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The Vitriol of Election 2012.

Updated on November 11, 2012

Our divided world needs to come together.


Spewing Hatred

I have always been a pretty optimistic person and one who really never gave any thought to politics, until 2008. After spending election night 2000 and 2004 crying over the decision of voters in America, I felt energized when candidate Barack Obama won the Presidency in 2008.While many believe his platform and optimism was a tad reminiscent of the character Pangloss in the book "Candide", I believed he was the embodiment of the paradigm shift this country needed to move us forward into a changing world.

Barack Obama is a universal global citizen. Born in Hawaii, (as much as some people do not wish to believe) "Barry" Obama was the son of a white mother who hailed from the midwest. The idea that his mother married a Black man from Kenya and gave birth to a mulatto child would have been scandalous in that day and age.Barack lived in Indonesia and grew up not as a child of segregation and hatred, but one of acceptance and understanding. As our world morphs from an America where Caucasians are the primary race, to one where Latinos will become the majority, Barack embodies the new America, the one that works hard to maintain cultural diversity and to unify as people, rather than any one nationality.

The paradigm has shifted in our country and people are not happy about it. Specifically people in the deep south and those whose tolerance should be above reproach: Fundamental Christians. Of course, not all fundamental Christians fall in behind others, but there is a growing number of people who now are clamoring to secede from the union in the southern states of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and some of the "White supremacist states as well: Montana being one of them. Are we really that far backward to be living in this third dimensional reality in some of our cities and states?

Third Dimensional Thinking is Keeping us Stuck.

Most beings on the planet today base their actions predominantly on information they receive
from their survival, sexual, hierarchical, and territorial Instincts and news media propaganda.
Acting on these instructions makes people angry which leads them to be controlled by outside sources and easily aligned with the anger of others. The fact that people allow themselves to base decisions on this anger fuels their density making them tied more and more to the masses and the "cause" or group they identify with. If you notice how sports fans can align with their other team fans and treat the other team and their fan base with hatred and insensitivity, you will see how this works to a lesser degree. One only need reflect upon how people perceive others when they are not "winning" you will see how competition fuels the rage and the identification process. We also can see this is in organized religious parishioners who condemn others for not becoming part of their "fold" and in trying to convert others to their house of worship.

One need only look to the Stanford Prison Experiment which led students to turn on each other when given a "side" to take in a group exercise in a psychology course. Students who were the guards took their roles so seriously that they had to stop the experiment in order for people not to be harmed. I have seen this also in hazing in college sororities and fraternities as well as in the service, when people take their roles so seriously they miss the intentions camaraderie were meant to afford.

How does this all tie in with an election that was one of the first to be cast using social media more than any other? It proved that people cannot disagree politely. It showed that there are more people who do not wish to remain mired in the past and are ready to move forward into a brave new world. And it showed that the white vote was not the key to winning the election. More than anything it also provided a place for women to stand up and speak up about how men do not have the right to regulate their decisions and their bodies and that foolish comments about rape and birth control will not get them reelected.

I hope we can eventually all get along. I seriously feel we have an opportunity to learn how important it is to consider the whole and not just the upper class American who makes over $200K. For the lifes-blood of our country spoke and could not have made it any clearer. We are divided by logical fallacies and closed minds, spin doctors and closeted comments about our disadvantaged. We need to remember there but for the grace of God go we, to the "poor house" our ancestors so often spoke about in our childhood. Time to reassess, not dismiss, not secede, not demonstrate weakness of mind. Time to "buck up" you cannot always win, and even when your team loses you can be a good sport.

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