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The Wild Ride Begins

Updated on November 5, 2008

Election Night

Still can't believe that people would even think about voting for a person with no experience, with no governing experience, with no proven track record, nothing but two books and a tenure as a senator in the great state of Illinois. Sorry, I just wonder what was in the water.

Tell me, what does this person have that can lead us out of the current situation our country is experiencing? What has he done to demonstrate this ability that so many people are betting will work? What laws has he written in his Junior Senatorship? Why was he picked to speak at the Democratic Convention in 2004 when he had not even won his Senate seat in Congress? If I didn't know better, it looks like the democrats have been planning this for over four years. Time magazine saw Obama as this person from out of nowhere, two years ago. But, with 1.2 billion dollars in contributions, there was more that just a "nice idea" going on here. Sorry that Hillary had to take the "dive", because she just didn't cut it with the democrats. As much as I detested the possibility of her becoming President, I would rather see her, and her lame husband, be in the White House rather than this person with not a single qualification to be there.

A great African American friend of mine told me that I'm just experiencing "sour grapes" for not backing a "winner". I wrote down the words, "I told you so" on a piece of paper. Because this is not a guess as who is going to win the World Series, or the Super Bowl, this is about our country, the place we call home, the place the we call secure, the place we want our children to inherit.

The Vice-Presidential candidate makes a statement that we should be aware of the crisis that will happen in the first six months of his president's tenure. The reaction to this is considered as taking the statement "out of context". Out of context meant that we didn't extend the statement to include how the next Presidident's backbone would be made of "steel". How about we don't want to be in the position to find that out? How about we don't need the world to even consider that the leader of the free world is someone to mess with? But, we may not have a vice-president who thinks that way. Great choice America, I hope I'm wrong, but I sincerely doubt it.

Jay Leno in his Jaywalking only proves that there are too many Americans out there, in every walk of life, that are totally "Clueless" regarding history of America, the current leaders of America, the facts about America, and the people who would be the leaders of the future. These same people are being duped into believeing that this one person, who has no business even being in the position he is in, will be the complete leader of this country. This same person who could not even be proud of the country within which he lived, would suddenly be in charge of making everyone proud of being an American. That will be interesting.

I'm sorry, have you all just lost your minds? Did you decide to have the guy in the trenchcoat hold on to your life savings, because he said he would increase your savings value? Did you decide to have your car repaired by the 11 year-old that lives two blocks down the street because he's cute? Or perhaps you will have that minor open-heart surgery be done by your local landscaper, because he's great at cutting the lawns at your favorite national park. Have you lost your mind/ Warren Buffet endorses this man. If Warren is wrong, what's the downside to him. He's the richest man in the USA. Would he even notice if this man's tax schemes cost him more money? I doubt it.

Give me Denzel Washington, if you want a black man to be president. I think he would do a better job, and I'm more likely to vote for someone who could at least act the part. I'd vote for Colin Powell, in a heartbeat, because the man has the credentials, the knowledge, the ability, and the understanding. I wouldn't vote for him now because he also has lost his mind.

There are too many people who are voting for this person due to the color of his skin. That's just a damn shame, because, for as much as these same people want respect, they are doing the very thing that will guarantee the opposite in the long run. Could a white person, man or women, even have a whisper of a chance with the total lack of experience? Not a chance. Yet, by stating this, there are too many people who would jump on the chance to say something about racism. The double standard lives, and nothing anyone can say or write will change that.

There's more to come on this subject, Stay tuned!


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