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The White-Aryan American Pure Christian Caliphate (Warn the Black Youth)

Updated on August 20, 2015

Ku Klux Klan Leader & Louisiana Politician, David Duke Hits Talk Radio

As I predicted, the media is using psychological distractions, in an effort to protect the return of the Main-Stream Ku Klux Klan in the Southern U.S.

Radical Christian Texas Radio Host, Alex Jones, has indeed extended an invitation to former Louisiana Congressman and former head of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, to appear on his right-wing talk show, which is streamed and viewed by millions due to the promotion of Radical Radio Host Alex Jones by main stream media outlets and publications, over the years.

There is hardly a cable news channel that one can watch without seeing Hate Monger, Alex Jones. In fact, one can not even watch South Park because white supremacist Alex Jones, even pops up in cartoons.

The ground game of the secret White Klan Christian Caliphate of the pure, white Aryan American Man, is working its way from a fitful hibernation of shape-shifting into openly declaring that they will 'retake America'.

The Black Lives Matter Movement has brought the ugliness of racism, at all levels of the government and population, to the surface and no matter how much I attempted to expose, bring forward the persona of the racist Aryan White Movement (don't blame the messenger) or block them; it always seems to be in vain.

  • Too many years have I grown up and lived under the campaigning of David Duke and heard the back handed promotion of the KKK, David Duke and other white supremacy terrorist via talk radio and even so called 'main-stream' media.
  • Too many years have I seen the Klan Coalitions, meeting at 'social clubs' throughout Louisiana State and grooming politicians.
  • Too many years have I watched Tommy Robinson in England terrorize Muslim Youth with intimidation, as his white supremacy efforts were also being coordinated with Pam Gellar out of New York, Sean Hannity at Fox News and white mobs in Tennessee, that have made it their life's work to stop the 'Victory Mosque' or any Mosque.
  • Too many years has the slave lash of these wanna-be white massas; inflicted open wounds and rubbed in plantation salt.

Too many years have blacks endured the mysterious modern day lynching & hangings in American Gulag Prisons that stretch from New York, into Mississippi and into Texas State.

Too many years have the youth of Black America wondered why their demographic profile put them into the lower echelons of society. Lower rungs of society that allowed everyone to spit at them, kick them and stand by as the United States puts its injustices and inadequacies of a country onto the soul and psyche of young Black America.

The Ku Klux Klan may have had on, its political Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak of deception, as they maneuvered throughout different government agencies but they indeed missed the stained white sheets, dripping with black blood and former Louisiana Congressman, David Duke and Texas Radio Host, Alex Jones, will soon bring a re-emergence of white pride and white power.

Oh Black Souls and Black Parents; Tell Your Sons and your Daughters. Warn them of what is to come.

David Duke Promoted by Mainstream Alex Jones



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