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The Very Selective U.S. Military

Updated on July 4, 2014

During the draft years, which ended in 1973 or so, just about any derelict could get into the military to have a job or career. It was considered the place where "losers" go to find employment because if all was lost, you could be a grunt in the infantry. If you had minor criminal records you could have been given a choice by the judge- go to jail or enter the U.S. Army or Marines. The Court felt that would be punishment enough. It use to be that your physical condition really did not matter as long as you passed the very lax physical.

Since the volunteer army has been in effect, the military continues to make it harder to get in because they want quality over quantity. Look no further than the current ISIS versus Iraqi army situation as to why. There, a few thousand ISIS hardcore fighters were able to defeat and rout four Iraqi divisions totaling at least 20,000 men. Had even one division with quality stood and fought, ISIS might have had failure.

The military standards today to enter the U.S. military are much more stringent. Have a tattoo of a fish on the back of your next or other exposed area, you are rejected for it, even if you seem to be a superhero. If you are fat or obese to their standards (50 lbs. overweight), you are rejected. If you fail their entrance exam, you are rejected. Did not complete high school, it is a major strike against you. Have a drug record or dependence, rejected.

Each year 180,000 seek employment or careers by enlisting, of those, 28% are rejected for medical reasons, 31% percent for multiple reasons, 8% for drug related and another 5% for aptitude or moral conduct reasons. That leaves 29% that qualify. To attract better candidates with higher education, military bonuses attract many upon enlisting.

What does the U.S. military want? They want someone between 18-34 yrs. old, pass the exam with at least a score of 33 out of 99. no felonies, no illegal drug use, no diabetics, no over weight for a person's height and weight standards, U.S. citizen or foreigner with legal status, no tattoos on fingers, neck, face or exposed, no earrings or ear gauges, no ADHD issues. They want at least a high school diploma,

The military today is a trim and fit organization, at least when you enter! It is no longer considered for "losers".


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    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 

      4 years ago from Singapore

      Nice post Perrya. I congratulate you on following the priciple of BREVITY in your posts, unlike pointless verbose long posts by others which are difficult to read.


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