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The Value of War: Why Must Good Conquer Evil?

Updated on September 30, 2017
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

War is a terrible idea to consider, but it is necessary for the maintenance of peace, safety, and well-being of humanity. Good must conquer evil. Because of War, America has its freedom. Because of war against madmen and nations who have risen to power only to destroy the lives of millions, the world is a peaceful and secure place today.

There must be war

Ambitious nations must be stopped if the world is going to avoid the chaos and fear that can result from evil conquest. For example, previous rogue nations such as Nazi Germany and Iraq had to be confronted or there would have been no barriers to their appetite to commit genocide and bring others under oppression.

War occurs because of the forces of good and evil. Because these two entities exist, one, or the other will always compete for dominance over human beings. The class of good and evil is the reason for a fallen world. In the beginning, good was the dominant force.

Wars must be fought to prevent greater wars. For example, if Iraq had been allowed to conquer Kuwait, the flames of war would have exploded across the Middle East and beyond. Evil wars increase wider conflicts if not eliminated. Madmen of rogue nations must be dealt a sharp blow to prevent them from eventually invading their neighbors.

The Value War Creates is Obvious:

  • It produces peace and safety
  • It prevents famine and disease
  • It Unites the World against Evil

War is needed. Some believe that war can be prevented at all cost. However, because there is a tendency toward greed, hatred, and self-ambition, the potential for war will always exist. The reality is that deep within mankind long for war.

The reality is that deep within mankind there is a longing for war.

Sports as War

On a shallow level, we are entertained by the activity of war. Two powerful entities going against one another. For instance, when two teams battle it out on the playing field, a type of war activity is going on. When two NFL tootball teams or two NBA basketball teams or two baseball teams clash, these can be considered as representations of opposing armies. To the fans of the home team, the opposing team is the enemy, attempting to come into the city to conquer.

War in Society

Then there is a war on a societal level. Every time law enforcement clash with evil entities in the community, war is at hand. If the law was not executed then evil entities will be allowed to run their full course, destroying the innocent as well as one another.

Bit if we attempt to prevent war as all cost, then we are deceiving ourselves. Evil cannot be satisfied with peaceful outcomes. The very nature of evil is to destroy that which is good. The only reason evil will embrace peace is to deceptively and eventually create sudden chaos.

What's Your Opinion on War?

Do You Think War is Necessary for Deterring Evil Conquest?

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The Biggest Mistake Regarding War

Therefore, going for peace at all cost must be avoided. If this is ignored, you will discover the gradual dominance of evil. In a society, good human values will slowly fade away. Neighborhoods and communities will take on an atmosphere of oppression due to the increasing danger of the darkening environment.

Fear will grip the people who desire peace for themselves and their families. Dangerous and reckless people will become more visible and drive good law abiding citizens into mental bondage. Intimidations, robberies, assaults and violent crimes will prevail.

On a global level, if a rogue nation is left to its own devices, it will destroy and conquer without impunity. Genocide will follow without shame or reservation.

Therefore, good men and women must stand up and prepare for war. Evil people and nations must be confronted by good people and nations. Now we see the value in war. Good must conquer evil. Ironically, without the world will be a desolate place.

© 2017 Stevie Glenn


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