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The War for America – and the Evil within

Updated on November 8, 2017
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Grew up on Cape Cod, Mass, Army Vet., Fmr. Director of Energy Conservation programs, RE Agent, current residence the Space Coast, FL

There is a war being waged right now for America, what it stands for, what direction it will take in the world... it has been going on since its inception, in fact, it was founded on such.

Why is every move Trump makes blasted in the media? Why do we have reporters and Hollywood stars calling out for him to be assassinated, for the White House to be blown up?

Do you think the common man in Saudi Arabia has the ability to speak out against the ruling family in such fashion, to become a billionaire, run for President, choose his religion?

Do you think people in Venezuela, in Algeria, are trying to escape to America because they think their Socialist government is working for them? That it is anything more than the tyrannical oppression of the masses?

There were many Americans, more than 60 million who voted against Obama, and plenty that chose not to vote at all, who were concerned about having Barack Obama as President… and with good reason.

Barak Obama wasn’t his registered birth name, he had spent his formative years as a child living in Indonesia and attending an Islamic school, while in Chicago for years he attended the church of a ‘conformed’ Muslim who preached hate of Whites and America.

Heck Obama even wrote a book 'Dreams from my Father' talking about the ‘changes’ he wanted to make in America, about the issues he had with white people, and black people too, colonialism and western civilization. In addition to all that, he liked to hang out with hard core Communists in college, but hey, that’s college right… where we send our kids to learn from the most extreme (and often anti-American) political theorists to be found.

Did we have protests and marches on Obama's first day?

Were people screaming in the streets for him to be assassinated, for the White House to be blown up?

And if someone HAD done those things, would they have been soundly denounced throughout the media for it, perhaps even prosecuted?

What President Trump represents is not evil… he represents the American system at work. He represents the will of half the country, the half that put him in office… just like Obama represented half of the country.

American’s didn’t support the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) poll after poll showed 75% of Americans didn’t want it… but we had to “wait to see what was inside until AFTER it was passed” by the Democrats who had control of the Congress and White House.

The people's response to that was to spend the next three elections voting Democrats out of Congress, brought on not by extremism in America, but because the Democrats passed into law things that 75% of Americans wanted nothing to do with, and to this day a majority still want nothing to do with despite years of the media and politicians trying to program viewers with propaganda that Obamacare is great, that it works, that it is helping millions of people.

I for one don’t know any of those millions being helped, but I know a few people who have seen their Insurance costs more than double since 2012, while their deductions and co-pays have gotten so high they would be better off without Insurance at all.

Similar to this is the issue of open borders, heck, California has been flooded with so many millions of illegals they make up more than a quarter of the state's population today, one study shows the cost of illegal immigration In California costs the state and Federal government $113 billion a year.

Setting aside the costs in taxes which is one way or another covered by taxpayers, if that is what Californians want, then fine… but excuse most of the rest of the country if they don’t share the desire to be overrun and outnumbered, I think they have a right to choose their own path.

And that is essentially the issue at hand here… Trump represents half the country’s desires and beliefs, while Obama represented the other half. To be fair sometimes either of them represented far less than half… but overall in total they represent two opposite extremes on several critical issues.

And that is how America works… and has always worked… the pendulum swings one way, and then it swings back.

The answer isn’t revolution, it isn’t assassination, it isn’t bombing the White House or declaring war on the Police or so many of the things being screamed out (and done) by the opposing side… it is through elections that you change things.

Right now those on ‘the left’, the Socialists, Marxists, Sharia Law, Globalist, etc. etc. supporters who have united under the Democrat Party have been rejected… Democrats were voted out of office all over our country, and the Presidency is now in the hands of a Republican.

Their side had complete control 8 years ago, and the pendulum has swung to the other side… and eventually it will swing back. What many in the media, in Hollywood, and even some of those in Congress are advocating now, is the destruction of that system entirely and the subjugation of the majority to the beliefs of a minority by force and by terrorism if necessary.

And that, in essence, is evil…


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