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The War Ends in Afghanistan in 2024

Updated on September 29, 2014

America's longest war just got longer by 10 years for 10,000 US troops who will be stationed in Afghanistan after 2014. Despite the troops being returned home and much of the equipment, NATO has pledged continued support until 2017 in all aspects, but the heaviest burden falls upon America.

American troops will be for training and security, but security is a huge umbrella and open to interpretation by the commanders there. They will be embedded with Afghan troops to bolster their morale and skills, but also to make sure they do not "cut and run" like the Iraqis have when no US troops are near. After spending billions in the war, its not over. American troops will have autonomy from Afghan laws and only will answer to American authorities.

Yet, there is a major impasse in the newly elected government there and both parties refuse to compromise. A New York Times reporter was expelled and his story quashed that revealed a group of persons were planning a coup to seize control. When the reporter was summoned to the US Embassy to reveal his sources, he refused. Thus, he was expelled from Afghanistan because publishing it there would destabilize and provoke Afghanistanis.

In effect, US troops will be garrisoning Afghanistan until 2024 extending the war lasting a total of 23 years! This should be a major news item in the media, especially American media, yet, there is nothing! At best, very little.

This news is very much under the radar for the American people.


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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 3 years ago from USA

      What does it mean? That our government is giving the corporations ten years to pilfer Afghanistan? Will it be enough time? DISGUSTING.