 but now only 438 remain. The people here are contemplating the same move. The life there must be very awesome!"

"I don't know man. This land feature is new to our world. This pond has been our ancestral home, I will always be speculative of leaving this place. I think we should consult some knowledgeable grey haired personality. Maybe a family planning person?"

"Oh no dude, they all are thugs"

"That's an untested claim. Not everybody is like that! Plus the people you are talking about, those who left, had all been advised by them. Maybe they can change your life."

"Okay, if you say so"

"Hi Mr. Snail. It is always so refreshing to meet you. Ever since the treaty has been signed between our communities, you guys have been extremely helpful to us. And it is the same reason why I am here."

"Thanks for the geniality Pug. We do reciprocate the feelings and are very thankful that the treaty happened. So what brings you here?"

"My friend Piggy here needs some advice. You have been instrumental in reforming many lives around us. Most of the frogs that have gone to the 'Rock World' have never returned, guess they are really not missing their ancestral home."

"Ohh sure, I will definitely guide you Piggy. Please fill out the form for us. All the details that are required and meanwhile, I'll keep explaining you."

"Mr. Snail, can I go along with him. I'll return the very next day"

"Oh no Puggy, this is a serious immigration procedure that we follow. Nobody is allowed to go without filling up the form and we don't arrange a return journey. By the clause 2, you have to stay there compulsorily for 15 days."

"What if I don't like it there?"

"That's why I am here for. I'll allay all your reservations."


"That was quite a meeting Pug. Well I am all set to leave tomorrow."

"Yeah, but I still don't get why they asked your & your family's biological details?"

"Whatever. Maybe for record"

"I think I should come along, secretly"

"What if they find out?"

"I smell sinister. They won't be able to find me"


"What!! What is happening here? Where are they? There are only females here? Where are our fellow brethren?"

"I don't know anything at all Pug. I am too scared. They'll be searching for us. We are missing for more than 4 hours now."

"They won't be searching us for any good. It is better we find the cause and inform everybody in the Pond Island"

"Pug, now I get it. The biological details were sent to the Dog D.O.G. who hunt down the healthy frogs for the purpose of experimentation that humans carry out on us. See the syringe down there, that is used by Man."

"So we are compromised! The entire Island! But why?"

"Because the treaty is nothing but a farce. The snails still behold a vendetta against us and are conspiring behind our back. This is all a set up made by our hunters: the dogs & the man."

"Why did the snails sign the treaty? Why not continue to attack us? Why this bluff?"

"Puggy, the quotes from Chanakya explains it very vividly-

There can be no peace or understanding between the snake and the mongoose, the goat and the tiger, or the lioness and the dog. Similarly, it is not possible for the sinner and the saint to come to a friendly understanding. If such a friendship exists, it must be superficial and hypocritical. In a nutshell, a true friendship is not possible between persons with contrasting temperaments.

We fell prey to personalities antithetical to our behavorial tendencies. We have different biological requisites, different thinking patterns and different ideological viewpoints about the world. There was a superficial relationship between us and this had to falter someday."

"This is not only applicable to our species but also everywhere, even for the most atrocious being on the planet. Man is devouring its own kind by getting into facade of fake relationships. There is anger and redressal everywhere. Countries come into trade agreements, political associations but there is no peace in the world. It is time that every entity realise the importance of genuine fondness and togetherness. It is time that we all stop focussing on the negativities but concentrate on the positivities in every being."

"Hey hey hey done with all those lecturing? Seriously that was long and boring! How to get out of here? We need to reach safely and bring, whatever shit about genuine relationship you blabbered, into action. It is getting real dark."

"Follow me. I left the 'fragmented secreta' of Sweety Pui on the sand. It will guide us where we came from"

"Fragmented secreta?? you mean sweat!! Oh man. Pig, seriously!!! eewww..."

"Just die here moron!"

"Oh wait. And btw you were right about your untested claim!"



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