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The Whole Gangstalking/Electronic Harassment Process in Plain English

Updated on July 17, 2012

The Entire Process Put Simply

I've experienced/am experiencing the most intense electronic harassment and have been gangstalked for the last 6 years (or more). The process involves the fact that all of our minds are: readable, can receive graphic, synthetic fantasies/nightmare scenarios that are not our own original ideas. Combine with this the fact that our entire body can be steered to: feel, look, experience emotional/physical events via nerve-induction creates a technology that optimizes the brainwashing/"voodoo" experience. They can also influence the CONTEXT of your thoughts. That is, they can control HOW YOU RECEIVE OTHERWISE OPEN-ENDED MESSAGES. Avoid new music like the's all a brainwashing tool!!!!

Gangstalkers are merely moving props which intensify the false messages (emotions, thoughts, eye-directing "pull" and synthetic physical feelings). You can also be made to feel/think emotions about neutrals who are themselves fellow TI's as WELL as gangstalkers. Add to this PROMISES of: wealth, power and sex in exchange for believing that the self is "evil" will cinch the electronic noose around your neck. This will feel like a flat-out "possession" or attempt to commandeer your body ONCE YOU SAY "YES, I'LL BUY THAT." I've been to this zombified state and used a high dose of prescription stimulants to amplify my OWN NEURAL IMPULSES so as to shake off this extremely realistic, technologically-mediated voodoo. I had to listen to music as well! It was 4 days of pure misery!! I eventually passed-out into a dreamless sleep that lasted around 5 hours.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ENTRAPMENT is a key factor in the entire process. You are given: feelings of immense: importance, power, impending wealth - anything you want if you'll just accept the NOTION THAT YOU ARE AN "EVIL" PERSON. Now, this "evil" is extremely hard to turn down. They will practically shove it down your throat: you will become a "star", you will become the Antichrist, you will become a vampire or you will become an "alien" with special powers. They might not be so obvious with you, but with me ALL of these things and MORE have been practically jammed down my throat. They can give you sexual dreams which correspond to THIS frequency Ahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, AH-AH. This has a "smokestack" quality or very short, puffy Ahh-Ahh-Ahh's that are LIKE THE SALVATION CODE: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You'll wake from a torrid dream and feel "ashamed" of yourself when in fact you have done absolutely nothing wrong.

It is AFTER you ACCEPT these "offers" in your MIND that ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE AND THEY "COME FOR YOUR HEAD" so to speak. Our thoughts are VISIBLE to whoever these people are. This is a test of whether to commandeer your body or to allow you to continue to experience free - will. It also is a way of teaching you a much higher way to think. If you listen for THE SALVATION CODE, it's always embedded somewhere in all that chaos your ears are experiencing. If you make them REALLY MAD, even the salvation code sounds like a warped record and all you can do is remain calm and say "no thank you" to the most vile and disgusting thoughts/feelings and bodily sensations (the "anal pucker" or "anal arousal" feeling) combined to very credibly mimick the experience of being raped and NOT YOURSELF all at once.

They can even induce a "sham rage" causing you to be forced to feel as THOUGH you hate people whom you truly Love. If this happens to you: don't reach for suicide as a way out. I almost did it last time they FORCED these thoughts feelings upon me! This is called FORCED ABREACTION. You are forced against your will to feel/think the worst thoughts about the very people you cherish the most in life. They CAN MAKE US FEEL JUST LIKE WE ARE DOING become mentally double-jointed, forgive yourself and get right back up after receiving such stimulation. It's NOT YOUR FAULT: YOU AREN'T A BAD PERSON. Because they do this to us, we must fight them to the death when they come to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND! If you are not afraid to die in life AND dreams, they back down.......but do NOT let them take you over/push YOU out of your own mind!

They can put us through ABSOLUTE HELL, but if you stick to your guns..........they cannot "possess" you. Do not give them control no matter what they make you feel/think about whoever/whatever means something to you. NOTHING in this world is safe. They can see our thoughts and they can edit our thoughts/feelings TEMPORARILY.........THAT'S THE KEY WORD...........THEY GO AWAY IF YOU KEEP ON ENDURING THE PSYCHOLOGICAL SUFFERING, REALIZING THAT NONE OF IT IS YOUR FAULT.

Maybe you've been involved in the Occult like I was, maybe you used to worship the Devil. Know that these ideas originally were probably GIVEN TO YOU and hence are INVALID. Even if they WERE, it's still YOUR SOUL........SO FIGHT FOR IT........DO NOT EVER BACK DOWN WHEN THEY TRY TO "RAID" YOUR MIND. Going quietly is signing your souls' death warrant!

You all are probably wondering what I've been doing all this time. Well, I was convinced that Kratom could ward them off. All they did was wait until my tolerance was sky-high and attacked me with the MOST VICIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL/PSYCHOTRONIC ASSAULT I'VE EVER FELT IN MY LIFE. They will use the idea that drugs will give you immunity, but no drug does. Shielding yourself with products like Shield-It Super ( WILL HELP, but never let your guard down. Do not ever accept their OFFERS of THINGS THAT YOU WANT in turn for thinking that you are a BAD PERSON.........BECAUSE YOU AREN'T A "BAD PERSON" AT ALL!!!! Even if they force thoughts of hatred of your most precious Loved ones on you, do not kill yourself or "give up the ghost" to them.........NEVER! They want to commandeer our bodies and push us out of the driver's seat of the soul. If they pull THAT off...........we CEASE TO BE!

