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Trump's War Intensifies

Updated on November 5, 2017
Craigjm profile image

A retired old man. Previously blogged under 'Field Notes of An Old Man', but no one was listening. Less dark, more positive, more smiley!

Dr Evil has a New Crew.

Dr Evil's Crew is now played by Republican Congressmen
Dr Evil's Crew is now played by Republican Congressmen | Source

Trump's War on the Republican Party

Friday I wrote a scathing article detailing how I continue to blister the supporters of Trump, 'jockstraps' I have labeled them and the evil activities of the GOP, the 'pooplicans'. (Trump I have renamed 'toddler'. If I am really angry with him he becomes 'toddler in potty training). I am losing hope. I am losing hope that Trump's 'pooplicans' will not be defeated in 2018. My reasons are three: first, Trump's supporters, even while he is cutting off their insurance, increasing their taxes and not providing them with the jobs he promised still support him. That boggles my mind. I can not fathom why seemingly normal people, some people that I have known for years, will support a White Supremacist in the White House. My blogging during the campaign of 2016 and in the first months of his presidency was staunchly noting that I believe Trump was using Hitler's model as his own. From the Beerhall Pustch to the fighting style of the Brown Shirts, I could hear in this Nationalist, populist copy, Hitler almost word for word. However, I seemed to be somewhat alone in this prognosis and the discussion of Hitler's influence on Trump was making me ill, physically and mentally. The evil of these men is palpable to me. I had to focus my writing differently.

toddler in potty training
toddler in potty training

A Short Aside

I had to find a way to generate income from writing. I have loved to write ever since my youth walking paper routes and toiling with my thoughts racing through my brain.

My violent dislike of the man and all that he was doing to our country demanded a response. My thinking was that while I couldn't go to the protest marches, or to donate bucket loads of food, I could at least call attention to this evil man and his 'treasonous' actions. I the early days after the election I felt pretty much alone. I had only one other friend that shared my Hitler's connection to Trump. We didn't correspond as to what we were going to write in Facebook on our Friends pages but every now and then we would correspond to what Trump was assaulting our senses with this week.

Last Friday my anger exploded. After I savagely faulted his supporters for bringing this guy into our everyday consciousness, I felt refreshed. Every day he goes deeper and deeper into the divide he is creating in this country. Every day his 'tweets' deride, humiliate and pour gasoline on the fires he creates.

Better Men than He

The occasion of my tirade was brought on by four events. First, Senator John McCain R-AZ was awarded the Liberty Medal by the National Constitution Center and presented to him by a friend, for Vice President Joe Biden. He used a few moments of this occasion to obliquely call out Trump and the damage he is doing to the US. Next, Senator Jeff Flake R-AZ boldly to the floor of the Senate and announced that he was not running for reelection because he believed it would cause him to give up his integrity to follow Trump (I purposely do not leave any acknowledgement of Trump's title or even the polite "Mr." in describing him. I cannot bring myself to give him any sign of politeness or stature.) Senator Bob Corker had been sliding a remark in here and there for weeks. He finally came out an unloaded on Trump. His remarks were a sharp rebuke to that 'august' body. But they are now only 'august' in their own mind. Their actions in the last few years have proved that they are ready for a major debacle. And this is it!

The last event that occasioned the diatribe. All five former presidents had gathered for a fundraiser to assist all those damaged by the hurricanes of the past season. Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. Bush, and Barack Obama. Three of them gave refreshing talks on what Trump was doing wrong. (They didn't name names of course.) But when I see them on a stage, whatever disagreements I had with their policies paled as I viewed the current tenant of the People's House.

Foreign Affairs

Saturday morning I woke ready to post again. I just can't keep up with his antics and horrific actions. I don't even know how to categorize them and the fallout they cause. Today, the first article I read spelled out the long term consequences of his actions in the realm of international politics. Our allies are leaving us. Since Trump pulled out of TPP(Trans Pacific Partnership), and publicly downgraded his opinion of NATO and our longstanding support of those we fought with in WWII to get rid of Hitler are now saying that they can't trust our long-term commitments and are just going to let us float away from our relationships with them.

His foreign policies are scary. He is pushing our staunch allies to our arch enemies, Russia and China. He openly supports the dictator Putin. When he cancelled TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) he gave China unopposed rights to take over our sphere of influence in the East. What of all our men and women that gave their lives to earn that influence?

Trump outlined a world in which 'foreign relations are collapsed into a zero-sum game. They gain, we lose. As in: "For decades, we've enriched foreign industry at the expense of American industry; subsidized the armies of other countries" while depleting our own. And most provocatively, this: "The wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed all across the world." (Trump's Inaugural address January 20, 2016).

Internal Affairs

His policies are disconcerting. They go against everything I have believed in. They are never supportive except for the huge tax breaks for the already rich. His plans are to cut healthcare for the poor and raise taxes on the middle to low income people. If you are black or Hispanic you are only a blip on his radar. If you are a woman you lose your right to make decisions for your body. Birth control options are gone. With the support of the 'Christian' far right, your chance of being returned to the early 1900's are excellent. No birth control, no civil rights. None of the rights that you had finally earned by the end of the 20th century exist anymore.

The fact is that the middle class has been destroyed by Republican whores who have given themselves to the rich and richer. With the 'trickle down theories' of Ronald Reagan and again with those same policies of George W. Bush the middle class has been eviscerated. The guts of the one differentiation between the oligarchies and the rabble of chaos has been the one major democracy in the world. And our guts are now being spilled again. With Trump's 'tax reform' even those earning $100,000 to $200,000 are going to move their income from 'aspiring to be rich' to 'give mine to the rich please'. The ground of even the upper middle class is pulled dug out from under them.

What is Wrong with this Picture?

Trump is openly threatening the Republican Congress that he will trash them too. Even if they don't stand in his way they will be gone. Steve Bannon, Trump's former Chief Strategist (although former is a great misnomer in my mind) is openly recruiting extremists to run against those who are just 'going along to get along'. If they are not ardent supporters of Trump they will be replaced in 2018. The groundwork will be laid to make another run in 2020 for another four years. At the pace and status of his current government he will also run again in 2024. Everyone is assuming he will quietly step down. Why? He has gone against EVERY fundamental principle of past American democracy. Emoluments clause? Who has to follow that? Nepotism? Not a problem just ignore it. Allies? Spit in their face! Take care of your supporters? Vomit on them and they will love you even more. AND NO ONE IN THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS STANDS UP TO HIM EXCEPT THE TWO MEN THAT ARE RETIRING!

What is wrong with this picture? Except that it is not a picture. He stands next to McConnell and Ryan laughing heartily. Two men that are charged by the Constitution to protect and preserve our rights are in the illegal swamp with him.



trump of my nigthmares
trump of my nigthmares

© 2017 Craig Martineau


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    • Sharlee01 profile image


      14 months ago

      It very much appears we will have to agree to disagree. I am a very analytical, person. I guess one could say I am the type that is first to say "show me". I just don't listen to media. I do research, and then use my common sense. By lines, and head lines are just something I don't consider. If there is not a face and name to an allegation, I can't consider it as truth. Especially in today's state of bias say anything media. I respect your opinion, but as I said let's agree to disagree.

    • Craigjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Craig Martineau 

      14 months ago from Proctor Minnesota overlooking Duluth and Lake Superior

      Actually I was hoping to speak with you. I am not aware of any companies he has brought back. The ones he first bragged out he lied. The economy is smokin’ that is true. But it did the same thing before it crashed at the housing bust. The same factors are in play again. Congress (ie Republicans) removed all of the barriers to the crookedness and greed of the last time. Have you really looked at the tax plan. It is a $1.5 trillion gift to the 1%. If you not already a millionaire you won’t get any of it. It is the same Republican voodoo that Reagan did and George W did. The Middle Class has never recovered. From those two. Without a strong middle class and a free press that will be no republic. Trump is trying his hardest to get rid of both. I have a friend that is a jockstrap (the nom de Guerre I use for Trumpettes). He is stuck in the same hole in the sand. I did see where he lost 7% on his last approval rating. This would most assuredly be his jockstraps (have you been close to a jockstrap after is has been worn during a three hour hockey game?). His is the most crooked presidency ever. Emolluenents clause, nepotism etc. it just the Republican Congress wallowing in it’s greed that won’t rectify the situation. I used to banter with each of the jockstraps individually but I then realized I wasn’t going to change anyone’s mind. If they haven’t realized by now what a liar and crook he is by now there is no hope. OR perhaps you are one of the 40%+ White college women that voted for him? In which case you are as noisome as some relatives. Another thought comes to mind but ... Are you from Northern Michigan? I know several fine men from that area. Do stand up for your rights but don’t trample on other people’s while doing so. Do you have a concern for elderly and children. Trump is using money budgeted for them to use as support money for the Coal industry - $10 billion. Coal? Nobody uses coal. Even China is concentrating on green energy. I am sure you can tell that I could go on almost forever but assuredly for the rest of the Day listing his onerous decisions but I have a blog to write. Thank you again for responding. I know I didn’t change your mind or even lift an eyelash but I did get my daily venting out. Thanks

    • Sharlee01 profile image


      14 months ago

      I noted you did not allow my comment? It appears that you did not agree with my opinion? I guess you don't feel others opinions matter? "A little New York Times (Trump read them) CNN (Trump watches them)would add some well-rounded accuracy to your position. " I prefer publications as well as media outlets that provide facts that are backed up by names and faces, not unidentified sources. I feel this makes an accusation credible.I don't buy into headlines without citation of proof. It seems if I did believe this form of reporting it would reflect on my intelligence. And not in a positive way.

      " I believe that with Trump women will enjoy being back to the 1950's again." This statement is incoherent?

      " He has already dropped birth control, even for women that need it for medical reasons." President Trump has done nothing to prevent women from obtaining birth control? President Trump has requested that it not fair for tax payers to have to pay for birth control... I agree, I don't want my tax dollar to pay for anyone's birth control.

      " 'alt-right' far out religious women will soon have no abortion rights and no civil rights. " I am pro life. I am a Registered nurse by profession, and have witnessed abortion. I consider killing a baby is just that - Killing. In regards to civil rights? President Trump is giving all American's a voice. He is working every day to make things better for all of us. Even you....

    • Craigjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Craig Martineau 

      14 months ago from Proctor Minnesota overlooking Duluth and Lake Superior


      I appreciate your comments. But you really do need to start reading REAL news instead of the 'FAKE' news. A little New York Times (Trump read them) CNN (Trump watches them)would add some well-rounded accuracy to your position. I believe that with Trump women will enjoy being back to the 1950's again. He has already dropped birth control, even for women that need it for medical reasons. But if you are familiar with the 'alt-right' far out religious women will soon have no abortion rights and no civil rights. Projecting current verbiage to surrounding activities and forecasting them forward if is a pretty accurate way of projecting what to predict.

    • Sharlee01 profile image


      14 months ago

      Actually the two that bad mouth the President were doing very poorly in the polls... And were being bad mouthed by Bannon. They may have retired due to the fact it very much appeared they would lose. Not sure why you feel all hope is gone. he is doing a very good job. Economy is doing much better, unemployment at a 17 year low, the market is doing great, he is bring back companies that left America. His tax plan is wonderful... He is making every attempt to curb homeland terrorism. Plus he has crunched ISIS. Actuality there has never been a president that has made such strides in such a short time. So, in regards to "what does that say about our hopes the next 7 years"... What are you hoping for? No really do you know? My hopes are that our country continues to do well, and that some move on, and stop hoping that our country fails just because they can't stand the fact that they lost. My God wake up... People that continue to pursue this line of thought look very foolish in light of how well President Trump is doing.

      And what war? If Trump's agenda is a war, he is winning that war. In fact, the war is over.


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