In short: ANY combination (they call it "your number" or "having your number") of: thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations can be FORCED UPON YOU. This can be done with gangstalkers used as props to INTENSIFY YOUR EMBARRASMENT/SELF-LOATHING. Never hate yourself................EVER..........NO MATTER WHAT THEY MAKE YOU THINK OR FEEL AROUND/ABOUT WHOEVER IT MAY BE!!!! This is NO reason to give in to them, no matter how shitty they make our lives. This is where you really have to think about having a relationship with God. They HATE God. They can be driven away just by you THINKING ABOUT GOD. Sometimes, that's the only thing you CAN think about when under attack. They are testing you to see if you'll think of God. I experimented while under attack: "What are thoughts that they'll allow me to have?" Well, God was an option.........about the ONLY option.

In the case of a full-fledged "possession" attempt: listen for the "God Code" (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh). If that doesn't work, break out a headphone amp/I-pod and jam the BINAURAL ASSAULT TAKING PLACE AND PRAY TO GOD ON TOP OF IT. Do not EVER SURRENDER your mind to them, but you may have to endure incredible pain. Just don't ever think they have the right..........FIGHT them to the death and do not be afraid to die fighting...........just pray to God AND fight!!!!


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    • profile image

      bri 4 years ago

      Hey there. I have been experiencing E-harrassment now for about 2 months. It was very intense once I took notice to what was going on. Every time I tried to go online to figure out what the hell was going on, I always had doubt put into my head, and was made fun of by the voices for even thinking such a thing could even be possible. I thought I knew who it was, but later discovered that they can take anything and put it into anyones voice. Even things that I have said myself have been replayed in the voices of friends. My husband thinks I have gone mad. So I just stay quiet about it when it starts to happen. I still fear for him though. I feel like I did bring it on myself, and for some things that I said while under the influence. But later, still having it happen while I was sober, I knew it couldn't be in my head. It has caused much paranoia, and I swear I still hear them when the wind is blowing or something. I am about 500 miles away from where it started, and I still get random headaches either in the temple area, or on the side of my head. I feel a lot less stressed being so far away, and am now a bit more relaxed, but it is always there in the back of my mind. Often I was being told that they were trying to help me with my "problem", later to be humiliated over and over again. Even having my life threatened when trying to figure out a solution, or the thought of calling the FBI. I haven't been a great person, and have always been pretty negative since childhood. But despite some of the bad things I have done in my life, I could never bring myself to do anything like this to another person, even if it was for revenge. I'm sorry this has happened to you for so long. And reading other posts on the subject, I guess I should feel greatful that I figured it out quickly, even when under so much doubt. They have played so many mind games with me, and I felt so hopeless. Now know that all it is, and that a majority of the thoughts I have while under attack are not my own, is comforting, even if they are very discusting. Even though I have a tendency to do bad things at times, I still have morals. And there are just some things I know I could never do, and are things that I had never thought of befor. How do regular people get their hands on this stuff. I have been out of town for almost a week, but they can still get to me. I'm like 500 miles away! How can a regular civilian get ahold of a satilite? I have my suspicion as to who it may be, and I believe they are doing it to drive me out of the state. Well, it worked. My husband and I are going to be coming back here to live. I just don't like leaving him there by himself for so long. He hasn't had anything happen that I know of yet, so I assume that he may be left alone if they know we are going away for good. How long can it take to kill someone with E-harrassment? I thought they were going to pop my head at one point. It almost put me into a sezure(sp?). I just don't want him to be hurt while I'm gone.

    • profile image

      Baybunie 5 years ago

      "the entire American public will be paranoid about their son or daughter being gang-stalked."

      Americans should be very concerned about their son or daughter being gang stalked.

      You have a bunch of doctors running their ass around here sticking implants in people's heads...

      You have a bunch of psycho stalking perverts with access to weapons systems with the ability to torture Americans in their own homes (for God-sake) and may be done from a foreign nation!

      Your local governments are complict lying, conspiring, and sneaking around doing a bunch of shit they have no business or right doing without any recourse from federal authorities!

      Hell, the sole purpose of the federal government is to protect Americans from "military attack" and invasion and clearly that's not being done.

      So hell yes, Americans should be very afraid or at the very least highly concerned.

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 5 years ago

      This was THE MOST VICIOUS ASSAULT upon my consciousness. I had come to rely on the herb Kratom to fend off all aspects of electronic harassment. I could even feel normal around others. I became very lazy and my mind became increasingly sluggish as I took higher and higher doses of Kratom to offset the discomfort/pain/disturbing thoughts I was experiencing. Finally, I was attacked at full-force. My body even was caused to gyrate when I tried to move it. All I could do was lay in bed until they decided to back off. The key thing is never to give up, no matter what they make your mind or body do. They made me feel like I was cursing the very people I Love the most. This technique comes straight out of 1984 ("Do it to Julia") and the process is scientifically referred to as "synthetic abreaction". The key to not hating yourself is to understand that TEMPORARILY, they have the power to make you think/feel just about anything........and they WILL MAKE YOU FEEL YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE. Just stick it out. No matter what they make you feel, just don't accept it as your own thought........because it most definitely WASN'T!!!!!!

    • em_saenz profile image

      em_saenz 5 years ago from Europe

      Glancing at this article, I wonder if you were actually being attacked while you were writing it? The emotion is very strong.

    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      Love you post! They don't like the invocation of God and Higher Thoughts, it's true, with me happens the same. Many people in the world do not have a clue about what is being done to try to manipulate/control human beings.

      Lately I thought that perhaps I could have been brainwash... Recently I revisited "Nowhere Man" serie, interesting serie, specially the 22 episode, the rewiring of brain...with many details related to T.I. Experience...